God of Battle Information: The way to Beat All 9 Valkyries


The hardest battles in God of Battle are in opposition to the Valkyries — 9 super-strong enemies which have awesomely-powerful assaults, a loopy quantity of velocity, and large quantities of well being. They characterize the sport’s greatest problem and require gamers to have good gear and nice reflexes.

The Valkyries aren’t unbeatable, although. With a bit preparation and persistence, you possibly can study the ins and outs of their assaults, outlast them, and defeat them. Doing so earns just a few of God of Battle‘s hardest trophies, in addition to a few of its greatest armor and equipment. The super-tough fights are additionally among the most enjoyable you possibly can have within the sport. Use these eight suggestions that can assist you get the higher hand on the Valkyries and rip their wings off for good.

Take your time and keep away from harm

The Valkyrie fights are ones by which your focus shouldn’t be on doling out harm, however avoiding taking it. That’s a little bit of a shift from many of the battles within the sport. The Valkyries all carry an enormous quantity of well being and deal out large harm after they hit you, so a few rounds of slashing away with the Leviathan Axe isn’t going to chop it — you want to be within the combat for the lengthy haul, and meaning taking part in good. Your greatest focus needs to be on studying every Valkyrie’s set of strikes and avoiding their greatest harm sellers. There’s some overlap, however every Valkyrie has its personal specific set of strikes that require fast reflexes to keep away from harm. Hold your guard up when you possibly can and be careful for unblockable crimson circle assaults. You’ll discover that avoiding Valkyrie assaults will normally enable you discover openings to strike again, however don’t overcommit to attacking and go away your self uncovered. Deal a bit bit of injury and keep again. Staying alive is the easiest way to win.

Deliver the highest-level armor you possibly can

god of war valkyries guide high level equipment

There are a whole lot of stats and perks out there together with weapons and armor in God of Battle, however crucial side of your gear is at all times its total stage quantity. You’ll want {powerful} gear to tackle the Valkyries. In all circumstances, the Valkyries deal a ton of injury after they hit you, and it’s unlikely you’ll have the ability to absolutely keep away from their assaults as you do battle. Increased gear ranges are essential for permitting you to soak up the Valkyries’ punishment for these moments when an assault will get by. Some are more durable to acquire than others, although: The primary few you possibly can attain, in locations similar to Thamur’s Corpse, are usually simpler than those that turn into accessible after visiting Helheim.

Usually talking, you’ll need your Stage to be a minimum of 6 to tackle the Valkyries — however a extra reasonable level for beating nearly all of them is round Stage 8. For the Valkyrie Queen, you would possibly even have to push as much as Stage 9. If beating a Valkyrie is supplying you with bother, it’s greatest to go work on upgrading your gear in locations like Muspelheim or Niflheim, moderately than persevering with to bang your head in opposition to the wall of attempting to defeat a Valkyrie that’s too robust for you.

Give attention to health-boosting gear

god of war valkyries guide health boosting equipment

A number of items of armor, some Enchantments, and even a Runic assault or two are geared towards restoring your well being. You’ll positively need them, in addition to armor that reinforces your protection and vitality stats. Ivaldi’s armor, which you’ll craft in Niflheim, as an illustration, is useful as a result of it frequently restores a small quantity of well being (it additionally carries a ton of Enchantment slots and may be upgraded to Stage 8). Likewise, the Present of Apollo Heavy Runic Assault will restore some well being as you rack up harm in opposition to enemies. You also needs to think about shopping for Atreus’ Runic Vestment armor, as a result of he’ll often toss Well being Stones Kratos’ means in battle conditions, which could imply the distinction between successful and shedding at a key second. You’re going to need something you will get to maintain your self alive in among the hardest Valkyrie fights, so don’t go away any benefits behind.

Take note of the Valkyrie’s well being

god of war valkyries guide watch the valkyie's health

When you look carefully on the Valkyries’ well being bars on the backside of the display, you’ll discover they’re closely segmented. Take note of how a lot harm you’re dealing if you assault every Valkyrie, and how briskly you will get right down to these section markers. While you do sufficient harm to fully empty a type of segments, the Valkyrie will drop a Well being Stone, and also you’re more likely to want each considered one of them. When you pays sufficient consideration, you’ll know when you possibly can anticipate a Well being Stone and the way a lot harm you want to do, and that data might help hold you alive. In any case, hold your eye out for the Valkyrie to drop these Well being Stones, after which be sure you don’t go away your self open if you choose them up.

Use high-damage Runic assaults

god of war valkyries guide bring strong runic attacks

When selecting your Runic assaults for Valkyrie fights, skip those with a excessive stun quotient and go for harm as an alternative. Likewise, space of impact assaults aren’t all that helpful, since all of the Valkyrie fights besides one are one-on-one (one of many Valkyries will summon Draugr to make your life harder). Selecting good Runic assaults and upgrading them absolutely earlier than a Valkyrie combat can actually make a distinction. Usually, Runic assaults can deal out massive harm, in addition to interrupt incoming Valkyrie assaults. Additionally they usually can’t be interrupted by the Valkyries’ assaults themselves. At essential moments, a Runic assault can do sufficient harm to get a Valkyrie to drop a Well being Stone. Use your Runic assaults as usually as you possibly can to maintain your harm low and get a bonus within the combat.

Save your Spartan Rage for emergencies

god of war valkyries guide spartan rage

Whereas Runic assaults are good for dealing a whole lot of harm as usually as potential, Spartan Rage is one thing you’ll most likely wish to save up for when you really want it. Activating the Rage makes it not possible for a Valkyrie to interrupt your assaults whilst you’re wailing on it, and it additionally restores some well being. This second side makes it nice to deploy in occasions of emergency, since you’ll heal up a short while you injure the Valkyrie, and also you’re more likely to make it drop a Well being Stone or two as properly. Simply keep in mind to watch out about avoiding harm as quickly as your Rage has ended.

All the time have a Resurrection Stone

god of war valkyries guide resurrection stones

As soon as you should purchase Resurrection Stones from the dwarves, you need to at all times hold one useful — however they’re just about important to take down the Valkyries. These creatures have an enormous quantity of well being and hit extraordinarily laborious, and likelihood is good you’re going to die, however a Resurrection Stone will enable you go the gap. Clearly, you need one of the best one you will get; late within the sport, a purple Legendary Resurrection Stone turns into out there that provides again a low quantity of well being, however offers full Spartan Rage. Your play model will decide whether or not that stone will serve you higher than a well being enhance if you get again up. Nonetheless, it’s vital to recollect to replenish your stones each time you tackle a Valkyrie, as a result of nothing is worse than getting near victory, after which dying with no means again.

Use Atreus to maintain the Valkyries out of the air

god of war valkyries guide use atreus and keep the valkyries out of the air

A number of of the Valkyries have severely {powerful} and very irritating assaults they use particularly after they take to the air. One fires off a shockwave that may blind Kratos, whereas one other has an enormous, {powerful} hammer assault. You may disrupt a whole lot of these assaults, although, with Atreus’ arrows. Atreus shouldn’t be particularly useful within the Valkyrie fights on the whole, since his arrows can’t stun the Valkyries and he normally can’t get in shut for assaults. However when the Valkyries take to the air, you need to bombard them with arrows to attempt to knock them again right down to Earth. That’ll prevent from among the worst assaults the Valkyries throw at you and might usually go away them weak to a follow-up assault if you happen to can transfer in shortly.

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