GTA Online players can grab the new Dinka Verus off-roader for free as an in-game gift


For the next few weeks, you’ve got the chance to grab the Dinka Verus off-roader in GTA Online as a free in-game gift. It’s available until March 3rd as part of Rockstar’s plans to celebrate “the passion and dedication of the GTA Online community” over the next month with new gifts and bonuses. Plus, playing GTA Online this week will also net you a free Dinka Tee, while completing any Casino Work will also get you the Neon Stitch Emissive Mask.

GTA Online is also offering double GTA$ and RP on Contact Missions, Open Wheel Races, and Biker Sell Missions until February 24th, while Associates and Bodyguards can earn triple the usual salary this week. Aside from the usual GTA$, RP, and cosmetics, there’s also a new top podium prize at the Diamond Casino & Resort: the Överflöd Tyrant. Lastly, this week brings a new range of discounts, including 25% off the RO-86 Alkonost and Grotti Itali RSX, 40% off the Benefactor BR8, Declasse DR1, Progen PR4, and Ocelot R88, and 50% off the master penthouse suite, MC clubhouses, MC businesses, Arena Workshop, RC Bandito, Invade And Persuade Tank, BF Ramp Buggy, and Mammoth Thruster.

Red Dead Online’s latest update, meanwhile, focuses on the three new solo play missions just introduced, with this week’s bonuses including rewards for completing those A New Source of Employment solo missions and double rewards for Naturalist Free Roam events.


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