Cash of Waukeen! | Neverwinter


The goddess Waukeen, often called the Service provider’s Pal, is sharing her blessings as soon as once more with the heroes of Neverwinter. We’re blissful to announce the return of the Cash of Waukeen Occasion!

Cash of Waukeen Begins Thursday, March 18 at 7:30am PT

Cash of Waukeen Ends Thursday, March 25 at 7:30am PT

The Golden Woman has come again, for a restricted time, to offer adventurers a possibility to build up nice wealth. Throughout the occasion, adventurers could also be rewarded with a Waukeen’s Coin Purse by battling monsters inside 7 ranges of them. Adventurers have to be degree 10 or larger to take part. You possibly can open your Coin Purses straight away; nonetheless, exchanging them in bulk within the Moonstone Masks will web you much more priceless Waukeen reward packs.

How do you entry the Moonstone Masks Tavern? Head into Protector’s Enclave to the occasion dais, the place many occasion NPCs have been positioned. As soon as there it is possible for you to to enter the Moonstone Masks Tavern by the swirly portal subsequent to the NPC. Within the tavern you’ll discover a service provider to trade-in Waukeen’s Coin Purses for Waukeen’s Strongbox (eight wanted) or Waukeen’s Treasure Chest (32 wanted). Moreover, you may commerce purses in for Weapon Transmutes which can value 40-80 Cash of Waukeen.

Waukeen’s Service provider in Moonstone Masks is providing Waukeen’s Golden Chest for 64 Coin Purses. 

Waukeen’s Hoard Artifact – an enchanted chest made to carry the assorted treasures of Waukeen and another scary issues. 

Adorned Mimic vainness pet (may drop from Waukeen’s Treasure Chest)


Shiny Coin Enchantment, Rank 5 (may drop from Waukeen’s Treasure Chest)

Golden Transmute Style together with Golden Sleeves, Golden Robes, Golden Crown, and Golden Pantaloons. (Sleeves may drop from Waukeen’s Treasure Chest and Pantaloons may drop from Treasure Chest and Strongbox)

Rewards inside Waukeen’s Coin Purse

Rewards inside Waukeen’s Strongbox

Rewards inside Waukeen’s Treasure Chest


Along with probably getting as much as 256,000 Astral Diamonds, gamers might be rewarded with some nice vogue objects, dyes, and weapon transmutes!

Gilded Waukeen Weapon Transmute

Golden Pantaloons

Waukeen’s Golden Cloak (Bind on Equip) and Blessed Gold Dye Pack

Gold is for the Daring!

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