5 Most Anticipated Games For April 2020


March is already on a full roll, with April approaching soon we go through list of the 5 most anticipate games for April 2020. Without further ado lets run down the list of games for April.

01. Resident Evil 3 (Remake) – 03 April

With the successful release of Resident Evil 2 in 25 January, 2019 the developers Capcom are yet again working on an amazing remake of the Resident Evil 3.

The game is a remake of the Resident Evil 3: Nemesis which was a survival horro game that was released for PlayStation in 1999. The original game used tank controls and fixed camera angels however the remake is a third-person shooter game similar to the previous Resident Evil 2 remake. Online multiplayer will also be integrated into the game.

02. Final Fantasy VII Remake – 10 April

This might as well be the most anticipated game of April. The buzz around this game is remarkable thanks to the first Final Fantasy VII game released in 1997 which won the hearts of many millennials.

A demo of the game was released last week on the PlayStation store which was an amazing game play experience.

03. Predator: Hunting Grounds – 24 April

If you have played IllFonic’s Friday the 13th or Dead by Daylight there is no doubt you will easily understand . It’s an asymmetrical horror game, except the survivors now have a much more arsenal to play with to take down the big bad. The game is split between one person playing as the Predator and a fireteam of elite soldiers. The elite soldiers can pick classes and customize their builds to take down the lurking moster from any range.

04. Trails of Mana – 24 April

A popular JRPG developed by the same studio that brought us Kingdom Hearts and Final Fantasy. The game like many other role-playing games of the 16-bit era will portray a top down prespective where three player characters navigate terrains and fight hostile creatures.

05. Minecraft: Dungeons – TBA April

Minecraft, a game which took the world by storm when it first released in 2009. Soon to release a new edition called Dungeons where players have to navigate through different Dungeons and fight new creepy monsters either alone or in four player co-op. This game also features a top down perspective while playing. The game looks more like a third person RPG game than the classic first person game of Minecraft.



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