Iceiceice Ranks SEA Dota 2 Gamers by Position


Iceiceice, in a Twitch livestream on March 8, 2021, rated the highest SEA Dota 2 gamers in response to the position they normally occupy in skilled video games. He took under consideration all of the SEA gamers which have been to a TI, a Main and those which are at present on a crew after which positioned them into varied tiers. S-tier was the very best and the top-rated whereas G-tier was the bottom one in most of those lists. Daryl Koh “iceiceice” Pei Xiang’s rankings had been primarily based on his personal opinion and he thought of solely these SEA gamers who’ve been competing in SEA and China. (MidOne and Dubu not rated)

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Iceiceice charges the highest SEA Dota 2 gamers

Place 1 / Carry:

Tier Listing
S A D E ?
  • inYourdreaM 
  • Dreamocel
  • JaCkky

Iceiceice didn’t price Natsumi- as a result of he had little or no concept about how he performed. 

Place 2 / Midlaner:

Tier Listing
S A+ A D G
  • Armel
  • Mikoto
  • inYourdreaM
  • Moon
  • ddz

Regardless of inYourdream’s latest stint with ZeroTwo as a help participant, the Indonesian has largely performed because the midlaner and the carry in his profession.

Place 3 / Offlaner:

Tier Listing

S A+ A A- D G E ?

Iceiceice mistakenly put ‘G’ tier earlier than the ‘E’ one however he meant Deth is at a tier beneath kYxY, Ohaiyo and Sam_H. He additionally did know a lot about Bok’s playstyle and performances so was not rated. 

Place 4 / Smooth Assist:

Tier Listing


In keeping with iceiceice, PlayHard is a lot better on the place 4 as in comparison with the offlaner position. PlayHard’s teammate in Neon Esports, Natsumi- had additionally acknowledged after the Neon vs T1 tiebreaker than skem and PlayHard most well-liked switching position as a result of PlayHard was not assured within the offlaner position. DJ who at present performs because the place 5 participant for Fnatic as Jabz has taken the place 4 position, is rated ‘SS’ tier by iceiceice when he performs because the comfortable help participant.

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Place 5 / Onerous Assist:

Tier Listing








Jaunuel was not rated as iceiceice didn’t have a lot information about this playstyle. 

The Singaporean can be competing within the upcoming ONE Esports Singapore Main (March 27 – April 4, 2021) along with his crew, Evil Geniuses. They’ve already secured a Main playoffs berth and can be seen in motion from March 31, 2021. 


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