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    How the Matrix films ended, and left room for The Matrix Resurrections

    We’re hours away from the discharge of Lana Wachowski’s The Matrix 4 aka The Matrix Resurrections, a movie that reintroduces the psychically gifted freedom fighter Neo (Keanu Reeves) and his lover Trinity (Carrie-Anne Moss). Trailers for the movie echo occasions of 1999 authentic, with photographs of Neo strolling by way of the rippling reflection of a mirror, sparring with Yahya Abdul-Mateen II’s Morpheus-like character in a dojo, and drugs — tons and many blue drugs. We received’t say rather more of the way it all traces up with the unique Matrix films, however we’ll say: It may’t harm to know what occurred within the authentic Matrix films.

    In some way, it’s been practically 18 years because the launch of The Matrix Revolutions, the third movie within the authentic Matrix trilogy, and so much has transpired since then, each on and off display. For anybody scratching their head making an attempt to recollect what occurred on the finish of Revolutions, the long-awaited launch of The Matrix Resurrections looks as if a pivotal time to look again. Wachowski appears to remix and/or fold over the mythology in new and engaging methods within the sequence’ new sequel, making the difficult lore extra related.

    2003’s The Matrix Revolutions ended with Neo touring to the Machine Metropolis alongside Trinity in Niobe’s (Jada Pinkett Smith) hovercraft ship the Logos in try and dealer a truce with the machine chief and finish the warfare. Whereas en path to the town, Neo and Trinity are ambushed by Bane, a human resistance fighter assimilated by Agent Smith in the course of the occasions of The Matrix Reloaded. Neo fights Bane, and within the course of is blinded by an uncovered energy cable in the course of the scuffle. Regardless of this, Neo discovers he has the power to see the machine supply code in the actual world, enabling him to “see” and finally defeat Bane. Because the Logos makes its strategy to the Machine Metropolis, the ship is bombarded by the town’s defenses. The Logos manages to make it into the town, however Trinity is fatally wounded upon arrival, leaving Neo on his personal. Neo meets with the machine chief, proposing a truce between the people and the machines on the situation of defeating their mutual enemy, Agent Smith, who poses a direct risk to each the Matrix and the Actual World.

    Picture: Warner Bros. Footage

    Neo finally defeats Agent Smith, however his destiny is left as much as query; we see his physique cradled on a hovering barge which subsequently carries him into the Machine Metropolis. The Sentinels, the human-hunting killing machines who had been ordered by the machine chief to cease attacking the human metropolis of Zion per the situations of Neo’s truce, are seen retreating from Zion after Smith’s defeat. The Matrix is then seen rebooting itself within the wake of Neo’s destruction of Agent Smith.

    Within the last scene of the movie, The Architect (Helmut Bakaitis) meets with the Oracle (Mary Alice) in a park, telling her that she “performed a harmful sport” by introducing the variable of Trinity into this newest incarnation of the cyclically recurring system of the Matrix and planning for this end result. As was defined to Neo by the Architect on the finish of The Matrix Reloaded, there have been a complete of six totally different iterations of the Matrix created to imprison humanity and assimilate the human race’s impulse for resistance into the self-perpetuating cycle of its existence, wiping out all people free of the Matrix between iterations earlier than creating a brand new technology of resistance fighters led by a special “One.” What separates Neo from all earlier Ones is that his love of humanity, which was a relentless throughout all his predecessors, was as an alternative centered on one individual specifically: Trinity. This gave Neo the motivation to not perpetuate the cycle of destruction constructed into the Matrix and as an alternative prioritize her life on the finish of The Matrix Reloaded.

    Neo’s (Keanu Reeves) body surging with energy as he rids Agent Smith (Hugo Weaving) from the Matrix.

    Picture: Warner Bros. Footage

    Ultimately, the Architect and the Oracle agree that any human who needs to go away The Matrix would now have the chance to take action, and that the truce will final, “so long as it may well.” The Oracle is approached by Seraph (Collin Chou), her bodyguard, and Sati (Tanveer Ok. Atwal), a younger self-aware program whom the Oracle adopted earlier within the movie as a ward. When Sati asks if Neo will ever be seen once more, the Oracle replies, “I believe so. Sometime.”

    Based mostly on the trailers, followers know the movie takes place a while after the occasions of The Matrix Revolutions, given the disparity between Neo’s look in that movie and his look within the upcoming installment. Once we final noticed Neo, he was being carried away by the machines into the center of the Machine Metropolis. A shot within the trailer suggests he should be there, or that the machines took care of him following the reboot of the Matrix. The ultimate scene between The Architect and the Oracle insinuates a continuation of the Matrix in a method or one other.

    The Matrix Resurrections: Robot sentinels take care of Neo after Matrix Revolutions

    Picture: Warner Bros. Footage

    As for Trinity, viewers noticed her die in the course of the occasions of The Matrix Revolutions, leaving many potentialities for Wachowski to select up within the sequel. New characters performed by Jessica Henwick (Love and Monsters) and Yahya Abdul-Mateen II, the ending of The Matrix Revolutions counsel that many people would proceed to thrive and survive in the actual world for years to come back after the machine’s assault.

    How necessary a job Revolutions performs in understanding The Matrix Resurrections is de facto as much as the viewers who experiences it when hits theaters and HBO Max on Dec. 22. Within the meantime, might we recommend all three Matrix movies, currently streaming on HBO Max?



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