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    Defeat Hornet (Sentinel) in Hole Knight

    In Staff Cherry’s Hole Knight, as soon as the Knight reaches the doorway to the Solid-Off Shell in Kingdom’s Edge, the Knight will face Hornet as soon as once more to check their drive and power to avoid wasting Hallownest, however this time she’s going to go full power and use all her instruments along with her Sentinel type.

    Hornet Sentinel is Hornet’s second type as a boss within the sport. To unlock Hornet within the Knight’s Journal Entry, she should be defeated twice, and this may be accomplished by defeating each kinds: first by defeating her Protector type in Greenpath and this time her Sentinel type in Kingdom’s Edge.


    As talked about above, Hornet’s Sentinel type might be discovered simply on the entrance of Solid-Off Shell in Kingdom’s Edge, positioned within the east of Kingdom’s Edge.

    Assaults and Habits

    Hornet’s Sentinel type additionally makes use of her Protector type’s assaults and conduct. Nevertheless, she’s going to carry out these assaults extra quickly. Hornet’s base assaults are nonetheless:

    Strikes across the enviornment.

    Jumps throughout the enviornment.

    Hornet thrusts ahead along with her needle in hand.

    Hornet leaps into the air, goals on the Knight and rushes downwards.

    Hornet releases a bigger (in comparison with her Protector type) area-of-effect assault centered on herself, slicing something round her utilizing her thread. This may be accomplished in mid-air.

    Hornet launches her needle ahead after which pulls it again. The assault vary is a bit smaller than the width of the battlefield. It might probably inflict injury on the Knight because it goes again. 

    As acknowledged above, Hornet Sentinel will use all of her assaults and instruments, which implies she’s going to use further assaults. The extra assaults are as follows:

    Hornet will maintain her needle in a defensive stance and block any of the Knight’s assaults. If the Knight assaults her whereas utilizing Parry, she’s going to giggle and launch a counter slash with a variety.

    Hornet will use her thread to droop a most of six spiked balls directly in mid-air. These spiked balls will deal contact injury if the Knight is hit and stay within the enviornment except destroyed with the Knight’s Nail or Spells.

    There’s a very small window to assault after she makes her Lunge assault which may simply be dodged by leaping out of her means or transferring out of the assault’s vary. As for her Aerial Lunge, Hornet’s goal is locked onto the Knight as quickly as she jumps. Transfer away proper after she locks her goal.

    It’s value mentioning Hornet’s Gossamer Storm and Throw assaults each take time to execute and have a restricted vary. Though small, this generally is a window to heal. To dodge Hornet’s Throw assault, transfer out of vary or, when you should not have time, bounce to the center of Hornet and her needle after she throws it, then rapidly bounce away when she pulls it again. As for her Gossamer Storm, she’s going to normally make this assault when the Knight is near her. Transfer or bounce away from the vary of the assault.

    Moreover, Hornet Sentinel will solely use her Spike assault as soon as her well being is depleted to round 480 HP, and it will be higher to eliminate the spikes as early as potential. Additionally it is value noting that the spikes might be Nail-bounced on.

    After dealing sufficient injury to Hornet Sentinel, she’s going to stagger by pausing and leaning over whereas respiratory closely. This generally is a nice time to heal if you’re working out of well being. After that, Hornet will all the time carry out her Leap assault when recovering from a stagger.

    The Knight’s Spells can assist within the battle with Hornet Sentinel: the Desolate Dive or Descending Darkish Spell can assist defend the Knight from injury whereas it’s being solid and is efficient after dashing over Hornet after she performs her Lunge assault; and the Vengeful Spirit or Shade Soul may also be useful as it may be used from a distance whereas dealing good injury and never solely that, however it might additionally push Hornet again.

    When combating with Hornet Sentinel, the Knight should be geared up with the proper charms: the Fast Focus, Soul Catcher, or Soul Eater Charms might be nice to have as with these, the Knight can heal quicker (Fast Focus Allure), and the Knight can acquire Soul quicker (Soul Catcher and Soul Eater Allure); the Shaman Stone may also be an awesome assist as it may improve the injury output of the Knight’s Spells; the Fast Slash Allure might be helpful to deal quicker assaults; the Grubsong Allure may also be helpful so the Knight will acquire Soul each time the Knight takes injury.

    Though not essential to defeat Hornet Sentinel, Nice Slash or Sprint Slash Nail Artwork might be efficient as it may be laborious to hit Hornet Sentinel for greater than two Nail hits. Performing these Nail Arts must be timed nicely as performing them will trigger the Knight to be stationary for a short while and subsequently be susceptible to assaults.



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