Dota 2 patch 7.29 brings the Dawnbreaker to bear


Dota 2 patch 7.29, Dawnbreaker, has simply launched. And you realize what which means? Meaning it’s time for an additional of my prolonged and rambling posts about patch notes! Somebody has to do it, in spite of everything.

For those who’ve been listening to any of the latest patches, you’ve most likely acquired a good concept of what’s inside. A brand new hero (the titular Dawnbreaker), together with merchandise adjustments and removals, hero buffs and nerfs, and a good few adjustments to each the essential mechanics and the map itself.


I’m going to attempt not to enter an excessive amount of element, as a result of as ever, you must actually take a look at the extremely in depth patch notes for your self. There are even fancy picture sliders on that web page so you’ll be able to see precisely how bits of the map have modified, so it’s nicely price a glance.


The brand new hero might be what most are involved in, although. Valora the Dawnbreaker (or Dawnbreaker to her pals) is a melee power hero with a little bit of a paladin really feel to her. She’s a tanky type and an affordable carry, and he or she’s even acquired a couple of therapeutic traits. Let’s rapidly go over her talents.

Her Q is Starbreaker. Dawnbreaker swings her hammer round 3 times whereas travelling a brief distance in a route, with every swing doing each her assault injury in addition to bonus injury. On the ultimate swing she smashes the hammer down, inflicting a stun.

Her W, Celestial Hammer, has her lob her big hammer at a goal level, leaving a flaming path behind it. After two seconds it’ll return to her, however a second faucet of the important thing will name it again to her, and he or she’ll sprint to fulfill it within the center.

Dota 2 Dawnbreaker 2

Her E, Luminosity, isn’t an energetic skill in any respect. This can be a passive that costs up as Dawnbreaker smacks issues. After three primary assaults, her fourth can be a assured vital hit that heals allies round her for 35% of the injury dealt — though creeps and neutrals present much less therapeutic.

Lastly, there’s her final, Photo voltaic Guardian. Dawnbreaker can create a pulse close to any allied hero wherever on the map, and it’ll heal allies and injury enemies. After a brief channel, Dawnbreaker will fly to the heartbeat, inflicting injury and gorgeous any close by enemies when she lands.

Briefly: she’s acquired a good quantity of the way to inflict ache and stun, and she’s acquired world presence with Photo voltaic Guardian. Anticipate to see her in actually each sport you play for the subsequent week.

Patch 7.29 itself

Dota 2 Patch 7.29 Map ChangesDota 2 Patch 7.29 Map Changes

This isn’t really interactive. This can be a screenshot of the official web page.

I’m not going to enter an excessive amount of element on the remainder of Dota 2 patch 7.29’s contents. That is primarily as a result of the copy editors have made it painfully clear as to what’ll occur if I am going over 1000 phrases once more.

The adjustments to the map are pretty massive and deserve point out, with changes to the areas round each Tier 1 tower, plus a load of adjustments to ward cliffs, outposts, and impartial camps.

The controversial outposts have really undergone a change of their very own, too. Reasonably than giving expertise each 10 minutes, they provide XP per minute as an alternative, which ought to change a little bit about how they’re approached and contested. Bounty runes, too, have modified: they’ll now not spawn within the river, and for those who don’t decide them up in time, new bounty runes gained’t substitute the previous ones. They’ll simply sit alongside them.

There’s a model new rune, too. The water rune will seem at each energy rune areas at minutes 2 and 4, restoring 100 HP and 60 mana when used. They’ll additionally fill bottles, which might be their level.

And the remaining

As a result of it wouldn’t be a Dota 2 submit with out this image.

There are masses and a great deal of different bits and items. Like Necronomicon is gone, and Broodmother’s Spawn Spiderlings is now an final, apparently. I actually don’t need to contact on each change, although. I do need to point out a fast quality-of-life addition that I like, although: on demise, gamers get a free City Portal scroll. The scrolls themselves are barely dearer to compensate for this, however it implies that individuals can get again to lane quicker — although lane-hopping can be a bit extra pricey.

Oh proper, and Hoodwink is in Captain’s Mode now, so we’ll see hopefully see how the professionals deal with her earlier than lengthy.

Dota 2 patch 7.29, Dawnbreaker, is out now. It’s round a 500 MB obtain, and it ought to routinely obtain from Steam while you subsequent check in.


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