An Ode To My Favourite Taste Texts


Nier: Automata has some of the best (i.e. heartbreaking) flavor texts in video games.

Nier: Automata has a few of the finest (i.e. heartbreaking) taste texts in video video games.
Screenshot: Sq. Enix

Greater than the set piece battle or the ultimate showdown between hero and villain, it’s the quieter, smaller moments in video video games that get me. In some video games, these tiny moments is usually a sudden expression on a personality’s face or a brief piece of dialogue from an inconsequential scene. However as a rule, my favourite moments in video video games come from taste textual content.

I play video games primarily for story. If I uncover taste textual content in a recreation, it’ll normally result in me spending hours combing by way of my stock or assortment studying each little little bit of textual content, absorbing the knowledge like a dry sponge tossed right into a lake. I’ll spend a lot time studying that I can finish a recreation session with out casting a single spell or preventing a single enemy. It’s like going to an countless buffet and leaving after having gorged solely on hors d’oeuvres.

Magic: The Gathering is my greatest catnip in the case of taste textual content. Both by way of Enviornment or the Gatherer web site, I’ve 1000’s of playing cards at my fingertips, prepared for me to learn with out drafting a single deck. Magic lore can really feel prefer it requires a PhD in Magic: The Gathering research to type by way of, however it tells micro-stories by way of a card’s artwork and taste textual content. The 2010 Core Set model of Regenerate is my favourite Magic card, not for something the cardboard does, however for the tender story it tells with Rebecca Guay’s evocative artwork mixed with the textual content: “This wound shall be just like the chills of winter: swiftly forgotten when spring shoots rise.”

This is my all-time favorite Magic card, specifically because of the art and flavor text.

That is my all-time favourite Magic card, particularly due to the artwork and taste textual content.
Screenshot: Wizards of the Coast / Kotaku

I’ll by no means know who the elves within the artwork are, nor how this girl was wounded. They don’t seem to be necessary sufficient to warrant their very own ebook or comedian. However, at a look, I can see the wounded elf is robust although not invincible, and deeply cherished. Seeing that love illustrated by way of artwork and textual content, I get a brief, one-two punch of emotions that sticks with me lengthy after the cardboard has gone into my graveyard.

The Pokémon franchise is infamous for taste textual content that always peels again the veneer of elegant surprise to disclose a world far darker and fucked up than the intense and colourful cartoons and video video games suggest. Take a look at Cubone. I distinctly keep in mind horror welling inside me studying the Pokédex entry for Cubone method again in 1999 once I borrowed a pal’s copy of Pokémon Yellow.

“Wears the cranium of its deceased mom. Its cries echo contained in the cranium and are available out as a tragic melody.”

Bruh. This specific little bit of horror was earlier than rising up and realizing the fucked up implications of a world the place children can catch wild animals and power them to battle. And the notion Pokémon is definitely a horror recreation has solely gotten worse—see Hatterene, Polteageist, and Mimikyu. I don’t play a lot Pokémon anymore, however I like studying the descriptions of Pokemon with every new growth simply to see how darkish this allegedly child-friendly franchise can get.

Go back and read all the Nier: Automata weapon stories right now.

Return and browse all of the Nier: Automata weapon tales proper now.
Screenshot: Sq. Enix

After Nier: Automata broke up with me a few months in the past, I’m nonetheless reeling from one of many weapon tales. Quite than simply being offered in an merchandise’s software tip,every weapons improve tier comes with its personal piece of story. The upper you improve your weapon—typically at nice expense and energy—the extra story you reveal. Throughout my playthrough, I didn’t improve my weapons that a lot, however one I did full was the short-sword Religion. Upgrading Religion was a hole victory as a result of it required unlocking Pascal as a vendor (which in flip required one thing I actually want I hadn’t accomplished.) I believed I might take no less than just a little solace in the truth that I upgraded one weapon to completion and would lastly have the ability to see its full story. However then, the final little bit of story killed the little little bit of pleasure I had left (Automata is nice for that.) Religion’s story is one among a poet who, unable to earn a residing by way of his artwork, settles down and has a household. Or so I believed. After I upgraded Religion to its closing tier I used to be rewarded with a brutal twist ending that exposed the peaceable story of a person discovering which means in his household was all lies.

“Or so the poet wrote earlier than he put down his pen, swallowed the paper entire, and prayed that the following life would possibly end up so effectively. He then took Religion-already stained with the blood of another-and plunged it deep into his chest.”

Fuck you Nier: Automata. You lovely, twisted, soul killing recreation.

Ultimate Fantasy XIV is answerable for my most up-to-date “taste textual content” second. There’s a personality, Minfilia, who I’m going to basically name my boss, since she’s the one ordering me hither and yon selecting up dry cleansing after actually saving the realm. Minfilia, who I’m beginning to suppose is definitely unhealthy at her job, talked rather a lot about her lifeless father and the way he was a spy for a rustic’s resistance motion towards a facist occupation. The way in which she spoke about her dad led me to imagine that he was some noble determine who died tragically in the middle of his spy duties.

Right here’s how he actually died.

“The legacy of Minfilia’s father, who perished in the parade incident of 1562 when a goobbue broke free of its magical fetters and ran amok through the streets of Ul’dah. Contains a wealth of stolen imperial research on the primals, as well as other information which has yet to be deciphered.”

“The legacy of Minfilia’s father, who perished within the parade incident of 1562 when a goobbue broke freed from its magical fetters and ran amok by way of the streets of Ul’dah. Comprises a wealth of stolen imperial analysis on the primals, in addition to different data which has but to be deciphered.”
Screenshot: Sq. Enix / Kotaku

I’ve already gone into element about my rattling close to traumatizing expertise taking part in A Realm Reborn, however taste textual content doesn’t all the time should be about stuffing a most quantity of feels in a minimal quantity of house. I believed this man died nobly sacrificing himself for his comrades. Nah, it was only a mundane (kinda) parade accident. Right here, the flavour textual content didn’t reveal a hidden tragedy, or inflict large emotional harm. Generally the which means we spend money on objects and the individuals these objects characterize is greater than what they advantage. As a substitute of including depth to the world, this journal’s taste textual content took some away, reminding me of life’s occasional averageness. Not each merchandise is magical, and never each hero’s loss of life is heroic. Generally a pebble is only a pebble: Fairly thrilling.

I feel taste textual content resonates a lot with me as a result of it’s small gestures, and my very own love language can be small gestures. Taste textual content isn’t meant to be an alternative choice to massive, significant moments in video games. Quite, it’s little issues that talk to the devotion recreation makers put into their artwork. It reveals that each little bit of the sport, right down to the tiniest block of textual content most individuals gained’t even see, was invested with simply as a lot care and element as the larger, splashier moments.


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