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    Genshin Impression: Bennett Information

    Bennett is a 4-star character you will get by making needs on the Everlasting and Restricted Character Occasion banners in Genshin Impression. He was additionally out there for buy from the in-game Starglitter Change store for a restricted time.

    He’s a Pyro imaginative and prescient proprietor and a sword wielder whose major function is to help his workforce.

    Bennett all of the sudden grew to become widespread when gamers uploaded movies showcasing the very best injury they acquired for his or her characters. Bennett has at all times been within the workforce to spice up these characters’ total injury output in these movies.

    This submit will assist you to perceive and information you on constructing Bennett as the most effective help on your workforce.

    Fight Skills

    Ardour Overload

    This elemental ability might be executed in 3 ways: Press, Maintain (Cost Stage 1), and Maintain (Cost Stage 2).

    On condition that Bennett is principally a help character, his elemental ability will not be prioritized for injury. It’s used to use the Burn standing, burn Dendro shields and picket gadgets, and break elemental shields which can be weak towards Pyro. With this ability’s 5 seconds cooldown time at press execution, it may be spammed to rapidly regenerate power and have Bennett’s elemental burst prepared more often than not.

    Implausible Voyage

    Bennett’s elemental burst is why he shines as a help character.

    Casting this expertise could have Bennett carry out a leaping assault that offers Pyro DMG after which create an Inspiration Area. This subject has two situations:

    1.  If the character contained in the Inspiration Area has a remaining HP that is the same as or lower than 70%, their HP will regenerate in an quantity that scales off Bennett’s most HP.
    2. If the character contained in the Inspiration Area has a remaining HP of greater than 70%, they’ll acquire an ATK bonus that’s primarily based on Bennett’s Base ATK.

    At degree 8, the therapeutic quantity of Implausible Voyage is 9.60% of Bennett’s most HP plus 1,083. The characters contained in the Inspiration Area will get well this quantity each second till the remaining HP of these characters is above 70%.

    If the Inspiration Area remains to be lively and the characters inside it are now not recovering HP, they’ll acquire an ATK enhance. At degree 8, the ATK bonus that the characters get is 90% of Bennett’s base ATK.


    The primary factor to contemplate in selecting a weapon for Bennett is the Base ATK. That is due to the ATK bonus that his elemental ability provides scales off of it. Which means bonuses from a weapon’s secondary stat and the artifacts will not be calculated.

    With these issues in thoughts, Skyward Blade is the most effective sword for Bennett.

    Skyward Blade

    It is a 5-star weapon with a base ATK of 608 and a secondary power recharge price bonus stat.

    With how Bennett’s ATK buff works, you will have a weapon with excessive Base ATK. Aquila Favonia has a better base ATK, however the secondary stat: Bodily DMG bonus will more than likely be ineffective for a help Bennett.

    Because the precedence is to have the basic burst prepared for extra injury enhance and HP restoration for the social gathering, Skyward Blade is the best choice.

    Festering Need

    This weapon is a 4-star sword, with its secondary stat being power recharge price bonus. Among the many 4-star swords with this secondary stat, Festering Need has the very best Base ATK. Nonetheless, this weapon can solely be obtained from the “Festering Need” quest that was an unique occasion through the launch of Dragonspine.

    Favonius Sword and Sacrificial Sword

    These different 4-star swords are additionally appropriate for Bennett as a result of they’ve excessive Base ATK resulting from their secondary stats being power recharge price bonus.


    Maiden Beloved

    If you wish to make Bennett concentrate on therapeutic, then this artifact set is the only option. The two-piece set provides a therapeutic effectiveness bonus of 15%. The 4-piece set will increase the therapeutic obtained by all social gathering members by 20% after the one outfitted with this set makes use of an elemental ability or elemental burst.

    Noblesse Oblige

    For a healer and injury help hybrid Bennett, the 4-piece Noblesse Oblige set is the artifact to have. It can improve all social gathering members’ ATK by 20% after Bennett makes use of his elemental burst. This bonus, plus the ATK bonus from Bennett’s elemental burst, will actually enhance the social gathering’s injury.

    Stats to Focus On

    Because the ATK bonus that Inspiration Area provides scales off Bennett’s Base ATK, ATK factors bonuses from artifacts could have no impact. Thus, it’s higher to concentrate on HP and power recharge price when selecting artifact stats.

    Constellation: Rota Calamitas

    With Bennett’s help function within the workforce, his most vital constellation ranges are 1 and 5.

    Constellation Stage 1: Grand Expectation

    This degree removes the restriction on how Bennett’s elemental burst offers an ATK bonus to the social gathering. Because of this whatever the character’s remaining HP, they’ll get the ATK bonus. They can even acquire a further bonus of 20% of Bennett’s Base ATK.

    Constellation Stage 5: True Explorer

    This constellation degree will increase Implausible Voyage by three, which implies extra HP regeneration and a better share of Bennett’s Base ATK as a bonus.


    Bennett’s constellation degree 6, Fireplace Ventures with Me, could have Implausible Voyage infuse Pyro to the weapons of melee characters contained in the Inspiration Area. It is a turn-off for almost all of the gamers as a result of it limits Bennett’s help capabilities. This may trigger conflicts with sure character builds, particularly the Bodily ones.



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