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    Genshin Impression Raiden Shogun construct, artifacts, and expertise

    Genshin Impression’s Raiden Shogun is a fierce woman within the Genshin ranks, serving up highly effective electro assaults and loads of utility. Also referred to as Baal and the God of Eternity, she’s the suppressive ruler of Inazuma who’s revered by her folks. She’s set to be a high tier DPS with loads of help potential, so long as you understand how to make use of her.

    That’s the place we are available in. With our Genshin Impression Raiden Shogun information, we’ll educate you all the things you already know to grasp the God of Eternity, together with the most effective construct, weapons, and artifacts to decide on for her, together with an in-depth take a look at her expertise.

    In fact, Genshin Impression’s Baal is simply one of many many characters that populate Mihoyo’s open-world RPG. So, if you want to study extra about these different heroes, try our Genshin Impression Kokomi, Genhin Impression Thoma, Genshin Impression Yoimiya, and Genshin Impression Sara guides. In addition to taking a look at particular person characters, we even have a information on the upcoming Genshin Impression replace and knowledge on the subsequent Genshin Impression banner.

    Who’s Genshin Impression’s Baal?

    There have been a number of questions floating round, asking who precisely Genshin Impression’s Baal is. Nicely, spoiler – it’s Raiden Shogun! She goes by a number of totally different names; Baal, Raiden Shogun, the Electro Archon, and the God of Eternity. With this many names, she should be fairly essential.

    What’s the finest Genshin Impression’s Raiden Shogun construct?

    We advocate utilizing Raiden Shogun as a secondary DPS because of her sturdy burst injury and help capabilities. Growing her vitality recharge will improve her electro injury bonus, enhancing each her burst and secure vitality help potential even additional. She will additionally present constant electro standing due to her talent, all of which makes her an ideal help for characters with highly effective burst injury like Eula.

    Which is the most effective weapon for Genshin Impression’s Raiden Shogun?

    Raiden Shogun wields a polearm, and has the flexibility to deal some nasty injury with these weapons. Mihoyo launched Engulfing Lightning alongside her and it compliments her talents nicely, due to this fact is the most effective weapon for Raiden Shogun. Nonetheless, in the event you can’t get your palms on one but, the others are all sturdy substitutes as a replacement.

    Weapon Impact
    Engulfing Lightning Will increase assault by 28% of your vitality recharge over the bottom 100%. You’ll be able to acquire a most bonus of 80% assault. Acquire 30% vitality recharge for 12 seconds after utilizing an elemental burst
    Skyward Backbone Will increase essential fee by 8% and will increase regular assault pace by 12%. Moreover, regular and charged assault hits on opponents have a 50% likelihood to set off a vacuum blade that offers 40% of assault as injury in a small AoE. This impact can happen not more than as soon as each two seconds
    The Catch Will increase elemental burst injury by 16% and elemental burst essential fee by 6%
    Primordial Jade Winged-Spear On hit, your assault is elevated by 3.2% for six seconds, for a most of seven stacks. This impact can solely happen as soon as each 0.3 seconds. Whereas in possession of the utmost attainable stacks, injury dealt is elevated by 12%
    Favonius Lance Crucial hits have a 60% likelihood to generate a small variety of elemental particles, which is able to regenerate six vitality Raiden Shogun. This could solely happen as soon as each 12 seconds

    That are the most effective artifacts for Raiden Shogun?

    You’ll be able to equip 5 artifacts in complete. The primary choice beneath – Emblem of Severed Destiny – is our advisable alternative, because of it enhancing that tasty electro-damage bonus. In the event you don’t have entry to this, combining Thundering Fury and Noblesse Oblige is an acceptable different.

    Artifact set Impact
    Emblem of Severed Destiny
    (four-piece set)
    Two outfitted: vitality recharge is boosted by 20%
    4 outfitted: elemental burst injury is elevated by 25% of vitality recharge. A most of 75% bonus injury will be obtained on this method
    Thundering Fury
    (two-piece set)
    Two outfitted: electro injury is elevated by 15%
    Noblesse Oblige (two-piece set) Two outfitted: elemental burst injury is elevated by 20%

    Alternate artifact set

    In the event you haven’t been fortunate sufficient to encounter the units above, be at liberty to make use of this set.

    Artifact set Impact
    The Exile Two outfitted: will increase vitality recharge by 20%
    4 outfitted: utilizing an elemental burst regenerates two vitality for all social gathering members (excluding the wearer) each two seconds for six seconds. This can not stack

    Genshin Impact's Raiden Shogun with a sword

    What are Raiden Shogun’s expertise?

    Lively expertise:

    Talent Impact
    Origin Carry out as much as 5 spear strikes
    Origin (charged) Consumes stamina to carry out an upward slash
    Origin (plunging) Offers AoE injury on influence with the bottom
    Transcendence: Baleful Omen Raiden Shogun offers electro injury to close by opponents, and grants close by social gathering members the Eye of Stormy Judgment

    • When a personality with Eye of Stormy Judgment offers injury to opponents, the Eye will unleash a coordinated assault, this offers AoE electro injury to the opponent’s place. The Eye can provoke one coordinated assault each 0.9 seconds. Coordinated assaults generated by characters not managed by you deal 20% of the traditional injury
    • Characters with the Eye of Stormy Judgment buff may have their elemental burst injury elevated based mostly on the vitality price of the burst throughout the Eye’s period
    Secret Artwork: Musou Shinsetsu Raiden Shogun unleashes the Musou no Hitotachi and offers AoE electro injury, utilizing Musou Isshin in fight for a sure period afterwards. The injury dealt by Musou no Hitotachi and Musou Isshin’s assaults are elevated based mostly on the variety of Chakra Desiderata’s resolve stacks consumed when this talent is used
    Musou Isshin: Whereas on this state, Raiden Shogun will wield her tachi in battle. Her regular, charged, and plunging assaults are infused with electro injury, which can’t be overridden. When these assaults hit opponents, Raiden Shogun will regenerate vitality for all close by social gathering members. Vitality will be restored this fashion as soon as each one second, and will be triggered 5 instances all through this talent’s period
    Whereas on this state, Raiden Shogun’s resistance to interruption is elevated, and he or she’s proof against electro-charged response injury.
    Whereas Musou Isshin is energetic, Raiden Shogun’s regular, charged, and plunging assault injury can be thought of elemental burst injury.
    The consequences of Musou Isshin are cleared when she leaves the sphere
    Chakra Desiderata: when close by social gathering members (excluding Raiden Shogun herself) use their elemental bursts, Raiden Shogun builds up resolve stacks based mostly on the vitality prices of the fundamental bursts carried out (most 60 stacks). Resolve gained by Chakra Desiderata can be cleared 300 seconds after she leaves the sphere

    Passive expertise:

    Talent Impact
    Needs Unnumbered When close by social gathering members acquire elemental orbs or Particles, Chakra Desiderata features 2 Resolve stacks. This impact can happen as soon as yearly 3s
    Enlightened One Every 1% above 100% vitality recharge that Raiden Shogun possesses grants her 0.6% higher vitality restoration from Musou Isshin and a 0.4% electro injury bonus
    All-Preserver Spend 50% much less Mora when ascending polearms and swords

    What are Raiden Shogun’s Constellations?

    Constellations are buffs that enhance the character’s efficiency in battles. You’ll be able to stage up Raiden Shogun’s constellations while you get a replica of her whereas making a want.

    Constellation Impact
    Ominous Inscription Chakra Desiderata will collect resolve even sooner. When electro characters use their elemental bursts, the resolve gained is elevated by 80%, or by 20% for characters with different elemental varieties
    Steelbreaker Secret Artwork: Musou Shinsetsu’s Musou no Hitotachi and Musou Isshin assaults will ignore 60% of opponents’ defence
    Shinkage Bygones Will increase the extent of Secret Artwork: Musou Shinsetsu by three. Most improve stage is 15
    Pledge of Propriety When the Musou Isshin state utilized by Secret Artwork: Musou Shinsetsu expires, all close by allied social gathering members acquire a 30% bonus assault for ten seconds
    Shogun’s Descent Will increase the extent of Transcendence: Baleful Omen by three. Most improve stage is 15
    Wishbearer Whereas within the Musou Isshin state utilized by Secret Artwork: Musou Shinsetsu, Raiden Shogun’s regular, charged, and plunging assaults will lower the cooldown time of all close by allied social gathering members’ elemental burst by one second once they hit opponents. This impact can set off as soon as each one second, and might set off a complete of 5 instances throughout the state’s period

    Genshin Impact's Raiden Shogun wielding a sword

    What does it price to ascend Raiden Shogun?

    In order for you Raiden Shogun to dwell as much as her full potential, you’ll must ascend her. Right here’s all the things you’ll must get her to the max stage.

    Required stage Moira Supplies
    20 20,000 One Vajrada Amethyst Slivers, three Amakumo Fruit, three Outdated Handguards
    40 40,000 Three Vajrada Amethyst Fragments, two Storm Beads, ten Amakuno Fruit, 15 Outdated Handguards
    50 60,000 Six Vajrada Amethyst Fragments, 4 Storm Beads, 20 Amakuno Fruit, 12 Kageuchi Handguard
    60 80,000 Three Vajrada Amethyst Chunks, eight Storm Beads, 30 Amakumo Fruit, 12 Kageuchi Handguards
    70 100,000 Six Vajrada Amethyst Chunks, 12 Storm Beads, 45 Amakumo Fruit, 12 Famed Handguards
    80 120,000 Six Vajrada Amethyst Chunks, 20 Storm Beads, 60 Amakumo Fruit, 24 Famed Handguards

    That’s all we learn about Raiden Shogun for now, however be at liberty to go and take a look at our Genshin Impression tier record to search out out extra concerning the present characters. Oh, and if, like us, you get pleasure from a freebie, check out our Genshin Impression codes information.



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