Gamers had been farming so many legendaries within the Outriders demo it needed to be modified


Forthcoming looter-shooter Outriders appears to have discovered a manner across the curse affecting loot-driven video games final yr by providing a free demo with the promise that progress will carry over into the total recreation. Apparently over two million gamers have taken builders Individuals Can Fly up on the provide up to now, however just a few too a lot of these gamers additionally took the chance to farm hoards of legendary objects so that they’ll be prepared for the total recreation.

Gamers had found that, by deciding on the story level “confront the altered on the tower” within the foyer at world tier 5, they might zip previous three chests with a excessive likelihood of containing legendaries with out having to battle anybody. Then they ducked again to the foyer and repeated the method. Individuals Can Fly responded to this lootcave scenario with a tweak that made legendaries unattainable to search out by opening chests, although they nonetheless dropped from enemies.

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