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    Genshin Impression Eula construct, banner, and abilities

    Genshin Impression‘s Eula is a five-star character who we advocate utilizing in a essential DPS function. She arrived in Teyvat with replace 1.5, alongside with a pyro character named Yanfei. This information will fill you in on all the pieces you must know in regards to the flamboyant character.

    This claymore-wielding cryo character hails from Mondstadt, and arrived in-game alongside the Born of Ocean Swell banner. With assist from our Genshin Impression Eula construct information, you’ll quickly discover out precisely what ascension supplies you must collect and can study all about her abilities, weapons, and artifacts.

    In the event you’re simply getting began with Genshin Impression, or have lapsed because the final replace, we’ve received a wealth of content material that can assist you get (re)began. Seize some goodies from our Genshin Impression codes information, find out about the perfect characters in our Genshin Impression tier record, and take a look at all the pieces we all know in regards to the new Genshin Impression replace.

    What’s the finest Genshin Impression Eula construct?

    We advocate utilizing Eula in a essential DPS function on account of her high-speed assaults and lethal elemental burst. Use her in a staff with Genshin Impression’s Zhongli for his useful protect, or Genshin Impression’s Fischl to set off superconduct.

    Which weapon must you use?

    Our most well-liked claymore is Tune of Damaged Pines, nonetheless, since this weapon is pretty new, be at liberty to make use of Wolf’s Headstone as a alternative weapon for now.

    Weapon Impact
    Tune of Damaged Pines Will increase assault 16%, when regular or charged assaults hit, Eula good points a Sigil of Whispers. This may be triggered as soon as each 0.3 seconds. If you have 4 Sigils of Whispers, they shall be consumed and all social gathering members will acquire the Millennial Motion: Banner-Hymn impact for 12 seconds. Millennial Motion will increase regular assault pace by 12% and assault harm by 20%. When triggered, you’ll not acquire Sigils of Whispers for 20 seconds
    Skyward Pleasure Will increase all harm by 8%. When an elemental burst, regular, or charged assault hits an enemy, a vacuum blade kinds, dealing 80% of assault as harm all enemies in its path. This impact lasts for 20 seconds, or eight vacuum blades
    Wolf’s Headstone Will increase assault by 20%. Alongside this, assaults towards enemies with lower than 30% HP enhance all social gathering members’ assault by 40% for 12 seconds. This will solely happen as soon as each 30 seconds

    Which artifact set must you use?

    We advocate utilizing a full set of Pale Flame artifacts. For these of you who’re struggling to choose them up, you should utilize two gadgets from the Pale Flame set and two from the Bloodstained Chivalry set within the meantime.

    Artifact set Impact
    Pale Flame Two outfitted: Bodily harm is elevated by 25%
    4 outfitted: When an Elemental talent hits an enemy, assault is elevated by 9% for seven seconds. This can stack as much as two occasions and will be triggered as soon as each 0.3 seconds. As soon as two stacks are reached, the two-set impact is elevated by 100%
    Bloodstained Chivalry Two outfitted: Bodily harm is elevated by 25%
    4 outfitted: Charged assault harm is elevated by 50% and stamina value is decreased to zero for ten seconds after an enemy is killed
    Gladiator’s Finale Two outfitted: +18% assault
    4 outfitted: Eula’s regular assault harm is elevated by 35%

    Alternate artifact set

    In the event you’re nonetheless leveling up, and also you’re struggling to snag the artifact units listed above, you should utilize the next set to tide you over.

    Artifact set Impact
    Martial Artist Two outfitted: Regular assault and charged assault harm enhance by 15%
    4 outfitted: After utilizing an elemental talent, regular assault and charged assault harm is elevated by 25% for eight seconds

    Genshin Impact's Eula looking sombre next to some trees

    What are Eula’s abilities?

    Energetic abilities:

    Ability Impact
    Favonius Bladework – Edel Carry out as much as 5 strikes.
    Favonius Bladework – Edel (charged) Consumes stamina to proceed slashing, the ultimate slash is extra highly effective than people who got here earlier than
    Favonius Bladework – Edel (plunging) Plunges from mid-air, dealing AoE harm on impression
    Icetide Vortex (press) Eula slashes with a sword, dealing cryo harm. She good points a stack of Grimheart on hit, this will increase her defence and interruption resistance
    Icetide Vortex (maintain) Eula consumes each stack of Grimheart to decrease the bodily and cryo resistance of enemies. Every consumed stack can even create an Icewhirl Model that offers AoE cryo harm
    Glacial Illumination Eula offers cryo harm and creates a Lightfall Sword. When Eula’s regular assault, elemental talent, and elemental burst deal harm, they cost up the Lightfall Sword till it explodes, inflicting AoE harm

    Passive abilities:

    Ability Impact
    Rolling Rime If two stacks of Grimheart are consumed upon unleashing Icetide Vortex (maintain), a Shattered Lightfall Sword shall be created and explode instantly, dealing 50% of the bodily harm dealt by a Lightfall Sword
    Wellspring of Battle-Lust When Glacial Illumination is used, the cooldown of Icetide Vortex is reset and Eula good points one stack of Grimheart
    Aristocratic Introspection When Eula crafts character expertise supplies, you’ve gotten a ten% probability to obtain double the product

    What are Eula’s constellations?

    Constellation Impact
    Tidal Phantasm Each time Grimheart stacks are consumed, bodily harm is elevated by 30% for six seconds. Every stack consumed will enhance the length by six seconds as much as a most of 18 seconds
    Woman of Seafoam Decreases the cooldown of Icetide Vortex’s (maintain), making it the identical because the press cooldown
    Lawrence Pedigree Will increase the extent of Glacial Illumination by three
    The Obstinacy of One’s Inferiors Lightfall Swords deal 25% extra harm towards enemies with lower than 50% HP
    Chivalric High quality Will increase the extent of Icetide Vortex by three
    Noble Obligation Lightfall Swords begin with 5 stacks of vitality. Regular assaults, elemental abilities, and elemental bursts have a 50% probability to grant the Lightfall Sword a further stack of vitality

    Genshin Impact's Eula surrounded by snow

    What does it value to ascend Eula?

    Right here’s each merchandise you must materials you must acquire as a way to totally ascend Eula.

    Required degree Mora Supplies
    20 20,000 One Shivada Jade Sliver, three Dandelion Seed, three Broken Masks
    40 40,000 Three Shivada Jade Fragment, two Crystalline Bloom, ten Dandelion Seed, 15 Broken Masks
    50 60,000 Six Shivada Jade Fragment, 4 Crystalline Bloom, 20 Dandelion Seed, 12 Stained Masks
    60 80,000 Three Shivada Jade Chunk, eight Crystalline Bloom, 30 Dandelion Seed, 18 Stained Masks
    70 100,000 Six Shivada Jade Chunk, 12 Crystalline Bloom, 45 Dandelion Seed, 12 Ominous Masks
    80 120,000 Six Shivada Jade Gemstone, 20 Crystalline Bloom, 60 Dandelion Seed, 24 Ominous Masks

    In the event you need assistance with different characters check out our Genshin Impression Kaeya and Genshin Impression Yanfei construct guides.



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