NBA 2K21 Complete Fictional Roster For PS5

NBA 2K21 Complete Fictional Roster For PS5

This video comes from Unique Mazique and his son Unique Mazique Jr. They collaborated on this 100 percent NBA 2K21 complete fictional roster that also includes 30 unique teams. There are more than 440 fictional players and no NBA representation besides what 2K doesn’t allow you to eliminate.

Take a look at the trailer below.

Here’s how you can download the roster, the custom team designs, and the entire MyNBA scenario.

NBA 2K21 Complete Fictional Roster – Download Instructions

To download the roster on PS5:

  • Search PSN ID: Unique Mazique (the file is UMBA Fictional League)

To download the scenario on PS5:

  • Search PSN ID: Unique Mazique (the file is UMBAT1) the description refers to my YT channel.

If you want everything in one package, then just download the scenario.

To download just the team designs:

  • Search PSN ID: Unique Mazique from the “Download Team Design” prompt within the MyNBA menus.

If you want to know the divisional alignment we used for the new teams, scope it out in the next section below.

Western Conference


Anchorage Black Bears – Utah Jazz

Vancouver Lookouts – Portland Trail Blazers

Seattle Pioneers – Oklahoma City Thunder

Minnesota Sound – Denver Nuggets

Chicago State of Mine – Minnesota Timberwolves


Dallas Marvels – New Orleans Pelicans

Houston Ravens – Houston Rockets

Kansas City Culture – Dallas Mavericks

St. Louis Guards – San Antonio Spurs

Cleveland Emeralds – Memphis Grizzlies


Phoenix Chucks – LA Clippers

LA Capitols – Phoenix Suns

San Diego Cougars – Sacramento Kings

Honolulu Diamonds – Golden State Warriors

Las Vegas Neons – LA Lakers

Eastern Conference

NBA 2K21 fictional roster


Atlanta Phoenix – Orlando Magic

Birmingham Club – Atlanta Hawks

Miami Cubans – Miami Heat

Charlotte Dukes – Charlotte Hornets

New Orleans Select – Washington Wizards


D.C. Cobras – Boston Celtics

Philadelphia Roots – NY Knicks

Harlem Shake – Philadelphia 76ers

Boston Gurus – Brooklyn Nets

Brooklyn Kings – Toronto Raptors


Mississippi Mastodons – Indiana Pacers

Detroit Rhythm – Chicago Bulls

Memphis Pyramids – Cleveland Cavaliers

Toronto Royals – Milwaukee Bucks

Indianapolis Monuments – Detroit Pistons

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