Detailed RS3 Gear Progression Guide for Melee, Ranged, and Magic


If you have been looking at what gear you need when it comes to RuneScape, then you may have struggled to find what the best choices are. Given the vast amounts of options that you have, its easy to get confused as to what is best for you. With that in mind, this RS3 gear progression guide is here to help you get an idea of what can work well.

RS3 Gear Progression Basics

In RuneScape, certain items and gear will be locked behind a level requirement, meaning that players need to train their skills up to a certain level before they are able to utilize that particular weapon or piece of armour. This also means that players may not always use the best gear available to them as they might not be able to afford it, or because they don’t think it’s worth buying new gear at low levels where leveling is fast.

RS3 Melee Gear Progression

Choosing the best possible gear for Melee can be a difficult choice, since its not always down necessarily to what the best weapon is that you have at the time. Other factors such as certain monsters’ weaknesses have to be taken into consideration, and the same goes for armour usually too. Though in the case of armour, we often see that you need to reach certain requirements for armour such as having to have completed certain quests or need to have obtained a certain amount of money. There are a lot of different choices out there which makes it hard to choose, so here is a few ideas on what weapons and armour you should look at for Melee:

  • Level 1 – Iron Scimitar + Iron Armour
  • Level 10 – Black Scimitar + Black Armour
  • Level 20 – Mithril Scimitar + Mithril Armour
  • Level 40 – Rune Scimitar + Rune Armour
  • Level 50 – Rune Scimitar + Granite Armour
  • Level 60 – Dragon Scimitar + Dragon Armour
  • Level 65 – Dragon Scimitar + Bandos Armour
  • Level 70 – Abyssal Whip + Barrows Armour
  • Level 75+ – Abyssal Tentacle + Justiciar Armour

RS3 Magic Gear Progression

Where the best gear and equipment for Magic combat is concerned, there are some choices for you to make depending on what level bracket you are at. You can make the most of this method of combat by choosing the following weapons and armour:

  • Level 1 – Staff of Air + Wizard Robes
  • Level 10 – Imphide Book/Wand + Imphide Robes
  • Level 20 – Spider Wand/Orb + Spider Silk Robes
  • Level 30 – Air Battlestaff
  • Level 40 – Mystic Air Staff + Splitbark Armour
  • Level 50 – Ancient Staff + Skeletal Armour
  • Level 60 – God Staves + Grifolic Armour
  • Level 70 – Ahrim’s Staff + Subjugation Robes
  • Level 75 – Staff of Light + Ganodermic Armour
  • Level 80 – Virtus Wand/Orb + Virtus Armour
  • Level 85 – Seasinger Kiba/Makigai + Seasinger’s Robes
  • Level 90 – Noxious Staff – Tectonic Armour

RS3 Ranged Gear Progression

If you are planning to train your Ranged skill, then you will need some decent equipment to go with it. Accurate bows and decent defence is a great way to take advantage of this combat method, so check out this list of what you should use at each level:

  • Level 1 – Shortbow + Soft Leather Armour
  • Level 10 – Oak Shortbow + Hard Leather Armour
  • Level 20 – Willow Shortbow + Studded Leather Armour
  • Level 30 – Maple Shortbow + Snakeskin Armour
  • Level 40 – Yew Shortbow + Green Dragonhide Armour
  • Level 50 – Magic Shortbow + Blue Dragonhide Armour
  • Level 60 – Elder Shortbow + Black Dragonhide Armour
  • Level 65 – Elder Shieldbow + Royal Dragonhide Armour
  • Level 70 – Crystal Bow + Armadyl Armour
  • Level 80 – Royal Crossbow + Pernix Armour
  • Level 85 – Death Lotus Darts + Death Lotus Armour
  • Level 90+ – Ascension Crossbows + Sirenic Armour

Other Gear

As for the rest of your items, there is plenty of other gear for you to consider taking with you. For example, capes are a great way to help enhance your character. You can increase your Ranged bonus with Ava’s Device, and Kiln Capes are great for boosting your Melee, Magic and Ranged which of course is very relevant to what we have been discussing already.

Damage Boosting Gear

If you want more of a damage boost, then look into getting the Amulet of Zealots. This offers the best boost of damage from all of the amulets that you can get in the game. Though it is worth mentioning that you will be sacrificing some accuracy with this method, so you might want to try an option such as the Dragon Rider amulet. This is an amulet that won’t degrade in some certain situations is the best in slot for Magic, and does well with Melee and Ranged.

Best Rings

For the best rings, you are looking at adrenaline in particular, and the Ring of Death is capable of granting you 50% adrenaline that you have at the time, which will vary on what the LP of the enemy is at the moment. It can also carry an effect that bypasses Death’s office by sacrificing 15% charge which can be a big difference maker when it comes to how much money is saved. Asylum Surgeon’s Ring can be effective if it works, with a 10% chance that it doesn’t use adrenaline during a threshold, so if you are wanting to pull of big combos then this is the ring to use.

Best Auras in the RS3 Gear Progression

You also have Auras to consider as well, some of which are more effective than others. Since we are looking at traits such as Melee, Magic and Ranged, then there are some great Auras then you can focus on. In fact, there is the Berserker, Reckless and Maniacal Auras that can help you to boost your Melee, Magic and Ranged respectively. These are great Auras, but it should be taken into consideration that they do take up a lot of skill when used. They don’t last as long as other Auras either and will carry a hefty cooldown.


Following this RS3 gear progression guide, you should be able to make a lot of progress with your Melee, Ranged and Magic skills. There are of course a lot of alternatives out there for you to discover, and some of the items that are best for you will vary depending on the approach to the game that you are taking. Even so, these are a good benchmark for you to use in order to make the most of these skills.


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