Diablo II Resurrected coming to Xbox this year


Diablo II, the classic ARPG from back in 2000 which many hold up as the best game in the series, is coming back. Blizzard has kicked off its online BlizzCon event and the biggest news so far is that this awesome action-RPG is getting a full remaster and coming to console later this year.

The shiny new visuals can be swapped back to the oddly charming old look at the touch of a button, which is a neat feature for those who loved the game back in the day, while anyone coming in fresh gets to play this awesome game with graphics much closer to the more recent Diablo III. We’ll also apparently see cross-progression across multiple platforms, so you’ll be able to carry on adventuring wherever you choose to play, and with whoever you want to play with.

Blizzard hasn’t specified a precise release date yet, although with Diablo IV now not due until next year at the earliest, it’s hardly surprising that Blizzard would want to get something out to fill the void in the meantime. And what better than an enhanced version of one of the best games in the genre? Going by the battle.net listing, it’s looking like it’ll be a mid-price release (the PC version there is listed at $39.99), but that may well be a small price to pay for a return to a best-in-class ARPG experience.

Diablo II Resurrected comes to Xbox Series X|S and Xbox One some time later this year. Are you excited to revisit this classic action-RPG, or to play it for the first time? Let us know below!


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