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    Cellular Legends tier checklist – the very best characters in every class

    What are the very best Cellular Legends characters? MOBAs are famously addictive, and Moonton’s cell providing has a fanatical participant base to rival style stalwarts like LoL and Dota 2 – and a large hero pool to go along with it. Slightly than spend hours poring over Cellular Legends stats and trialling every of the heroes your self, we’ve compiled a Cellular Legends tier checklist so you may soar straight in with the strongest, most impactful Cellular Legends characters – and know which of your foes are probably the most harmful on the battlefield.

    There are solely a choose few Cellular Legends free heroes – you’ll need to unlock nearly all of them by means of battle factors, which you’ll earn by taking part in the sport, or utilizing diamonds you purchase from the shop. Usually, new Cellular Legends heroes are stronger and dearer, to entice you into spending your hard-earned coin – however by no means concern; with the assistance of our Cellular Legends tier checklist, you’ll be capable to choose probably the most aggressive Cellular Legends characters from every class.

    We’ve chosen the very best characters in every of the six lessons for our Cellular Legends tier checklist. You’ll nonetheless want to concentrate to your crew composition, however any of those Cellular Legends heroes are sturdy decisions for solo queue – and in case they’re banned by the enemy crew, we’ve given you a couple of sturdy options you must contemplate unlocking as backup.

    Now, with out additional ado, let’s get into the tier checklist.

    Cellular Legends tier checklist by class:

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    Because the identify implies, the Murderer class focuses on selecting off susceptible enemies. They’re difficult to play as they are usually fragile and require skilful execution of talents to search out their prey. Their excessive burst harm must be centered on the precise targets to tip the steadiness in your crew’s favour.

    Tier Cellular Legends character
    S Aamon, Wukong, Ling, Saber
    A Yi Solar-Shin, Haybusa, Alucard, Benedetta, Hanzo, Fanny, Gusion, Karina, Harley
    B Kadita, Natalia, Lancelot
    C Selena, Helcurt
    D Lesley


    Fighters are melee vary characters which have a versatile, balanced skillset to supply a crew. Their harm builds up over time, and so they’re comparatively sturdy, though not as sturdy as a Tank – they are often tailored to no matter your crew wants situationally.

    Tier Cellular Legends character
    S Layla, Khaleed, Roger, Paquito, Yu Zhong
    A Aulus, Hayabusa, Guinevere, Chou, Gatotkaca, Jawhead, Solar, X.Borg, Zilong
    B Alpha, Alucard, ArguBadang, Bane,Freya, Hilda, Lapu-Lapu, Martis, Thamuz, Terizla
    C Barats, Balmond, Dyrroth, Kaja, Leomord, Minsitthar, Ruby, Silvanna
    D Aldous


    Mages are highly effective spellcasters who use their talents to dish out bursts of magic harm whereas additionally offering crowd management. They are usually notably squishy, and they’re excessive precedence targets.

    Tier Cellular Legends character
    S Valentina, Eudora, Harley, Kagura, Lylia, Pharsa
    A Vale, Yve, Odette, Lunox, Cecilion, Alice, Chang’e, Cyclops, Esmeralda, Gord
    B Aurora, Faramis, Harith, Kadita, Kimmy, Luo Yi, Selena, Valir, Zhask, Mathilda
    C Nana, Angela
    D Vexana, Diggie, Estes

    Greatest Cellular Legends Marksman

    Cellular Legends marksman heroes are excessive harm ranged characters – in any other case referred to as assault harm carries. They’re very efficient at pushing towers and change into more and more highly effective into the late recreation. It’s essential to observe your positioning as a marksman, and be careful for stronger opponents within the early recreation, as you could not have the means to flee or retaliate but. 

    Tier Cellular Legends character
    S Edith, Granger, Layla, Natan, Roger
    A Brody, Bruno, Lesley, Popol & Kupa, Yi Solar-Shin
    B Beatrix, Claude, Karrie, Moskov
    C Clint, Hanabi, Kimmy, Wanwan
    D Irithel, Miya


    The function of the Assist class, unsurprisingly, is to guard your fellow teammates, whether or not that’s by therapeutic them, shielding them, or stopping enemies from attending to them.

    Tier Cellular Legends character
    S Mathilda
    A Diggie, Lolita, Minotaur
    B Angela, Nana, Carmilla
    C Kaja, Rafaela
    D Estes


    Tanks are sturdy, aggressive initiators with a cumbersome well being pool and a spread of expertise to guard their teammates and lock down enemies, although their harm is low compared to different Cellular Legends characters.

    Tier Cellular Legends character
    S Tigreal, Grock
    A Edith, Akai, Alice, Atlas, Esmeralda, Gatotkaca, Gloo, Johnson, Lolita, Minotaur, Uranus
    B Balmond, Baxia, Franco, Hilda, Hylos, Khufra
    C Barats, Ruby
    D Belerick

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