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    Dagah Keek Shrine Information (The Ceremonial Music Shrine Quest)

    One of many Shrines in The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild is the Dagah Keek Shrine or Dagah Keek’s Blessing. The Shrine itself isn’t any problem in any respect. As you enter the Dagah Keek Shrine, Hyperlink will be capable of entry the shrine’s chest and he’ll be capable of entry the altar and discuss to the monk instantly. The true problem is finishing the Ceremonial Music Shrine Quest to be able to entry Dagah Keek Shrine. On this information, you’ll learn to full the Ceremonial Music Shrine Quest to be able to entry and full Dagah Keek Shrine and procure the chest inside.

    Hyperlink can be rewarded with Spirit Orbs for finishing Shrines. The Spirit Orbs obtained could be exchanged for extra Coronary heart Containers or Stamina Vessels. As there are a complete of 120 Shrines throughout Hyrule, Hyperlink will be capable of get a complete of 120 Spirit Orbs. You get to determine whether or not you need Hyperlink to have extra Hearts or extra Stamina.


    The Ceremonial Music Shrine Quest could be unlocked inside Zora’s Area, which is within the japanese a part of Hyrule, and the hunt can be accomplished and accomplished on this basic space. The Dagah Keek Shrine will emerge on the southeast of Veiled Falls after finishing the Ceremonial Music Shrine Quest.

    The Ceremonial Music

    Earlier than beginning this Shrine Quest, it might be a complete lot simpler if Hyperlink already has the Zora Armor which King Dorephan of Zora’s Area will give Hyperlink for taking over the Divine Beast Vah Ruta Quest.

    To start The Ceremonial Music Shrine Quest, Hyperlink should discuss to Laruta, a younger Zora lady in Zora’s Area. Go to Zora’s Area (quick journey by means of the Ne’ez Yohma Shrine when you’ve got already accomplished it) and you will discover Laruta hanging out close to Champion Mipha’s statue.

    Upon speaking to Laruta, she is going to sing Hyperlink a tune. Speak to her concerning the tune and he or she’ll let you know that she doesn’t truly know what the tune is about. Nevertheless, she is going to point out the Champion Pageant and that Trello is meant to do one thing about it and he hasn’t accomplished something but. After your discuss with Laruta, the Ceremonial Music Shrine Quest will begin.

    With a view to full this Shrine Quest, that is what Hyperlink should do:

    1. Speak to Laruta once more and she is going to inform Hyperlink extra about Trello and the place you will discover him.
    2. After that, stroll again in direction of the doorway of Zora’s Area the place you will discover two stairs. Take the steps to the correct (the correct aspect if dealing with in direction of the doorway however left aspect when trying on the map) and head to the higher stage. Then, you will discover simply one other staircase simply forward on the left. Head up the steps, proceed on the trail, and you’ll discover Trello alongside the trail.
    3. Speak to Trello and he’ll point out one thing about devising a plan to get well the lacking Ceremonial Trident which has been dropped off the bridge. He’ll point out that he has made plans to create a brand new one and if somebody ever finds the dropped Ceremonial Trident, the finder will get to maintain it.
    4. Subsequent, soar off the correct aspect of the bridge and glide in direction of stable floor on the backside of the bridge on Hyperlink’s proper aspect.
    5. Then, press the up directional button and choose the Magnesis Rune capacity. Use the Magnesis Rune capacity to seek out the Ceremonial Trident within the water. Then, after finding it, use the Cryonis Rune capacity to create ice blocks and go close to the Ceremonial Trident till you possibly can truly activate the Magnesis Rune capacity on it and pull it out of the water and truly purchase it.
    6. After acquiring the Ceremonial Trident, equip it, return up the bridge the place you discovered Trello, and proceed on the trail up the hill (activate the waypoint by setting the vacation spot of the hunt within the Journey Log in case you get misplaced in some way).
    7. As you go alongside the trail, you will discover the Veiled Falls (discovered within the western aspect of Zora’s Area) which is a tall waterfall with a glowing platform within the water beneath. To activate the glowing platform, Hyperlink should carry out a downward strike on it with the Ceremonial Trident. To do that, swim up the waterfall (with the Zora Armor geared up) till you attain the highest.
    8. As soon as on the prime, soar and glide down the glowing platform on the backside. When you’re certain that you simply’ll hit the platform whenever you land, press Y to assault and maintain down the down directional button to carry out a downward strike on the glowing platform.
    9. If carried out efficiently, the glowing platform will react and the Dagah Keek Shrine will emerge simply forward and the Ceremonial Music Shrine Quest can be accomplished!

    Dagah Keek’s Blessing

    Now that you’ve accomplished the Ceremonial Music Shrine Quest, now you can enter the Dagah Keek Shrine. This shrine will now not have a problem or puzzle inside because the puzzle was already on making an attempt to truly entry the shrine. Upon getting into the shrine, that is what Hyperlink should do:

    1. Upon getting into the Dagah Keek Shrine, head up the steps and open the chest to acquire a Silver Rupee (which is the same as 100 Rupees).
    2. Then, simply after the chest, proceed forward and discuss to the monk and declare your Spirit Orb!

    As talked about above, the Dagah Keek Shrine or the Dagah Keek’s Blessing is among the 9 shrines within the Lanayru Tower area. The opposite shrines are the Rucco Maag Shrine or the 5 Flames, Kaya Wan Shrine or the Shields From Water, Sheh Rata Shrine or the Pace of Gentle, Ne’ez Yohma Shrine or the Pushing Energy, Soh Kofi Shrine or A Minor Take a look at in Energy, Daka Tuss Shrine or the Sunken Scoop, Shai Yota Shrine or Shai Yota’s Blessing, and the Kah Mael Shrine or the Drop and Rise.



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