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    Genshin Impression: Klee Information

    Rumored because the knight in pink and identified to many as one of many strongest knights of the Knights of Favonius because of the hazard she presents, Klee had brought on hassle out and in of the Metropolis, like when she blasted carts and brought on a forest hearth.

    Combining hyper-activeness with a ardour for explosives, Klee has helped Amber enhance her Baron Bunny and develop new bombs.

    Spending Intertwined fates, Primogems, and even actual cash to get Klee isn’t a waste for many gamers. In case you are questioning easy methods to construct Klee, that is the correct information for you.


    Klee’s regular assault is named “Kaboom!” and, in fact, throws bombs to blast off her opponents. Her charged assault will summon a particular explosive laser that offers better injury.

    Jumpy Dumpty, Klee’s elemental ability, will make her throw a particular bomb of the identical title that may bounce thrice and ignite with each bounce. Jumpy Dumpty will then cut up into many mines, which can explode upon contact with enemies.

    Klee’s Blazing Delight! is that this little knight’s elemental burst expertise. She is going to summon a Spark ‘n’ Splash that may repeatedly assault close by opponents with this expertise.

    Pounding Shockone in every of Klee’s passive abilities will give her a 50% likelihood to acquire an Explosive Spark if a standard assault hits an opponent.

    A charged assault is not going to price stamina when such is current, and the assault could have elevated injury by 50%.

    To maximise this passive expertise, at all times lookout for slightly pink clover that may abruptly seem. That is the Explosive Spark and instantly consumes it by doing a charged assault.


    What’s the finest weapon for Klee, you ask? Nicely, we’ve listed the obtainable catalysts which can be good for Klee.

    Misplaced Prayer to the Sacred Winds

    This 5-star weapon has a secondary stat bonus of vital charge and will increase the wielder’s motion pace.

    It additionally offers an elemental DMG bonus for each 4 seconds that the wielder is on the sphere. This will stack as much as 4 instances however will reset when the character leaves the sphere. This implies Klee must be on the sphere for an extended time. This weapon is ideal when enjoying in co-op mode.

    Skyward Atlas

    This catalyst will increase the fundamental injury of the wielder by 12%. All Klee’s assaults are Pyro; due to this fact, all hits she makes will likely be boosted by this bonus.

    These two 5-star catalysts are each nice weapons for Klee. It’s only a matter of stat level that you just want.

    If you happen to want extra Crucial Fee to achieve the perfect 50-90%, then Misplaced Prayer to the Sacred Winds would be the best option in your Klee. In case you are good together with your vital stats, then go along with the Skyward Atlas.

    Playstyle sensible Skyward Atlas is way much less difficult to maximise, whereas the Misplaced Prayer to the Sacred Winds is not going to be maximized as a lot when the playstyle entails a number of character switching when in battle.

    Reminiscence of Mud

    Since this weapon is a 5-star and has a secondary stat of ATK%, it could improve Klee’s ATK stat greater than every other 4-star weapon.

    This catalyst offers an ATK improve for each hit that Klee makes and might stack as much as 5 instances. Nevertheless, all different passive results deal with shields; due to this fact, this weapon can solely be maximized with a shielder within the staff.

    Dodoco Tales

    As an unique occasion weapon, the Dodoco Tales is a particular catalyst that was a reward in the course of the Golden Apple Archipelago occasion. It’s a 4-star weapon that most individuals think about Klee’s best-in-slot (BIS) weapon based mostly on its appears.

    This weapon will improve the charged assault injury for six seconds after a standard assault hits an opponent. It would additionally briefly improve the ATK of the wielder after a charged assault hits an opponent.

    The Widsith

    This weapon is what many Genshin Impression gamers think about because the strongest 4-star catalyst for a injury seller. It has a Crucial DMG bonus as a secondary stat and a passive impact that may randomly enhance the weapon person’s ATK, Elemental DMG, or Elemental Mastery for 10 seconds.

    Nevertheless, this impact will likely be triggered when the wielder takes the sphere—which means you must swap characters for any of the buffs to activate. Due to this fact, this passive impact will likely be ineffective in a coop sport setup.

    Photo voltaic Pearl

    Crucial charge bonus as a secondary stat is helpful since that stat is without doubt one of the hardest to construct. This weapon can even briefly improve the person’s elemental ability and elemental burst injury when a standard assault hits an opponent. Regular assaults can even be briefly elevated when an elemental ability or burst hits opponents.

    Those that are keen to spend actual cash can get this merchandise in your Klee. However the Battle Move degree must also be elevated to 30 to have entry to this weapon.

    Eye of Notion

    This catalyst has a stat of ATK and ATK%, making it a protected weapon for Klee.

    Royal Grimoire

    Just like the Eye of notion, this catalyst can also be a protected one to equip Klee.

    If you happen to wouldn’t have a good catalyst however have not less than 24 Masterless Starglitters, you should buy this from the Paimon’s Bargains store.

    You would possibly have already got a few of these weapons, and this part ought to make it easier to determine which one you may be enhancing for Klee to make use of.


    “What are the most effective artifacts for Klee?”—might be your subsequent query. Together with her equipment that focuses on dealing injury to opponents, artifacts with stats and results that may enhance her general injury output must be those to be thought-about.

    Crimson Witch of Flames

    The 4-Piece set impact of this artifact will enhance the Pyro-related elemental response injury that the person will set off.

    It is a good set for an elemental response staff composition akin to a Soften staff the place not less than one staff character will apply Cryo, and Klee will set off the response.

    The two-Piece will already give a Pyro injury bonus and might be mixed with different 2-Piece units that give ATK or different injury bonuses.


    Since Klee’s assaults are all elemental, she’s going to at all times apply Pyro to the opponents.

    This makes a 4-Piece Lavawalker set a very good artifact for her as a result of the set will increase the injury in opposition to opponents by Pyro by 35%.

    Wanderer’s Troupe

    A 4-Piece Wanderer’s Troupe is an effective set for Klee as a result of it presents a rise in Elemental Mastery of 80 and a 35% elevated injury of charged assault if the person of the artifact wields a catalyst.

    Due to Klee passive that enhances her charged assault, you may be a number of it, and with this artifact set, the stated assault will likely be boosted much more.

    2-Piece Artifact Set Mixtures

    The next are 2-part units of artifacts that may work nicely with one other 2-part set.

    Artifact units like Gladiator’s Finale and Shimenawa’s Memory will give an ATK bonus for a 2-Piece set. Both artifact might be paired with one other 2-Piece Crimson Witch of Flames.

    A 2-Piece Noblesse Oblige set can also be a superb pair for a 2-Piece Crimson Witch of Flames, particularly in case your play fashion is spamming Klee’s elemental burst.

    2-parts Noblesse Oblige can be paired with two components of both Gladiator’s Finale or Shimenawa’s Memory.

    Goblet with a Pyro DMG bonus stat is good as a result of all of Klee’s abilities are elemental.

    A circlet with both Crucial Fee or Crucial Injury bonus must also be thought-about to set off vital hits more often than not and maximize Klee’s injury output.

    Position and Play Model

    Klee’s position is simply to deal injury based mostly on her equipment—and even lore-wise. Her elemental burst will disappear whenever you swap to a different character. Due to this fact, she have to be on the sphere more often than not.

    Staff composition ought to embrace assist characters that present injury off-field or these that may heal, buff, or present shields so Klee can proceed throwing explosives with out worrying about her HP.

    The one time Klee’s assault turns into ineffective is if you end up going through Pyro slimes and enemies with Pyro shields. However apart from that, Klee is without doubt one of the characters that may deal the best injury.



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