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    How one can Defeat the Hydro Hypostasis in Genshin Impression

    A pure elemental being nesting in an underground collapse Watatsumi Island, Inazuma and assaults anybody who enters its lair. The Hydro Hypostasis He is without doubt one of the world bosses of Genshin Impression that you could problem and gather supplies from.

    Like all different Hypostasis, this monster has an elemental core protected by cubes that function its shell or defend. It may manipulate the stated shell to conjure issues and assault adventurers.

    Since this entity is pure Hydro vitality, it’s proof against all Hydro assaults even when the core is being hit. Utilizing Electro and Cryo is your greatest wager when dealing with this elemental boss. The assaults it makes are fairly simple to dodge however will deal big injury in case you are not cautious sufficient.

    Assault Strikes

    Under are the sorts of assaults that this boss will make. Figuring out these will make it easier to beat the Hydro Hypostasis.

    Disclaimer: The names of the assault strikes beneath are unofficial and used to explain the assaults and their animations.

    Small Water Droplets

    2 Hydro-Slime-looking creatures will probably be summoned, and every could have a special function.

    The darkish blue one will hop and go close to you after which explode to deal injury, whereas the sunshine blue one will ship therapeutic vitality particles to Hydro Hypostasis for it to recuperate HP.

    This stuff are proof against Hydro and bodily assaults. The one method to break its defend and destroy it’s to set off an elemental response utilizing Cryo, Electro, Pyro, Anemo, and even Geo.

    You can too gather the therapeutic vitality particle from therapeutic your self.

    Rolling Hydro Blocks

    The Hydro Hypostasis will transfer to the middle of the world and summon eight units of three Hydro blocks or cubes. These will roll in direction of the middle the place the Hypostasis’ core is and shut you in in case you are inside its space.

    Attempt to get away from the middle earlier than the cubes get nearer, or you’ll not have sufficient house to flee.

    Whale’s Tail

    The cubes will flip right into a whale’s tail and slam the ground.

    A succeeding burst of water will then observe in direction of the course the place the tail is dealing with.

    Dodging to the aspect is one of the simplest ways to keep away from getting hit by this assault.

    Synchronous Dolphin Trio

    The Hydro Hypostasis will spin and dive beneath the ground after which emerge again as three dolphins that may synchronously leap in direction of you.

    The dolphins will then smash into the ground as a Hydro explosion that offers big injury.

    Breaching Dolphin Pod

    For this transfer, the Hydro Hypostasis will shed its shell and have them spin round it. Dolphins will then randomly leap from the ground as if breaching waters to break you.

    The spot the place the dolphins will leap will probably be marked, making it simple to dodge.

    The core is uncovered for the reason that Hypostasis’ dice shell is spinning round it. This would be the greatest time to throw in all of your assaults.

    Bubble Jail

    The Hydro Hypostasis could have its shell type a round form and spin. Marks on the ground will seem, and huge bubbles will emerge.

    For those who get hit by these bubbles, you can be trapped inside it. If this occurs, simply rapidly press house till the bubble pops.

    This assault doesn’t damage as a lot as the opposite assaults, however being trapped too lengthy could have the Hypostasis ship different assaults, and you may’t dodge them.

    Rain Bathe

    The boss will spin on its space like a twister to summon rainfall.

    The rain bathe will solely fall on sure areas which were marked. That means, staying away from these marked areas will allow you to keep away from injury.

    Regeneration Part

    When the Hydro Hypostasis’ HP is diminished to 1%, it would enter its regeneration part. That is the particular a part of the battle the place the boss could have an opportunity to proceed the battle and probably defeat you.

    This boss will keep on the heart invincible and throw 3 Water Droplets that may regenerate its HP.

    These appear to be giant Hydro slimes and should be destroyed to forestall them from getting near the Hydro Hypostasis. If these succeed, every Water Droplet will generate 15% HP for the Hydro Hypostasis.

    The Water Droplets have Hydro shields and are proof against bodily and Hydro assaults. To destroy them, you’ll want to break the stated defend. And one of the simplest ways to take action is to make use of Cryo assaults, which is able to cut back the Hydro defend’s sturdiness and freeze the Water Droplet and quickly cease it from shifting in direction of the Hypostasis.

    Electro assaults are additionally sturdy components in opposition to Hydro and can rapidly cut back the defend’s sturdiness.

    Attainable Rewards

    After defeating this boss, the objects you may gather embody Dew of Repudiation, Varunada Lazurite, Journey EXP, Companionship EXP, Mora, and artifacts.



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