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Outriders has a reasonably meaty marketing campaign, one which’ll take you roughly 10-12 hours to complete. Once you’re finished, although, you’ll have the ability to undertake Expeditions. That is mainly the endgame loop for this looter shooter. Anyway, right here’s our information that can assist you with Expeditions, the endgame exercise for Outriders.

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Outriders: Expeditions and endgame information

After defeating the ultimate boss and watching the ending cutscene, you’ll end up on a grassy meadow together with your character’s buddies. From right here, you’ll have the ability to begin Outriders‘ endgame Expeditions. By default, solely three can be found, however extra shall be unlocked as you full your runs.

Observe: There are 15 Expeditions in complete. 14 of those are a part of a rotation and the fifteenth, the Eye of the Storm, may be unlocked later.

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How do Expeditions work?

Every Expedition in Outriders has a number of tiers and timer-based rewards:

  • Timer-based rewards are depending on thresholds. The sooner you full your run, the higher the rewards you’ll be able to anticipate. Quicker completions additionally web you a “bonus tier level.”
  • At the beginning, Expeditions will solely allow you to attain as much as tier 3. However, as you end different runs with sooner occasions, the bonus tier factors will allow you to improve the issue. Naturally, growing the issue may even improve the degrees of the gadgets you’ll get.
  • When you’ve reached tier 15 (through bonus tier factors), and after you’ve amassed 40,000 Drop Pod Assets (extra on this forex shortly), you’ll unlock Outriders‘ ultimate expedition generally known as the Eye of the Storm.

Observe 1: Your present World Tier in Outriders has no bearing in any respect in terms of Expeditions. However, this characteristic shall be crucial as regards to your preparations.

Observe 2: The primary three Expeditions are freely out there so that you can begin. Others, in the meantime, require you to spend some Drop Pod Assets. Likewise, they’ve a minimal “beginning tier” (i.e., The Drought Palace requires 60 Drop Pod Assets and you may’t go under tier 4).

Otrd Expd Endg Gd 2Otrd Expd Endg Gd 2

Expeditions: Drop Pod Assets and Tiago’s legendaries

Once you’re finished with an Expedition, you’ll get hold of Drop Pod Assets. This forex can be utilized to purchase gadgets from Tiago in your camp. In contrast to different distributors in Outriders, Tiago will solely settle for Drop Pod Assets, however he does promote epic and legendary gadgets.

Underneath the “Elite Supply” tab, you’ll discover at the very least 4 legendary armor items in your present class, in addition to 4 legendary weapons. These have ridiculously excessive prices (one piece of legendary merchandise alone prices 3,616 Drop Pod Assets). As such, you’ll be able to anticipate that you just’ll be farming solo or with buddies to amass the forex.

Observe: Should you verify the “Promote” tab, you’ll be able to trade Drop Pod Assets for scrap (not advisable) or Titanium for Drop Pod Assets (at a 1:1 ratio).

Otrd Expd Endg Gd 3Otrd Expd Endg Gd 3

Okay, however what precisely can we anticipate as soon as we begin the exercise itself?

Consider Expeditions as self-contained missions or, in the event you’ve performed Future, then these are akin to mini-strikes. The exercise will normally have a few areas, a selected goal for that part, and many enemies. An instance I’ll talk about intimately is the Archways of Enoch Expedition in Outriders. The enemies listed here are all Perforo-type creatures and there are three sections.

Observe 1: Since mobs right here are usually clustered, I might counsel utilizing an computerized shotgun with superior mods like “Bone Shrapnel” (killing pictures detonate enemies and trigger bleed) and/or “Minefield” (killing pictures spawn explosives across the lifeless goal).

Observe 2: Enemies in Expeditions solely drop ammo, not loot. You’ll get your loot when you open the drop pod on the finish of your run.

Outriders Expedition Endgame Guide Eye Of The Storm Archways Of Enoch Drop Pod Resources 1aOutriders Expedition Endgame Guide Eye Of The Storm Archways Of Enoch Drop Pod Resources 1a

First part – A number of waves of mobs will spawn, together with dozens of maulers and at the very least one brood queen.

Second part – You’ll want to face inside a pillar’s aura till it finishes charging. 5 waves of mobs will spawn right here and also you’ll must get rid of and forestall them from going contained in the aura (it stops the charging course of). You’ll encounter maulers, venomous perforo, alpha perforo, and a brood queen.

Outriders Expedition Endgame Guide Eye Of The Storm Archways Of Enoch Drop Pod Resources 1bOutriders Expedition Endgame Guide Eye Of The Storm Archways Of Enoch Drop Pod Resources 1b

Third part – This one takes place in a big plaza with a glowing construction within the center. You’ll be able to run round and take out the hostiles. There are many alpha perforo and venomous perforo right here. Likewise, the encounter begins with two behemoths already spawned (you’ll need to pop your cooldowns to blast them instantly). Later, a few brood queens may even seem. Nonetheless, the largest threats right here, for my part, are the strix. The flying wasps lob poison orbs at you with lethal accuracy. They are often very annoying to shoot particularly while you’re operating away from half a dozen hostiles.

After clearing the third part, you’ll obtain your rewards relying on how lengthy it took you to complete your run. You’ll additionally get hold of some Drop Pod Assets. Anyway, I cleared tier Three of this Expedition whereas getting the “gold” timer-based rewards. It offered me with a few bonus tiers. Due to this consequence, I may now choose new Expeditions and go as much as tier 5.

Outriders Expedition Endgame Guide Eye Of The Storm Archways Of Enoch Drop Pod Resources 2Outriders Expedition Endgame Guide Eye Of The Storm Archways Of Enoch Drop Pod Resources 2

Enemies are brutal on larger tiers. What do I do?

The factor is, the gadgets you gathered whereas doing Outriders’ marketing campaign are all dependent in your character’s stage and World Tier. Let’s say you fought the ultimate boss whereas your character was stage 29 and at World Tier 6 (+Three enemy/dropped merchandise stage). Meaning the loot you’ll get hold of shall be round stage 32 solely.

Should you carry your present tools to an Expedition and enhance the Expedition’s tier (i.e., stage 37 enemies), you could possibly end up outmatched and undergeared. If that is so, you might have a couple of choices:

  • Replay story missions (i.e., First Metropolis – Attain the opposite facet of the river) on the highest doable World Tier. You’ll be able to farm mobs till you get superior drops.
  • Farm the Molten Acari boss to amass a number of Titanium. Then, use your extra Titanium to stage up your gadgets through the crafting menu.

Observe: You may as well dismantle undesirable epics to get Titanium. Alternatively, promote epics for scrap and use scrap to purchase Titanium from distributors like Bailey. Then, you’ll be able to both use that Titanium for merchandise level-ups or Drop Pod Useful resource exchanges with Tiago.

Otrd Expd Endg Gd 4Otrd Expd Endg Gd 4

Okay, so what’s the Eye of the Storm?

Ultimately, you’ll attain the +15 tier to unlock Outriders‘ Eye of the Storm Expedition. This one’s pretty tough (with a number of high-level enemies). In the long run, you’ll face the ultimate boss (who has a couple of methods up his sleeve).

I gained’t spoil it, however you’ll be able to watch the “world’s first completion” video under from YouTuber ImPwnStar:


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