Dusk is a sequel mod with a number of promise


This is a strong chunk of gameplay for this upcoming Darkish Souls: Remastered mod

The creator of the well-known Daughters of Ash mod for Darkish Souls is again with a fair larger and bolder venture, one which’s being made with a bunch, and so they’ve launched an 18-minute gameplay preview. The venture, Darkish Souls: Dusk, is a “direct sequel” that begins with a leap of religion into the Kiln of the First Flame, proper the place Gwyn was slain by the Chosen Undead within the unique ending.

Dusk guarantees “a brand new story, new fight system, new world map, and extra.”

To unpack {that a} bit, the belongings on this mod aren’t all-new, however the creators and collaborators – Grimrukh, AinTunez, Meowmaritu, horkrux, Dane Brennand, wulf2k, Souv, ZullieTheWitch, Itzli, and Martin Billany – are doing all the things they will to make Dusk really feel distinct and recent for followers.

That features story-motivated gameplay mechanics (like a crazy-looking dodge), voiced NPCs, “faster-paced” fight, enemies that had been retextured and given “closely modified animations,” and a world that is partially Lordran as we all know it and partially new zones constructed from “current map items.”

The preview footage demonstrates all of these components. Except for the Blistering Demon and the potential for different difficult boss fights to attempt to work out, I am most intrigued by the time-altering properties of Gwyn’s Pendant, a “locket containing remnants of the First Flame.” In the beginning of Dusk, a textual content immediate says that “twelve cinders stay”; roughly ten minutes later, one other message ominously warns that eleven are left, and the participant makes use of Gwyn’s Pendant to return in time.

The pendant’s merchandise description means that “solely the [player’s] recollections and particular possessions” will make the journey again, which followers have already latched onto. They’re speculating a couple of time-based hook in Dusk not not like Majora’s Masks. That will be fairly the melding of the minds, if true.

Dusk would not have a launch date, however you’ll play it with a replica of Darkish Souls: Remastered.




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