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We’re engaged on some upcoming fight modifications which can be found for early seems to be on the preview server proper now. There’s a good quantity of knowledge to cowl. We’ll cowl numerous the small print right here and there shall be posts within the preview boards for particular subjects.



Improved Scaling – Scaling ought to be seamless and clean in order that gamers don’t have to concentrate on it. These modifications will permit that to occur each when cutting down and up. And gamers will now not must make gear modifications when scaled to maximise their stats.

Simpler to Perceive – The reside setup of our rankings leaves numerous gamers asking others what numbers they need to be aiming for in several content material. It wasn’t straightforward to know what your percentages had been.

Merchandise Degree Extra Correct – We’ve had the measure of Merchandise Degree for a very long time, however because of some completely different setups it wasn’t a stable measure of the place a given character was and the way they’d carry out in numerous content material.

Simpler to Gear Up – It may be a problem for lots of gamers to get the right combination of stats with their completely different gearing choices. Gamers ought to have the ability to equip gear to get to a given merchandise degree and have the ability to full that content material with out having to micromanage all of their particular person stats.

Maintain Choices for Inventive and Min/Max Builds – With the entire above, we additionally needed to depart gamers loads of avenues to customise their characters in addition to nice tune their stats to optimize their builds. We would have liked to watch out with our modifications to gearing as much as not take away this aspect of the sport from our most devoted gamers. 

These are some fairly large targets so let’s dive in to how we’re tackling enhancements in these areas.





Probably the most requested modifications from gamers was to have their stat percentages on their character sheet and to have their rankings not change when scaled. These two elements turned our fundamental focus and the core of our present modifications.

Ranking caps at the moment are based mostly in your Complete Merchandise Degree. In case your Complete Merchandise Degree is 50,000, then every score has a cap of 50,000 as effectively. They’re all the time a 1 to 1 match. When a score is on the cap it grants 50%. Every 1,000 your score is under your Complete Merchandise Degree is a 1% discount from that Cap.

When you have 50,000 Complete Merchandise Degree and have a Protection Ranking of 45,000, then you could have 45% Protection from rankings.

When you have 40,000 Complete Merchandise Degree and have a Protection Ranking of 30,000, then you could have 40% Protection from rankings.


These rankings work the identical in all content material, even when scaled. This implies while you’re character sheet says you could have 45% Protection, regardless of the place your character goes, you’ll have 45% Protection. When scaled, your rankings nonetheless work off of your unscaled merchandise degree. This was probably the most requested change to scaling that gamers have requested for and we developed a system to make the attainable all through the sport.


The one stats that change on the participant when scaled are base Injury and Most Hit Factors.

To enhance scaling, deal with making Merchandise Degree extra correct, and to make it simpler for gamers to gear up, we modified how base harm and hit factors are calculated. Now each of those stats are based mostly off of your Complete Merchandise Degree.


Most Hit Factors are your Complete Merchandise Degree * 10 (tanks get a 20% bonus to that quantity, Healers get a 10% bonus).

Base Injury is your Complete Merchandise Degree / 10 (DPS get a 20% bonus to that worth, Healers get a 10% bonus).


These values work off of your scaled merchandise degree. When you have 50,000 Merchandise Degree and are a DPS then you could have a base 500,000 Most Hit Factors and 6,000 Base Injury. When you then go into content material that’s scaled to 20,000 Merchandise Degree than your base Most Hit Factors modifications to 200,000 and your Base Injury modifications to 2,400.


Gamers now begin with a 5,000 base Complete Merchandise Degree which supplies new gamers their preliminary stats and provides all gamers extra well being and harm. When you have nothing outfitted anyplace in your character, you could have 5,000 Merchandise Degree.


Gamers can have a complete of 90% in any score. 50% of that may come from Scores and the remaining comes from different sources akin to Boons, Potential Scores, Racial Bonuses, Companion ACBs, and Participant Powers. Each the score worth and the full proportion are proven on the character sheet.



As talked about above, your base harm now comes out of your complete merchandise degree. Because of this weapons now not present harm. They nonetheless present stats, merchandise degree, and equip bonuses as they all the time have.

There have been different modifications made to gear as effectively. The primary is that, like Mount Passive powers after their latest replace, most gadgets now give a big portion of their merchandise degree as Mixed Ranking. This makes it simpler for gamers to gear up usually because it offers a large even distribution of stats. Objects nonetheless give particular rankings as effectively which permits gamers to customise their characters and their stat spreads.

We’ve raised the merchandise degree of enchantments, runestones, and insignias to assist them be a extra significant a part of the character as merchandise ranges in different areas have elevated over time. These modifications apply mechanically to all of those present gadgets.



Companions have additionally had some modifications. One of many greatest hurdles to creating Merchandise Degree a extra actual measure of a personality was Bonding Runestones. As a result of these provided a various quantity of stats based mostly on gear, runestones, and the standard of the companion itself, their merchandise degree was by no means on the identical scale as different sources. Bonding Runestones had been additionally a hurdle to new gamers because it was probably the most significant enchancment you may make to your character which was each unintuitive and useful resource costly.

We eliminated Bonding Runestones from companions and turned off Companion Affect. In response to that we elevated the Merchandise Degree of companions considerably so {that a} companion gives a a lot bigger quantity of stats instantly. Companion stat switch stats to gamers at a 100% price.

There may be an change in Protector’s Enclave the place you’ll be able to commerce your Bonding Runestones in for both one other Enchantment/Runestone of the identical rank, or instantly for AD.

Increase Companions will grant 85% of their Merchandise Degree to Mixed Ranking and the remaining % break up throughout the three bonus stats they beforehand gave. Combating companions will give 85% of their Merchandise Degree to Mixed Ranking, the remaining % is accounting for the harm they supply in fight.

Companion powers have additionally had a rise in merchandise degree. Like different gadgets they grant a portion of their merchandise degree to mixed score. As well as, they grant different stats instantly as a proportion as a substitute of a score. This permits them to raised praise your gear by not competing with rankings. Their merchandise degree relies on their related companion merchandise degree.

Companions now not have ranges. They nonetheless have high quality ranks that gamers can improve which now go as much as Mythic rank like mounts. Their bolster complete has additionally been elevated to a most of 100% with 10% per Legendary and 20% per Mythic. The highest 5 high quality companions per class are nonetheless those counted for bolster.

Combating companions take their base stats from their proprietor to assist them be a helpful extension of the participant in fight. The Companion Stat Panel now exhibits the rankings the companion is giving to their proprietor.



Boons now not give merchandise degree and their stats are utilized to the ultimate proportion to make them higher bonuses for gamers which praise gear as a substitute of competing with it.


Racial Bonuses

Racial Bonuses additionally give their stats to the ultimate proportion. Many have been boosted as much as give gamers extra fascinating choices with their character constructing.


Participant Energy Magnitudes

One concern with the latest Mount Replace was that mount powers had been too robust in comparison with participant powers.

We’ve elevated the magnitude of participant harm powers and barely elevated the bottom Motion Level Acquire price to make participant powers really feel higher.



We adjusted a few of the stats on the character panel and moved some from Utility to Scores.

All Scores now cap at 50% from rankings and 90% complete from all sources, together with Energy and Fight Benefit. That is how Protection and another stats already labored on reside. Scores offered as much as 50% and so they had a cap of 90% from different sources. We made all stats uniform to have one ruleset.


Complete Merchandise Degree (TIL) – the mixed merchandise degree from all sources

Most Hit Factors – Base is TIL * 10. Tanks get a 20% bonus to base, Healers get 10% bonus. Different sources add on high of this worth.

Injury – Base it TIL / 10. DPS get a 20% bonus to base, Healers get a 10% bonus.



Ranking cap = TIL

Energy – works because it did earlier than, now capped like different rankings.

Protection – works because it did earlier than

Armor Penetration – this score has been faraway from the sport.

Vital Strike – works because it did earlier than

Vital Severity – is now a score. Most sources of Armor Penetration had been swapped so as to add Vital Severity.

Vital Avoidance – this now reduces Vital Severity as a substitute of Vital Strike.

Deflect – works because it did earlier than

Deflect Severity – a brand new score which will increase how a lot harm is lowered when deflecting. This beforehand existed behind the scenes for probably the most half.

Accuracy – now reduces Deflect Severity

Consciousness – works because it did earlier than

Fight Benefit – works because it did earlier than, now capped on the similar worth as different rankings

Incoming Therapeutic – is now a score, however the finish consequence works because it did earlier than

Outgoing Therapeutic – is now a score, however the finish consequence works because it did earlier than

Management Bonus – is now a score, however the finish consequence works because it did earlier than

Management Resistance – is now a score, however the finish consequence works because it did earlier than

Forte – new stat which shall be coated under



All the listed Utility Scores work as they did earlier than. Included right here for completeness of the character stat checklist

Motion Level Acquire

Recharge Velocity

Motion Velocity

Stamina Regeneration

Magical Injury Increase

Bodily Injury Increase

XP Bonus

Gold Bonus

Glory Bonus


Companion Affect sources had been modified, examine particular gadgets for the stats however enchantments had been modified to grant Forte.



Forte is a brand new stat which works completely different for every Paragon Path. It’s a stat which displays the energy of your specific paragon path and applies to completely different stats for every path. The full proportion quantity of Forte is break up throughout the stats.



   50% Stat

   25% Stat 1

   25% Stat 2



Vital Severity

Deflect Severity



Fight Benefit




Fight Benefit




Vital Strike

Vital Avoidance







Vital Strike




Fight Benefit



Soulweave Regen

Fight Benefit

Vital Avoidance


Divinity Regen





Vital Severity




Vital Strike



Divnity Regen





Vital Sev

Deflect Severity



Deflect Sev

Vital Severity




Vital Avoidance






What You Will See On Login

  • If you log in for the primary time after these modifications you will notice a number of issues:
  • Your Complete Merchandise Degree shall be increased
  • Your Bonding Runestones shall be in your stock and might be exchanged in PE
  • You should have a respec on your character
  • Your stats could also be barely completely different
  • It’s best to have the ability to bounce into any of the content material you beforehand may play and play it with out difficulty.




It is a lot of knowledge to soak up. The most effective methods to get a greater understanding of those modifications is to leap onto the Preview server and check out them out.

A number of these modifications can nonetheless be adjusted. We would like your suggestions and we wish to make enhancements to ensure this can be a constructive and enjoyable change for the sport. And naturally we’re searching for any bugs so we will get them fastened up earlier than this will get reside.

There shall be many threads setup within the Preview Boards. We welcome all your suggestions.


Jared Sears
Lead Methods Designer


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