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    Genshin Affect Albedo construct, ascension supplies, and abilities

    One of the widespread Genshin Affect characters is Albedo, the sword-wielding geo alchemist from the Monstadt area. In the event you’re accustomed to Genshin Affect, you’ll know Albedo is among the strongest DPS characters within the recreation. That being stated, you’ll nonetheless want to make use of the right construct to assist him attain his full potential in battle.

    Resulting from his energy and recognition, we’ve compiled some useful data to ensure your Genshin Affect Albedo construct is the perfect it may be. By the top of our information, you’ll know precisely the best way to use his strikes to their full potential, and be well-versed on which weapons and artifacts are price equipping for optimum harm output.

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    One of the best Genshin Affect Albedo construct

    We advocate utilizing Albedo as a secondary DPS character resulting from his fast transfer cooldowns and intense AoE geo harm. Pair him up with different DPS characters like Zhongli or Keqing to maximise your harm output.

    Which weapon must you use?

    Each of the weapons under are appropriate selections when utilizing Albedo as a secondary DPS character. The Cinnibar Spindle is a four-star weapon that’s tailored for Albedo, as he’s the one sword-user with an elemental ability that scales with defence. Nonetheless, the opposite two weapons can nonetheless pack a robust punch.

    Weapon Impact
    Cinnibar Spindle Elemental ability harm is elevated by 40% of defence. The impact can solely be triggered as soon as each 1.5 seconds, and shall be cleared 0.1 seconds after the basic ability offers harm
    Harbinger of Daybreak When Albedo’s HP is above 90%, crit fee is elevated by 14%
    Primordial Jade Cutter Will increase Albedo’s HP elevated by 20%, and supplies an assault bonus primarily based on 1.2% of his max HP

    Which artifact set must you use?

    You possibly can equip 5 artifacts in complete. Be at liberty to make use of two of every for a stat enhance, or use a full set in the event you would favor to have some further bonuses that help celebration members.

    Artifact set Impact
    Husk of Opulent Desires Two geared up: +30% defence
    4 geared up: Albedo obtains the curiosity impact. When within the subject, he’ll acquire one stack of curiosity after hitting an enemy with a geo assault, triggering a most of as soon as each 0.3 seconds. When off the sector, he beneficial properties one stack each three seconds. Curiosity can stack as much as 4 instances, with every stack offering a bonus 6% defence and 6% geo harm. For each 6 seconds that cross with out gaining a brand new curiosity stack, one stack is misplaced
    Tenacity of the Millelith Two geared up: +20% HP
    4 geared up: When an elemental ability hits an opponent, the assault of all close by celebration members is elevated by 20% and their protect power is elevated by 20% for 3 seconds. This impact may be triggered as soon as each 0.5 seconds. This impact may be triggered even when Albedo isn’t on the sector
    Archaic Petra Two geared up: +15% geo harm bonus
    4 geared up: When Albedo beneficial properties an elemental shard by a crystalize response, all celebration members acquire a 35% harm bonus for the aspect of the shard for ten seconds. Just one type of elemental harm bonus may be gained on this method at a time

    Alternate artifact set

    Whereas the above artifacts are the perfect you may get, it’d take you some time to snag a set. So, in the event you’re searching for artifacts to make use of whereas leveling or ready for the flamboyant ones to drop, the next set is an effective stand-in.

    Artifact set Impact
    Defender’s Will Two geared up: +30% defence
    4 geared up: Elemental resistance is elevated by 30% for every aspect current among the many characters in your celebration

    Traveler, Genshin Impact's Albedo, and Paimon standing in the snow

    What are Albedo’s abilities?

    Energetic abilities:

    Ability Impact
    Favonius Bladework – Weiss Carry out as much as 5 strikes
    Favonius Bladework – Weiss (charged) Eat stamina to unleash two sword strikes
    Favonius Bladework – Weiss (plunging) Plunges from mid-air, damaging opponents and dealing AoE harm
    Abiogenesis: Photo voltaic Isotoma Offers AoE geo harm and when used generates a geo assemble, and summons Transient Blossoms which additionally deal AoE geo harm
    Ceremony of Progeniture: Tectonic Tide Summon geo crystals to deal AoE geo harm

    Passive abilities:

    Ability Impact
    Calcite Would possibly (unlocked at ascension one) Transient Blossoms summoned by Abiogenesis: Photo voltaic Isotoma deal 25% extra harm to enemies when their HP is under 50%.
    Homuncular Nature (unlocked at ascension 4) Utilizing Ceremony of Progeniture: Tectonic Tide will improve the Elemental Mastery of close by celebration members by 125 for 10 seconds
    Flash of Genius (unlocked routinely) 10% likelihood to obtain double the product when crafting

    What are Albedo’s constellations?

    Constellations are buffs that enhance how a personality performs in battle. You possibly can degree up Albedo’s constellations once you obtain him as a replica whereas making a want.

    Constellation Impact
    Flower of Eden Transient Blossoms regenerate 1.2 Power
    Opening of Phanerozoic Transient Blossoms grant Albedo Deadly Reckoning for 30 seconds which boosts his assault and defence
    Grace of Helios Will increase the extent of Abiogenesis: Photo voltaic Isotoma by 3
    Descent of Divinity Photo voltaic Isotoma will increase plunging assault harm by 30% for lively celebration members
    Tide of Hadaen Will increase the extent of Ceremony of Progeniture: Tectonic Tide by 3
    Mud of Purification If close by celebration members are protected by a protect created by Crystallize, Photo voltaic Isotoma will increase their harm by 17%

    Genshin Impact's Albedo and three others fighting against a crystal monster in the snow

    What does it value to ascend Albedo?

    In order for you Albedo to be as robust as potential, you’ll have to ascend him totally to spice up his geo harm to the utmost. Right here’s what it can value to ascend Albedo:

    Required degree Mora Supplies
    20 20,000 One Prithiva Topaz Sliver, three Cecilia, three Divining Scrolls
    40 40,000 Three Prithiva Topaz Fragment, two Basalt Pillars, ten Cecilia, 15 Divining Scrolls
    50 60,000 Six Prithiva Topaz Fragment, 4 Basalt Pillar, 20 Cecilia, 12 Sealed Scrolls
    60 80,000 Three Prithiva Topaz Chunk, eight Basalt Pillar, 30 Cecilia, 18 Sealed Scrolls
    70 100,000 Six Prithiva Topaz Chunk, 12 Basalt Pillar, 45 Cecilia, 12 Forbidden Curse Scrolls
    80 120,000 Six Prithiva Topaz Gemstone, 20 Basalt Pillar, 60 Cecilia, 24 Forbidden Curse Scrolls

    There you’ve it! That’s every little thing you could know with a purpose to have the perfect Genshin Affect Albedo construct. If you wish to know which characters can be found now, check out our Genshin Affect subsequent banner information.



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