Bonding Runestones & Companion Modifications


We’re presently engaged on some enhancements to make merchandise degree a extra correct illustration of the character’s capabilities. Whereas we hope to be able to preview these adjustments quickly, we needed to present the knowledge previous to the vacation gross sales so you may have the knowledge earlier than making any purchases.


Bonding Runestones

Bonding Runestones are an merchandise that may by no means match as much as merchandise degree accurately. It’s because they switch a various quantity of stats based mostly on the companion itself, companion gear, and runestones.

That has led us to alter some points of companions and to retire Bonding Runestones all collectively. There can be an change on the Antiquities Seller in Protector’s Enclave for Bonding Runestones which permits them to be exchanged for both one other Enchantment/Runestone of the identical rank, or straight for AD (The AD change chart can be on the backside of this weblog).



On the identical time, we didn’t need gamers to lose a bunch of stats and be worse off than earlier than the change.

Companions have had their merchandise degree elevated. On Dwell, a companion at legendary rank has 100 Merchandise Degree. With our adjustments, that base merchandise degree of legendary can be 1000 and companions will grant stats on the identical price as different sources of merchandise degree. On prime of that, we can be growing bolster to the place legendary rank provides 10% bolster. Bolster may also straight enhance the merchandise degree of the companion, which in flip will enhance the quantity of stats it provides.

Increase companions will give 85% of their merchandise degree in mixed score and the remaining 15% is cut up throughout the three particular scores granted by the given companion. Combating companions will give 85% of their merchandise degree in mixed score, the remainder of the score is accounted for by the truth that they do injury.

Companion ACBs may also get a lift in merchandise degree to higher replicate their advantages, and they’ll achieve a little bit of a lift of their advantages as nicely.

Runestones and Enchantments will go up in merchandise degree, and subsequently enhance the stats they offer, each as compensation for the elimination of Bondings and to present them a greater ratio to different areas of the sport equivalent to gear and Mount Passives.

Companion Affect can be going away as a stat and companions will at all times switch 100% of their scores to the participant.

Final a part of these adjustments is that companions will be capable to be upgraded to Mythic, which can have a base 1500 Merchandise Degree like mounts do. Mythic companions present 20% bolster and a given companion class will be capable to max out at 100% bolster with the highest 5 high quality companions in that class.


Bonding to AD Alternate Charges

 Bonding Rank AD Alternate
15 2,600,000
14 1,800,000
13 1,000,000
12 500,000
11 250,000
10 125,000
9 30,000
8 15,000
7 8,000
6 5,000
5 1,500
4 1,000
3 200
2 100
1 Will be exchanged for different enchants


Hopefully this early info will each mean you can really feel assured in your decisions through the vacation season and are adjustments you may be wanting ahead to making an attempt out on preview quickly.


Jared “No Worries” Sears
Lead Techniques Designer

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