Destiny/Grand Order Chaldea Boys Assortment 2021 Stars Amakusa Shiro


The Chaldea Boys Assortment 2021 occasion is now reside within the Japanese model of Destiny/Grand Order, together with the same old swathe of limited-time craft essences and new strengthening quests. The apocryphal saint Amakusa Shiro Tokisada takes middle stage this 12 months.

Chaldea Boys Assortment 2021

The present occasion is titled “Holy Grail Phantom Thief Amakusa Shiro and the Slapstick Museum.” This occasion was teased at Winter Caravan On-line 2021. It follows Amakusa, Voyager, Jingke, and Sanson as they pull a museum heist with the intention to steal a Holy Grail. Male Servants will take pleasure in an assault enhance in occasion quests. Servants who’re thought-about non-binary, akin to Kama and Chevalier d’Eon, additionally rely.

Considered one of 9 craft essences might be obtainable without spending a dime with a CBC2021 invitation. As well as, the craft essences can be found on the Chaldea Boys Assortment 2021 banner. Icons and banners of the craft essences are downloadable from the official Destiny/Grand Order web site. Throughout the run of Chaldea Boys Assortment 2021, My Room appears such as you’re having fun with tea together with your favourite Servant.

Gamers can unlock a phantom thief outfit for Amakusa from the occasion store. Amakusa’s animations are up to date in order that his assault patterns are extra various as effectively. Amakusa can be one among three Servants to obtain a strengthening quest.

Strengthening Quests

  • Amakusa Shiro Tokisada: Upgrades his Baptism Ceremony talent to Grail of Fiery Heaven. Permits him to scale back the NP gauge of 1 enemy (not restricted to Undead or Demon sorts). Reduces enemies’ Buster resistance for five turns and will increase his NP by 20% on prime of the 5-turn cost.
  • Jingke: Upgrades her Planning talent to Kill A Man In Ten Steps. Buffs her star era fee, and will increase her injury in opposition to King enemies. When she assaults with Fast assaults for Three turns, she is going to debuff an enemy’s protection by 10% for Three turns.
  • Leonardo da Vinci (Caster): Upgrades her Golden Rule (Physique) talent to Mona Lisa. Will increase total occasion’s Arts assault for Three turns.

You may try Amakusa’s new animations right here:

“Holy Grail Phantom Thief Amakusa Shiro and the Slapstick Museum” runs from March 3-15, 2021 on the Japanese Destiny/Grand Order server. Gamers are required to clear Singularity F: Flame-Contaminated Fuyuki to entry the occasion. Destiny/Grand Order is instantly obtainable on Android and iOS gadgets.


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