Best chess participant of all time goes for the ‘Double Bongcloud’ opening


Whereas it is one thing of a idiot’s recreation to match gamers throughout completely different eras, the present Chess world champion Magnus Carlsen has a great case for being the best participant to ever reside. He is been a Grandmaster since 2004, grew to become world champion in 2013 (a title he is efficiently defended in three championship matches since), and his peak classical ranking of 2882 is the very best in historical past (his present FIDE ranking is 2847). And final week, on the Meltwater Champions Chess Tour, he and grandmaster Hikaru Nakamura determined to lean into the memes by enjoying a gap that has now been dubbed the Double Bongcloud.

There are numerous explanations for the place the Bongcloud nomenclature got here from, but it surely’s been round since not less than the 90s and appears inextricable from the rise of web chess. There have been rumours that former world champion Bobby Fischer performed on-line within the 90s, and would use this opening to display his superiority (thanks, Guardian). As that means, the joke with the Bongcloud is that it is such a foul transfer you’d must be stoned out of your thoughts to even attempt it.

The transfer follows the usual opening of White pushing their king pawn to e4, Black responding with their king pawn to e5, after which White’s king strikes to e2. Which appears like this:

(Picture credit score: Chess)

Let’s not get too into the weeds on chess concept however that is as unhealthy because it will get: exposes the king, blocks improvement of different items, prevents castling… it is a stinker. It may be performed as a type of disrespect to 1’s opponent, however the Bongcloud’s sheer daftness in a recreation the place gamers memorise openings referred to as issues just like the Sicilian Dragon, the Nimzo-Indian defence or the Ruy Lopez means it is also turn into a good-natured joke, skewering the chess world’s occasional tendency in the direction of pomposity.


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