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The Civilization collection historically has by no means reached Paradox-levels of DLC content material, however there’s now sufficient Civ 6 DLC that you could be want a little bit of assist evaluating the selection of choices. We’re now at half a dozen situation packs, two main expansions and the New Frontier Move has launched six smaller content material packs that launched between Could 2020 and April 2021.

Time will in the end inform if we get something past that and even one other ‘huge’ growth, however within the meantime right here’s every thing you have to find out about Civ 6’s present DLC library, together with the entire smaller add-ons that add new civs and standalone eventualities.

We’ve damaged every thing down for you under, nevertheless it’s price noting that on the time of writing, many of the preliminary civilisation/situation packs that had been launched previous to the Rise and Fall growth aren’t really obtainable to buy individually any extra. You’ll be able to usually choose them up collectively by shopping for both the Civilization & Situation Pack bundle or the Platinum Version. The ‘New Frontier’ cross packs are being offered individually, nonetheless, so that you don’t want to purchase the complete season cross in case you don’t wish to.

The Greatest Civilization 6 DLC

Here’s a listing of all Civ 6 DLC at present obtainable:

  • Viking Situation Pack
  • Poland Civilization and Situation Pack
  • Australia Civilization and Situation Pack
  • Persia and Macedon Civilization and Situation Pack
  • Nubia Civilization & Situation Pack
  • Khmer & Indonesia Civilization and Situation Pack
  • Rise and Fall Enlargement
  • Gathering Storm Enlargement
  • New Frontier Move – Maya and Gran Colombia Pack
  • New Frontier Move – Ethiopia Pack
  • New Frontier Move – Byzantium and Gaul Pack
  • New Frontier Move – Babylon Pack
  • New Frontier Move – Vietnam and Kublai Khan Pack
  • New Frontier Move – Portugal Pack

Vikings Situation Pack

What’s in it?

  • A 100-turn situation set on the top of the Viking Age, permitting you to play as Denmark, Norway, or Sweden on a map that spans from Newfoundland to Constantinople.
  • Three new pure wonders from across the North Sea: Eyjafjallajökull, Lysefjord, and the Large’s Causeway.
  • Six new city-states that may spawn in any sport, together with two that unlock new tile enhancements for his or her suzerain (the Monastery from Armagh and the Alcázar from Granada).

Is it price it?

This is the one piece of DLC thus far that doesn’t embrace a brand new civilization, nevertheless it additionally accommodates among the finest eventualities. At 5 bucks, I believe you’ll get your cash’s price even in case you solely play by way of it as soon as. The map is large, there are various paths to victory, and every of the three viking kings you’ll be able to play as supply the potential for a unique expertise.

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The brand new city-states are good in case you occur to run into them once you’re pursuing a sure victory kind. Monasteries from Armagh are one of the crucial highly effective enhancements in Civ 6 in case you’re aiming for a non secular victory.

two winged hussar units in civ 6

Poland Civilization & Situation Pack

What’s in it?

  • Provides Poland beneath Jadwiga as a playable civ. She will steal tiles by constructing forts and encampments, auto-converts cities she steals tiles from to her faith, and may construct one of the best mid-game cavalry unit of any civ.
  • A 60-turn situation set within the 1300s and 1400s targeted on defending Poland from many outdoors invaders.

Is it price it?

How huge of a fan of Winged Hussars are you? Poland could be a very robust non secular civ – however the principle characteristic that makes them fascinating is their signature cavalry unit, which can be utilized to slide behind enemy strains and create extraordinarily devastating hammer and anvil costs. Exterior of that, they’re pretty vanilla. The Jadwiga’s Legacy situation is actually a horde mode through which you’ll be defending your capital and a few allied city-states from wave after wave of barbarians.

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I didn’t have an excellent expertise with it my first time by way of as a result of it’s by no means defined to you that the one actions price your time are cranking out fortifications and army models. When the Golden Horde worn out each of my growth cities and all their cultural and science buildings, I puzzled why I even had the choice to construct them within the first place. It’s an fascinating means to make use of Civ 6’s mechanics to create a wholly totally different kind of sport, however the lack of readability on what my goals had been was vexing, and general it simply doesn’t examine favourably to a few of the extra nuanced eventualities.

Australia Civilization & Situation Pack

What’s in it?

  • Provides Australia beneath John Curtin as a playable civ. They’re well-suited to settling coastal and arid areas, can construct a contemporary period infantry unit with bonuses to preventing on coastal tiles and in international territory, and change into extra productive instantly after having battle declared on them.
  • A 60-turn situation, Outback Tycoon, targeted on the British settlement of the Australian continent and turning harsh land right into a worthwhile, fashionable nation over the course of the 1800s and early 1900s.
  • One new pure marvel, Uluru.

Is it price it?

Australia is a really highly effective civ with the flexibility to prosper even in essentially the most abysmal, Mad Max-esque begin positions. They’ve a luxurious few different civs take pleasure in on account of their manufacturing enhance in the beginning of a defensive battle, in that they’ll to some extent keep away from build up a protection military till they completely must.

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The pack might be price grabbing only for that. Which is sweet, as a result of the Outback Tycoon situation is sort of disappointing. I find it irresistible in idea. It jogs my memory fairly a little bit of the excellent Scramble for Africa situation in Civ 5, with the Australian inside being randomly generated to extend replayability. The issue is that it’s far too quick. Simply after I was actually beginning to take pleasure in creating my crown colony and eradicating the fog of battle from the sprawling outback, the 10 Turns Remaining notification popped up and I used to be left actually wishing there have been an Epic or Marathon model obtainable. With extra time to mess around, discover, and industrialize, it might need been among the finest eventualities of the bunch. As-is, it’s extra of a letdown than the rest.

Persia and Macedon Civilization & Situation Pack

What’s in it?

  • Provides Macedon beneath Alexander the Nice as a playable civ. He will get not one, however two distinctive models within the Historic Period that fully change the way you battle wars, permitting for the form of sweeping conquests he completed traditionally. On prime of this, his passive skills reward him for carrying out such conquests.
  • Provides Persia beneath Cyrus as a playable civ. They achieve bonuses to declaring shock wars (and in addition don’t get as a lot of a warmonger penalty for doing so), and the Immortal distinctive unit, which may perform as each a ranged and a melee fighter.
  • A timed situation (between 37 and 60 turns relying on issue), The Conquests of Alexander, which challenges you to duplicate the Macedonian wunderkind’s historic campaigns earlier than the clock runs out.
  • Two new wonders: The Mausoleum at Halicarnassus and Apandana.

Is it price it?

The duo of Macedon and Persia might be one of the best worth on your cash by way of new civs. Macedon can really feel form of one-note, as their bonuses are pretty wasted in case you don’t go for all-out conquest early and sometimes. Nevertheless it’s extremely satisfying to march throughout the map with Hypaspists and Hetairoi, led by an ideal common, obliterating any opposition in need of gunpowder models. Persian Immortals are ideally fitted to taking cities early on, and forestall you from having to construct two several types of infantry as in addition they fulfill the position of archers. Their different bonuses additionally make them nice at changing into an inward-looking, cultural or non secular powerhouse utilizing solely home commerce routes, limiting the chance of dropping merchants on lengthy, harmful worldwide caravans.

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The situation fell a bit flat for me in its pacing. It’s loads of enjoyable early on, however the previous few cities you must conquer to win are so far-flung that it’s doable to comprehend you’ve screwed your self with 20+ turns left to go just because your models can’t get to the place you want them earlier than the clock runs out. I hardly ever confronted any difficult fight selections when the military really arrived, however was defeated solely by logistical sluggishness – which doesn’t current the tense, rewarding gameplay supposed.

some nubian buildings sitting on a desert tile

Nubia Civilization & Situation Pack

What’s in it?

  • Provides Nubia beneath Amanitore as a playable civ. They get a extremely good early sport archer and bonuses to constructing and leveling up ranged models, which is extraordinarily highly effective proper up by way of the midgame, and a singular tile enchancment that permits them to shortly set up very productive cities.
  • A 125-turn situation, Items of the Nile, tracing the historical past of the Nile Valley from the 2100s BC (shortly after the autumn of the Previous Kingdom) all the way in which up by way of the period of the Roman conquest of Egypt.
  • One new marvel, Jebel Barkal.

Is it price it?

In case you love archers, Nubia might be going to be one in all your favorite civs. They don’t fairly make my shortlist, however the way in which Nubian pyramids streamline and supercharge your metropolis planning undoubtedly takes loads of the guesswork out of constructing a brand new settlement wholesome and productive.

Items of the Nile is totally price it, although. I’d most likely be keen to pay twice as a lot because the DLC at present prices simply to entry the situation. Together with the Vikings situation, it represents the top of situation design at present obtainable in Civ 6, and even compares favourably to a few of the nice ones from Civ 5. Exploring the Nile Valley, creating alongside its banks, and preventing off waves of invasions together with Assyrians, Sea Peoples, Macedonians, and ultimately even Romans offers an ideal sense of development by way of the tumultuous historical past of the area and an enormous number of challenges to face.

Each Egypt and Nubia are playable, with the first battle being which ones will rise to dominance. There are tons of occasions for every which may grant you historic Nice Generals and different advantages primarily based on historic milestones. The one factor holding it again was a bug that made the non secular victory not possible, as one of many buildings required for it by no means unlocked for me. On the intense aspect, that left me with the choice of conquering every thing – which most likely ended up being extra enjoyable than constructing seven Temples to Amun would have been. I can see myself coming again to this meaty situation many instances, and I can hardly speak it up sufficient. It makes this DLC unmissable even in case you by no means play Nubia in a standard sport.

some wooden buildings on stilts in the middle of a bay, surrounded by ships

Khmer and Indonesia Civilization & Situation Pack

What’s in it?

  • Provides Khmer beneath Jayavarman VII as a playable civ. Their capability makes Aqueducts (which I usually virtually by no means construct) really fairly robust, they usually get a scary, elephant-mounted artillery unit that may transfer and fireplace in the identical flip.
  • Provides Indonesia beneath Gitarja as a playable civ. They get large bonuses for constructing close to coast or lake tiles and are nice at spreading their faith to different landmasses.
  • A 50-turn situation, Path to Nirvana, through which the various faiths of East Asia compete for dominance starting in 750 AD, not lengthy after the introduction of Islam.
  • A brand new map for normal campaigns modeling all of East Asia, together with true begin places for all civs native to the area.
  • One new marvel, Angkor Wat, and one new pure marvel, Ha Lengthy Bay.

Is it price it?

I’m not loopy about Khmer or Indonesia, mechanically. The Khmer bonuses from Aqueducts will certainly change up your regular city-planning routine, and the Domrey opens up loads of choices for early conquest. In the meantime Indonesia can unfold their faith the identical means Vikings unfold pillage and warfare, which might be rewarding on sure map varieties. They’re each first rate – simply not essentially that particular or thrilling.

The situation focuses virtually completely on theological fight, as you’ll be able to’t construct regular army or naval models. It’s an alright thought, however sadly didn’t wow me since I occur to suppose theological fight in Civ 6 continues to be not excellent. 50 turns additionally makes it one of many shortest eventualities, and I tended to universally desire the longer ones on this listing as they felt far more like full, historically-rich experiences.

mounted units riding through and pillaging an enemy city

Rise and Fall Enlargement

What’s in it?

  • Loyalty system may cause cities to insurgent and change into Free Cities and even defect to different civs.
  • Governors can now be assigned to cities to spice up their loyalty, give them distinctive advantages, and open up new playstyles.
  • Golden Ages and Darkish Ages mannequin the ups and downs in your civilization’s historical past.
  • Emergencies pit a number of leaders in opposition to a standard, aggressive menace.
  • Eight new civs together with the Dutch, Scottich, Mapuche, Zulu, Cree, Georgian, Korean, and Mongolian.
  • A brand new, extra militaristic chief for India: Chandragupta.
  • Learn our full Rise and Fall evaluate right here. Prices $29.99 / £24.99

Is it price it?

It’s not going to make you fall in love with Civ 6 in case you had been nonetheless on the fence, almost definitely. The Emergencies system is a bit underwhelming for the time being, and Nice Ages aren’t as impactful as they need to be. However Governors supply an ideal, new layer to metropolis administration with a number of strategic prospects. And quite a lot of the brand new civs have shortly change into favorites of mine – significantly the Mapuche, Cree, Dutch, and Mongolians. You’ll undoubtedly get your cash’s price simply on new civs and leaders, evaluating the worth to a few of the smaller DLC.

a volcano erupts above a city

Gathering Storm Enlargement

What’s in it?

  • Environmental results & pure disasters have been added to the sport, permitting metropolis tiles to be overrun by flooding, volcanoes and many others…
  • New engineering initiatives will help mitigate air pollution and different pure catastrophe, in addition to defend in opposition to environmental issues.
  • Eight new civilizations & 9 new leaders, together with a pacesetter who might be picked for multiple civ.
  • The World Congress from Civ V makes a return.
  • The 21st Century is added as a brand new ear.
  • New content material by way of eventualities, build-able models and constructions and enhancements to current methods like Espionage.
  • Learn our full Gathering Storm evaluate right here. Prices $39.99 / £34.99

Is it price it?

The brand new environmental results definitely provide you with loads of push again, and usually you must begin pondering much more long-term about how your civilization will develop and the place you find yourself planting roots. The brand new civilisations are usually wonderful additions, and the flexibility of Elanor of Aquitaine to be the chief for both France or England is an fascinating experiment I hope we see proceed.

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By itself, Gathering Storm isn’t isn’t as ground-breaking as you’d maybe suspect. As with Rise & Fall, simply getting this DLC by itself is unlikely to make you fall in love with Civ 6 in case you haven’t already. However the accumulative impact of each DLC implies that the sport at giant is lastly beginning to realise its full potential. The worth is a bit a lot for what it’s given that you just’re paying two-third of the full-price of the principle sport for not almost two-thirds of a sport’s price of content material, in our opinion.

Civilization VI New Frontier Season Move

As introduced in Could 2020, the subsequent section of Civ 6’s DLC coverage will contain a run of smaller packs. Subscribing to the entire run as a price of £32.99 / $39.99 will web you six packs, with one being launched roughly each two months. The primary one was launched in Could 2020. Every pack will comprise a minimum of one civilization and chief, in addition to new sport modes and different content material, like Districts or Wonders.

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These packs are additionally obtainable individually, so we’ll break down every pack as it’s introduced/launched so you could have as a lot data as doable.

Maya & Columbia Pack

Launched: Could 21, 2020 | £7.39 / $9.99 | Full particulars

Mayan Civilization with new chief: Woman Six Sky. Contains distinctive Hul’che unit and Observatory District

Gran Colombia Civilization with new chief: Simón Bolíva. Contains distinctive Comandate Normal and Llanero models, in addition to the Hacienda distinctive enchancment

New Recreation Mode: “Apocalypse” Recreation Mode (requires Civilization VI: Gathering Storm):

  • Provides Forest Fires and Meteor Showers as catastrophe varieties to all video games
  • Non-compulsory, specialised sport mode with unique rule adjustments:
  • New disasters: Comet Affect and Photo voltaic Flares
  • Bigger variations of current disasters
  • New army unit: Soothsayer, a Help unit that may set off pure disasters on the participant’s command.
  • New scored competitors: Sacrifice models to volcanoes. Requires Soothsayers to make use of their distinctive motion on pleasant models close to a volcano
  • The world enters an apocalyptic state when local weather change reaches its most stage

New Assets: Honey (luxurious), Maize (bonus)

New Pure Wonders: Bermuda Triangle, Paititi, Fountain of Youth

New Metropolis-States: Caguana (cultural), Singapore (industrial), Lahore (militaristic), Vatican Metropolis (non secular), Taruga (scientific), Hunza (commerce)

Ethiopia Pack

Launched: July 23, 2020 | £3.99 / $4.99 | Full particulars

Ethiopian Civilisation with new chief: Menelik II. Contains the Oromo Cavalry distinctive unit & Rock-hewn Church Tile enchancment

New Recreation Mode: ‘Secret Societies’ (requires each Rise & Fall & Gathering Storm expansions):

  • An elective, specialised sport mode with unique rule adjustments.
  • Provides 4 Secret Societies to the sport.
  • Every Secret Society gives gamers a specialised Governor who applies their bonuses throughout the complete civilization.
  • Secret Societies might supply gamers new Assets, passive bonuses, distinctive buildings, models, or initiatives to additional the Society’s ends.
  • Use your Secret Society membership to spice up favorability and Alliances with different leaders.

New District: Diplomatic Quarter:

  • Construct the Diplomatic Quarter, a District that may solely be constructed as soon as per civilization, specializing in international relations.
  • Improve the Diplomatic Quarter by constructing the Consulate and Chancery buildings.

Byzantium and Gaul Pack

Launched: September 24, 2020 | £7.39 / $9.99 | Full particulars

Byzantium Civilisation with new chief: Basil II. Contains distinctive Dromon Ship and Tagma models, distinctive Hippodrome district, Taxis civilization capability and Porphyrogénnētos chief capability

Gaul Civilisation with new chief: Ambiorix. Contains distinctive Gaesatae unit, distinctive Oppidum district, Hallstatt Tradition civilization capability and King of the Eburones chief capability

New Non-compulsory Recreation Mode: Dramatic Ages (requires Rise and Fall or Gathering Storm expansions to play):

  • Civilizations at all times enter Golden or Darkish Ages each period that characteristic stronger bonuses and penalties.
  • As a substitute of Dedications, gamers will achieve entry to highly effective new Social Insurance policies like Golden Insurance policies and up to date Darkish Insurance policies that supply extra flexibility and energy.
  • Darkish Ages particularly are extra harmful than ever, as gamers in Darkish Ages can have a portion of their empire instantly fall into Free Cities, and Free Cities can exert stress on different cities.

New World Wonders: Biosphere, Statue of Zeus

New Map Script: Highlands – Check your civilization in opposition to a map dominated by hills and mountain ranges.

Bablyon Pack

Launched: November 19, 2020 | £3.99 / $4.99 | Full Particulars

Babylon Civilisation: with new chief Hammurabi. Bablyon has an ancient-era distinctive unit that replaces spearman (Sabum Kibittum), a alternative for the Watermill constructing (Plagum) and the civ’s distinctive capability permits you get huge science boosts from triggering eureka moments, at the price of base science achieve per flip. Hammurabi’s capability offers you bonuses in the direction of constructing districts in addition to further envoys.

New elective sport mode Heroes & Legends: provides 12 highly effective hero models drawn from historical past’s roster of legendary and legendary figures, every with their very own distinctive skills primarily based on their mythology:

  • New heroes might be found by way of the Heroic Tales metropolis undertaking or by way of exploration and city-state diplomacy.
  • Heroes have a finite Lifespan and expire after a sure variety of turns, however might be recalled utilizing Religion to assist your trigger as soon as extra.
  • The primary time a Hero dies or expires, they depart behind two Heroic Relic Nice Works: an Epic and a symbolic object. These relics can support their civilization all through the remainder of the sport.
  • Monuments can show these things in two new Heroic Relic slots.

24 new Nice Folks: together with the poet Rumi (Author), the cultural anthropologist Margaret Mead (Scientist), and the Egyptian architect Imhotep (Engineer).

Six new city-states: one in all every kind, and there are additionally two new distinctive enhancements unlocked by the brand new city-states:

  • The Mahavihara is constructed by the Nalanda city-state and offers extra Science and Housing. It additionally offers bonus Religion for each adjoining Holy Web site and bonus Science for each adjoining Campus. The Mahavihara unlocks a random Expertise the primary time it’s constructed and should be constructed on flat land not adjoining to a different Mahavihara.
  • The Buying and selling Dome is constructed by the Samarkand city-state and offers extra Gold, plus additional bonus Gold for each adjoining luxurious useful resource. Worldwide Commerce Routes despatched from cities with Buying and selling Domes generate elevated Gold for every dome. Can’t be constructed adjoining to a different Buying and selling Dome.

A shot from Civ 6 looking at the unique Vietnam district and unique unit

Vietnam and Kublai Khan Pack

Launched: January 28, 2021 | £7.39 / $8.99 | Full Particulars

Vietnam Civilisation: Led by Bà Triệu, this tradition targeted civilisation has an affinity for marsh, rainforest or wooden tiles. Their civ capability ‘9 dragon river delta’ means that you could solely construct land primarily based speciality districts on these tiles, however you additionally get bonuses to manufacturing, science and tradition era.

  • Woman Triue’s capability – ‘drive out the aggressors’ – offers extra fight energy for models preventing within the above tiles, and in addition offers extra motion, each of that are elevated if that tile is owned by Vietnam.
  • Vietnam’s distinctive unit is the Voi Chiến, which replaces the Crossbowman. It will probably transfer after attacking and has extra motion.
  • Vietnam’s distinctive district ist he Thanh, which gives extra tradition for every adjoining district. It’s going to generate tourism primarily based on tradition output when ‘flight’ is researched, and it doesn’t require inhabitants to run. It replacements the encampment.

New chief: Kublai Khan as been added as a substitute chief for each China and Mongolia. His distinctive capability – Gerege – offers an extra financial coverage slot in any authorities. You additionally get a random eureka and inspiration when establishing a buying and selling publish in one other civilisation’s metropolis for the primary time.

New elective sport mode Monopolies and Companies: This new mode focuses on financial technique, providing incentives to hunt out and management luxurious assets:

  • Now you can exploit a number of copies of the identical luxurious useful resource to create an ‘business’, which is able to confer bonuses to the host metropolis.
  • You’ll be able to evolve industries into ‘companies’ to extend bonuses, but in addition create ‘merchandise’ which might be shops within the inventory alternate or seaport, very like nice works.
  • Merchandise might be shipped to different cities to share Trade results all through a civilisation.
  • Lastly, you’ll be able to create a monopoly when your civilisation dominates the worldwide provide of a single luxurious useful resource. These present extra tourism and generate giant quantities of gold.

New district: The ‘protect’, which comes with two new buildings: the Sanctuary and the Grove. The protect must be place in a secluded space untouched by different infastructure, and may set off a culture-bomb. It additionally offers housing and enchantment advantages.

  • Two buildings might be constructed within the protect district. The Grove unlocks with mysticism, whereas the Sanctuary unlocks with conservation. Each enhance the yields of adjoining ‘charming’ and ‘breathtaking’ tiles that haven’t been improved.

Portuguese faetoria and Nau units in civ 6

Portugal Pack – March 25, 2021

Launched: March 26, 2021 | £3.99 / $4.99 | Full Particulars

Portugal Civilization: Led by João III, Portugal is targeted on naval exploration and maritime commerce. The civ’s distinctive capability is ‘Casa Da Índia’, which considerably will increase the yields of commerce routes to different factions, however limits these routes to cities on the coast or to cities with a harbour.

Dealer models even have extra vary at sea and are in a position to embark onto water tiles immediately, with out wants to attend for the suitable tech. Additionally:

  • Joao’s distinctive capability is ‘Porta Do Cerco’, which grants all models elevated sight vary. It additionally will increase commerce route capability at any time when Portugal meets a brand new civ and offers open borders with all city-states.
  • Portugal’s distinctive unit is the Nau, a naval melee unit that replaces the Caravel. It begins with one free Promotion, requires much less upkeep, and has two costs to construct Feitorias.
  • Feitorias are a particular transport port distinctive to Portugal that may solely be constructed by the Nau on a international metropolis’s coastal tile, offered it’s subsequent to a luxurious or bonus useful resource. The Feitoria itself offers bonuses to its host metropolis and can’t be eliminated by different factions. If Portugal trades with that metropolis, it will get extra gold and manufacturing.
  • Portugal’s distinctive constructing is the Navigation Faculty, changing the College. It will increase manufacturing in the direction of naval models in every metropolis that builds it. It additionally will increase a metropolis’s science yield for each two coastal or lake tiles throughout the metropolis’s borders.

New sport mode: Zombie defence has been added as an elective ruleset, the place each unit has an opportunity to respawn as a ravenous zombie when it dies. Zombie models starvation after and assault the closest non-zombie unit; any models they slay succumb to the an infection and respawn as zombies themselves.

  • This mode comes with new tile enhancements themed round traps and defences, which might be constructed on owned or impartial territory. Zombies won’t ever destroy traps, solely succumb to them.
  • Two new initiatives will enable civilisations to briefly subjugate Zombie models, both by merely deflecting them, or out-right unleashing them on enemies.

Two new World Wonders: The Etemenanki grants extra science yield each flip, in addition to bonus science and manufacturing to floodplains and march tiles. The Torre de Belém grants extra gold and Nice Admiral factors. Worldwide commerce routes embarking from the town obtain extra gold for each luxurious useful resource on the vacation spot.

New map script: The ‘Wetlands’ map script gives new strategic challenges and defensive prospects with a better focus of marsh tiles.

Earlier than you go: Civ 6 pace, maps and issue settings defined

We’ll replace this information with future DLC because it will get launched so be sure to examine again repeatedly.


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