Fallout 76 Atomic Shop Update – February 16 – 23


There is never a time when you are not looking for the best items to make your stay in irradiated Appalachia a swell experience. The Atomic Shop has noticed your effort to keep the neighborhood safe and wants to give you something free! Fasnacht is here, and Fallout 76 wanted to give you something in the Atomic Shop so you can celebrate.

The Fasnacht Frog Player Icon is now available for all players in the Atomic Shop for free! You only have until February 23rd to grab it for yourself, so make sure to check it out.

Item Available Until
Fasnacht Frog Player Icon February 23

Atomic Shop: Get These While They’re Still Here!

The Atomic Shop is filled with the newest items to make your C.A.M.P. feel more like home. There are masks and horns, so you can ring in Fasnacht and say so long to winter! Until March 2nd, except for a few items, Fasnacht-themed decorations and accessories are available in the Atomic Shop! Get everything you can, while you can!

Item Atom Price Available Until
Welcome to Helvetia Bundle 1,200 March 2
Blissful Buffon Mask 300 March 2
Industrial Street Lamps 250 March 2
Devious Demon Mask 300 March 2
Bucking Brahmin Mask 300 March 2
Swiss Flower Cart 250 March 2
Swiss Area Rug 250 March 2
Halo & Devil Horns Set 250 150(40% Off!) February 23
Alpine Horn 200 120(40% Off!) February 23

I’m sure you noticed it. The “Welcome to Helvetia Bundle”? It is a great atomic price for what you are getting:

  • Blissful Buffon Mask
  • Devious Demon Mask
  • Bucking Brahmin Mask
  • Swiss Flower Cart
  • Swiss Area Rug
  • Industrial Street Lamps

There are still a few items that were introduced last week that are still on the market in the Atomic Shop!

Item Atom Price Available Until
Old Timey C.A.M.P. Bundle 1,200 February 23
Corvega Diner Set 500 February 23
Gumball Machine Planter 500 February 23
Barbershop Pole 250 February 23
Heart Shaped Geode 250 February 23
Wheel Flower Set 250 February 23
Hubcap Flower Set 250 February 23
Downed Plane Generator (Fallout 1st) 0 March 2

Don’t Call It A Comeback

We mean it when we say don’t call it a comeback. These items that are now back in the Atomic Shop were some of the favorites in Fallout 76. From Power Armor paint to brewing workstations, these popular items were removed a while back. Now, they’ve returned for a limited time only in the Atomic Shop!

Item Atom Price
NukaShine Brewing Workbench 500 250(50% Off!)
Fasnacht Moonshine Mama Mask 500
Fasnacht Old Man Summer Mask 500
Silver Excavator Power Armor Paint 800 400(50% Off!)
Coal Duster Excavator Power Armor paint 800 400(50% Off!)
X-01 Ultracite Prototype Power Armor Paint 800 400(50% Off!)
Bulb Letter Kit 500 350(30% Off!)
Welcome Friends Sign 300 210(30% Off!)
Giddy-Up Buttercup Ride 500 350(30% Off!)

So Long, Farewell…

Say goodbye to some of this awesome Fasnacht merchandise. Oh Fasnacht merchandise, I hardly knew ye. Get all of this in time to celebrate! Available until 12:00 PM EST on February 23rd.

Item Atom Price
Fasnacht Mask Bundle and C.A.M.P. Bundle 1,500
Fasnacht Collectron Station 500
Faces of Fasnacht Wallpaper 500
Fasnacht Floor 500
Fasnacht Red Raven Mask 300
Fasnacht Green Crazy Guy Mask 300
Fasnacht Red Deathclaw Mask 300

Atomic Shop: Weekly Offers

As usual, the weekly offers that the Atomic Shop has to offer.

Item Atom Price Available Until
Vault Boy Power Armor Helmet Set 800 640(20% Off!) February 23
Blackbird Super Sledge Skin 700 350(50% Off!) February 23
Baaaad News Billy Outfit 800 560(30% Off!) February 23
Not-The-Best-Inventor Laser Gun Skin 500 350(30% Off!) February 23
Bone Tambo 500 350(30% Off!) February 23
Liberator Bot Lamp 250 175(30% Off!) February 23
Scrap Kit x 40 1000 700(30% Off!) February 23
Blackbird Hunting Rifle Skin (Fallout 1st) 700 350(50% Off!) February 23

Have you been celebrating Fasnacht in the Appalachian Wasteland? What do you think of the latest additions to the Fallout 76 Atomic Shop? Let us know over on our Discord, where you can join our growing community! You can find more from our team below:

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