FFXIV Carpenter Leveling Information 1-60 and Past


Being a Carpenter in FFXIV revolves round crafting, utilizing a plethora of wood gadgets and extra to make the likes of polearms, wood shields, furnishings, crafting instruments and rather more. The next FFXIV Carpenter information will provide a wealth of knowledge on how leveling the crafting class works.

Probably the most engaging issues in regards to the class is that it may well work with different lessons with what’s created. So you may craft bows for Archers and Bards, or staffs and canes for Conjurers and White Mages. You may also make logs for Disciples of Hand and even fishing rods for use. In the meantime, the remainder of this information will cowl the next:

  • Early Leveling
  • Leveling Previous 50
  • Put up 60 Leveling

FFXIV Carpenter Leveling Information

Let’s get into how precisely to stage as a Carpenter.

Early FFXIV Carpenter Leveling

To start out off your leveling journey, you must firstly look into the Firm-issue Engineering Scroll so as to then craft gadgets that you just haven’t made earlier than. This could assist get you to stage 15 at a sooner charge. You’ll have a few quests to take care of from right here, with the extent 1 process generally known as My First Noticed the place you’ll need to make Maple Lumber. At Degree 5, you’ll attain the To Be the Wooden wherein you craft Sq. Maple Shields. At stage 10 you get the category quest Provides for the Sick the place you should make Ash Lumber with Ash Logs and a wind Shard.

As you might have in all probability guessed by now, your leveling goes to revolve predominantly by questing with this methodology. By now you might have in all probability hit stage 20, so The Lance’s Lesson is the following class quest. You will have to have both unlocked Materia melding from the extent 19 quest Waking the Spirit, or you’ll need to utilize the Materia Melder NPC. There may also be levequests a this level too, so undergo Driving Up the Wall and Bowing to Necessity, wherein you’ll need to craft Elm Lumber with a Wind Shard and Elm Logs for the previous.

Degree 20-30

For the following 10 ranges, we’re going to begin with A Disaster of Confidence, the place you can be required to make HQ Walnut Lumber with Wind Shards and Walnut Logs. Control your gear and attempt to progress just a few extra ranges earlier than attempting this out. HQ parts will help, however might be onerous to get your arms on. That being mentioned, it’s simpler to craft this stuff from stage 21 if you get the Nice Strides talent.

At stage 30, you should have the Between Captain and Conjurer quests the place you’ll need the HQ Walnut Cane. For this, seize three Wind Shards, plus two Ice Shards and each a Walnut Lumber and a Progress Components Beta. As soon as you might be at this level, you’ll obtain a levequest known as Armoires of the Wealthy and Well-known that you’ll want Walnut Lumber for. At this stage it would be best to trying into the Storm of Swords so as to craft them for Gladiators and Paladins so as to synthesise Elm Macuahuitl.

Degree 30-50

The subsequent quest you’ll tackle is Rising Aside, the place you should carry a HQ Oak Longbow with you, so get Wind Shards, Ice Shards, Oak Branches and one every of Oak Lumber, Metal Ingot and Linen Yarn. Additionally, you will need to get your self an HQ Oak Composite Bow to maintain progressing your class, earlier than hitting stage 37 the place you need to use the Model of Wind to make gadgets utilizing wind affinity which might be very helpful certainly. As for levequests right here, Flintstone Combat, Grippy When Moist and Keep on Goal are one of the best to do, with the final one providing nice rewards, although you’ll need a Yarzonshell Harpoon to show in.

By stage 45, you should have Gone until the Sixth Astral Moon as your Carpenter quest, the place you should synthesise three HQ gadgets. From a levequest perspective, concentrate on Spin it Like You Imply It the place you want Mahogany Spinning Wheels, or go for the Arsenal of Theoacracy choice to craft a Cobalt Halberd.

As soon as we’re at stage 50, you’ll embark on the Saving Captain Gairhard class quest the place you’ll need to show in Rosewood Lumber and the Crab Bow, with the latter needing to be imbued with Savage Intention Materia III. The very best levequest right here is You Do the Heavy Lifting as Mahogany Lumber is required, although Bowing to Nice Energy and Clogs of Conflict are additionally efficient.

Leveling Previous 50 as an FFXIV Carpenter

Having reached previous the 50 mark, you’d usually be on the level of the endgame, although updates to the sport made it in order that the cap was in reality raised so that you can progress additional. Even so, some would argue that this level has sooner leveling than previous to 50, and although the main focus has been class quests and levequests up to now, let’s check out another choices you need to use at this level.

For instance, there’s the Moogles Beast Tribe Quests which generally is a price efficient and straight ahead method to acquire expertise to your Carpenter. You will get from 50 to 60 with out having to spend your whole Gil, although accessing them within the first place requires you to finish a big chain of quests. There’s 20 in complete, and although they aren’t tough, they’re simply so lots of them to be accomplished.

You may also look into collectable synthesis as a means of gaining XP, although you’ll need to have completed the Inscrutable Tastes quest. Upon getting completed it and gained entry to Rowena’s Home of Splendors, you’re going to get a listing of 20 gadgets every day to be present in return for Gil and that beneficial expertise that you’re in search of. You additionally obtain Scrips, which you’ll commerce for helpful gadgets too.

Leveling Previous 60

Previous the 60 mark leaves us a bit much less to do the place Beast Tribe dailies are involved. You’ll now have Namazu Every day Quests although this time its solely 12 to be accomplished as an alternative of 20. Subsequent, you may get began with the chain with Braveness the Cowardly lupin, which finally results in One thing Fishy This Approach Comes.

You may additionally go for handing over collectables at this level too. For instance, you might have M’Naago Customized Deliveries that you may unlock. This works in the same method to Rowena’s that we talked about earlier, this time you’ll need to complete the None Forgotten, None Forsaken quest.

FFXIV Carpenter Information Conclusion

Hopefully this FFXIV Carpenter information has given you a bit extra of an concept of how the leveling development works and one of the simplest ways to go about it. The crafting performs an enormous instrumental half in how efficient it’s, so learn up in your elements and get crafting, and you can see your self maxing out ranges very quickly.


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