Apex Legends Rank System: How It Works, Rewards, And Extra


Apex Legends’ Rank System is a ladder format that exhibits the way you stack up towards the remainder of the playerbase. Moreover, you’ll obtain in-game rewards on the finish of the season primarily based on the rank you obtain. The Apex Legends rank system is thought to be the perfect of its variety by many within the battle royale style. Scoring kills and assists are rewarded simply as a lot as profitable and it is possible for you to to climb the ranks shortly by strategic gameplay. Here’s a fast breakdown of the Apex Legends Rank system, its rewards, and every little thing else it’s worthwhile to find out about it. 

Apex Legends Rank System: Tiers

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Ranked Leagues options seven aggressive tiers: 

  • Bronze – Zero RP 
  • Silver – 1200 RP 
  • Gold – 2,800 RP 
  • Platinum – 4,800 RP 
  • Diamond – 7,200 RP 
  • Grasp – 10,000 RP 
  • Apex Predator (Prime 750 gamers per platform) 

The entire tiers besides Grasp Apex Predator have 4 divisions; Gold IV, Gold III, Gold II, and Gold I, for instance, with Gold I being the highest division in Gold tier. All gamers will begin in Bronze IV for the launch of Ranked Leagues, however future Sequence ought to have a beginning placement for those who’ve climbed the ladder in earlier Sequence.

Apex Legends Rank System: Ranked Entry Price

  • Bronze Matches: Free
  • Silver Matches: 12RP
  • Gold Matches: 24RP
  • Platinum Matches: 36RP
  • Diamond Matches: 48RP
  • Grasp Matches: 60RP
  • Apex Predator Matches: 60RP

Apex Legends Rank System: Queue Restrictions

Ranked Leagues would require every participant to be degree 10 or greater to affix. Once you queue up with different mates in your foyer, the matchmaker will discover a match for the highest-ranked participant in that foyer, however every participant can pay the suitable match price for his or her present rank. That is supposed to not let high-ranked gamers utterly carry their lower-ranked mates. If you happen to queue up along with your Diamond II good friend as a Bronze III participant, prepare for a tough match. 

Apex Legends Rank System: Penalties

Ranked is a high-stakes, high-reward surroundings. Gamers who abandon their teammates can be hit with a matchmaking penalty in each common and Ranked matches. Penalties will end in a participant being barred from becoming a member of a match for escalating quantities of time primarily based on how typically they’ve deserted in Ranked. An abandon is outlined as leaving the sport earlier than the match is over for you; this contains leaving throughout character choose, leaving while you’re alive, and leaving when you’re lifeless however can nonetheless be respawned by teammates. Penalty instances begin out at 5 minutes, and repeat abandons will enhance that point as much as every week.

Apex Legends Rank System: Loss Forgiveness

Much like the Elite queue, there can be loss forgiveness in Ranked. Loss forgiveness is outlined as zeroing out any potential losses in RP for a match. For instance, in a Diamond match the place you got here in final place however had two kills, you’d usually have a -2 adjustment to your RP (-Four from the Platinum entry price, +2 for kills, for a web lack of -2). With loss forgiveness, nonetheless, you’d have a web loss adjusted to 0. Nevertheless, this can solely apply for those who stand to lose RP from the match – for those who had 5 kills and loss forgiveness, your RP would nonetheless be web +1.

Apex will grant gamers loss forgiveness when their matchmade teammates abandon the sport, and for different instances the place Respawn determines you aren’t guilty for leaving a recreation e.g. consumer errors. Apex to be extra lenient initially of the Sequence however can be vigilant in monitoring participant behaviour. Respawn will change into stricter about granting loss forgiveness if Respawn detects it’s being abused.

Apex Legends Rank System: Rewards

Listed below are all of the rewards obtainable to gamers. All rewards are primarily based on the very best rank you obtain in both break up of a Season. 

  • Ranked Icon (Accessible to all gamers) 
  • Ranked Icon Gun Attraction (Accessible to all gamers)
  • Diamond Dive Path (For Diamond gamers) 
  • Masters Dive Path (For Masters Gamers) 
  • Predator Dive Path (For Apex Predators) 

Rewards can be found after the top of the season. 

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