10 Greatest Jujutsu Kaisen JuJu Strolls From Season 1


The top of virtually each episode of the primary season of JuJutsu Kaisen featured cute little facet tales known as JuJu Strolls. These fast little bits have been normally comical, together with every little thing from villain soccer to Gojo messing with Nanami.

To rejoice the top of the primary season, we’ve compiled the 10 greatest ones and listed them right here. Tell us should you agree with our picks within the feedback under.

Rock, Paper, Scissors, Sushi! (Episode 3)

Greatest Jujutsu Kaisen JuJu Strolls

Top-of-the-line elements of JuJutsu Kaisen is the brother/sister dynamic between Yuji and Nobara. This JuJu Stroll places that dynamic on full show, as the 2 argue about sushi and play a sport of rock, paper, scissors.

Curse Spirit Soccer (Episode 7)

Greatest Jujutsu Kaisen JuJu Strolls

Even if they’re villains, the cursed spirits and curse customers that make up the antagonists positive know how you can have enjoyable. On this JuJu Stroll, Mahito and Geto might be seen enjoying soccer utilizing Jogo’s head.

Gojo’s Be aware (Episode 9)

Greatest Jujutsu Kaisen JuJu Strolls

Satoru Gojo is ever the scoundrel, so it solely is smart that Nanami would ignore him when he says he needs to speak. He finally caves in, studying the observe left by the world’s strongest sorcerer, solely to remorse his resolution when he sees it merely has a penis on it.

Lacking Uniforms (Episode 10)

Greatest Jujutsu Kaisen JuJu Strolls

It appears that evidently the women’ uniforms at Tokyo Jujutsu Excessive are much more comfy and breathable than the boys’, as we see each Panda and Gojo sporting them and loving it. Sadly, Nobara isn’t all too completely happy along with her uniform being stolen.

Your Kind (Episode 15)

Greatest Jujutsu Kaisen JuJu Strolls

Modeled after the very query that Todo asks individuals to see in the event that they’re worthy of his time, this JuJutsu Stroll asks everybody what their splendid sort of individual could be. Momo Nishimiya offers the most effective and most relatable reply, as she drools over her cellphone taking a look at photos of Sebastian Stan.

Utilizing Mechamaru (Episode 16)

Greatest Jujutsu Kaisen JuJu Strolls

Mechamaru is understood for being a bit standoffish – although what child who’s confined to a bath with an immune illness wouldn’t be a bit aggravated on the world. That’s the reason it’s so hilarious that the women of his group use his bleak character to have him do the errands they’re too scared to do, a lot to Mechamaru’s confusion.

Schoolgirl Villains (Episode 18)

Greatest Jujutsu Kaisen JuJu Strolls

The premise of this JuJu Stroll is hilarious sufficient by itself, because it sees the villain group positioned in a slice-of-life highschool setting. It then ends with a comical, but candy parody of a relationship between schoolboy Jogo and schoolgirl Hanami.

Gojo Coatrack (Episode 19)

Greatest Jujutsu Kaisen JuJu Strolls

Juzo Kumiya clearly isn’t essentially the most approachable individual on this planet, as all he thinks about is utilizing peoples’ corpses for furnishings, however you’ve acquired to not less than admire his dedication to his craft. On this Stroll, the madman goes over precisely how he’d use Gojo’s physique to make the right hanger rack.

Purse Snatcher (Episode 22)

Greatest Jujutsu Kaisen JuJu Strolls

The purse snatcher JuJu Stroll is each endearing and hilarious, because it highlights a lady’s wrestle to maintain her father’s prized gyoza restaurant. Sadly for her, the three characters finally admit to 1 one other that the meals was really horrible.

Hitting on Fushiguro (Episode 23)

Greatest Jujutsu Kaisen JuJu Strolls

The funniest JuJu Stroll is definitely the final one, as Yuji, Nobara, and Gojo make fools of themselves once they assume {that a} lady is hitting on Megumi. Ultimately, it seems she was solely asking for instructions, making the trio’s makes an attempt at appearing like spurned lovers that rather more hilarious.

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