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    KAY/O Knife Lineups On Fracture

    Fracture is VALORANT’s latest addition to their map assortment, which now totals seven distinctive map layouts. Fracture is located in a 50/50 Twin-biome break up setting the place one half of the map is flourishing with life, and the opposite half is a barren wasteland.

    Riot made the brand new map additional fascinating by putting the Attacker Spawns proper in the course of the map, with each bomb websites located on both facet of the Attacker Spawn. This new structure creates an fascinating tactical change in how Attackers and Defenders strategize in opposition to one another throughout a match.

    The entire map is comparatively small. Though tall buildings cowl Fracture, the skybox remains to be pretty open, which might help KAY/O’s Signature Capability land on some precious spots throughout the map.

    Robotic Initiator: KAY/O

    KAY/O is a humanoid robotic from the distant future. As among the lore would recommend, people, constructed KAY/O to kill Radiants.

    It appears a divide between people and Radiants has ensued within the distant future, inflicting people to concern Radiants and Radiants to despise people. In fact, Radiants would have the higher hand within the ensuing warfare seeing as Radiants are super-powered people just like the X-Males.

    That is in all probability the rationale why they had been pressured to make a ruthless Radiant killing machine like KAY/O.

    Every thing about KAY/O is aimed in the direction of the destruction of all Radiants. His talent set revolves across the disruption of any Radiant Capability. Determining methods to render Radiant Skills ineffective by way of KAY/O is a formidable feat for the human race and almost definitely gave them the higher hand within the warfare. By way of KAY/O’s voice traces, he shares what number of occasions he has killed Reyna in his lifetime, and everyone knows how highly effective Reyna might be.

    Extra details about the lore surrounding KAY/O, the Radiants, and the human race will solely be revealed as time goes by. Riot has executed an incredible job of injecting tasteful storylines into the sport. KAY/O’S lore isn’t any exception.


    KAY/O’s Signature Capability is his third means referred to as ZERO/POINT.

    When activated, KAY/O pulls out a small blade from his forearm and equips himself with a suppression blade that sticks to the primary wall or objects it comes into contact with. KAY/O throws this knife with a precision that solely a humanoid robotic can obtain.

    The blast ensuing from ZERO/POINT impacts Radiants and human expertise alike, disabling each Agent Capability inside a big spherical space.

    ZERO/POINT is KAY/O’s Signature Capability which disables the talents of all Brokers hit by the EMP blast radius. As a bonus, ZERO/POINT pings you and your allies of the variety of enemy gamers hit by the EMP blast. The pings give details about which Brokers had been hit by the EMP blast, together with what number of had been hit by the blade’s space of impact.

    ZERO/POINT is a wonderful device for determining which gamers are enjoying which internet sites on most maps in VALORANT. A great ZERO/POINT lineup on Fracture is important due to the map structure. Early data lineups in Fracture may give you and your workforce a good suggestion of what number of gamers are at present enjoying on which facet of the 2 bomb websites.

    The data given by ZERO/POINT is efficacious in virtually each map in VALORANT, which may all profit from early details about which website the enemies have stacked. You and your workforce can assault or rotate accordingly utilizing this precious data given by ZERO/POINT.

    ZERO/POINT’s projectile travels fairly rapidly and has a constant trajectory which makes lineups fairly easy. ZERO/POINT’s space of impact is sort of giant. The massive impact dimension makes this means very forgiving concerning the place your knife should be thrown to make the most of its radius successfully. It additionally has the bonus of tagging enemies even behind partitions because the EMP blast goes by way of partitions and different forms of in-game cowl.

    The flexibility doesn’t value any credit to equip. Nonetheless, it has a barely lengthy cooldown time of 40 seconds.

    Yin & Yang Fracture

    Ought to’ve Been Named Break up?

    Fracture is ready in a Analysis Facility setting the place a failed Radianite experiment precipitated the entire facility to separate within the center. The failed experiment additionally precipitated environmental modifications between the 2 break up halves, with one-half teeming with life and the opposite half diminished to a dry desert-like setting.

    Fracture has a novel map structure not seen earlier than in any tactical capturing recreation, with the attacker spawns located proper in the course of each bomb websites. Due to Fracture’sdesignt, Defenders will discover it tough to defend any of the 2 bomb websites since Attackers can come from two totally different angles concurrently.

    Fracture A-Web site Attacking – Default ZERO/POINT

    Fracture A-site is a comparatively small bomb website even for VALORANT requirements. This primary ZERO/POINT lineup is a straight-to-the-point knife lineup that goals to filter out as many shut angles on A-site as potential.

    The opposite half of the A-site that connects it to Defender Spawn can simply be smoked off by your teammates and even walled off by your Sage or Viper. Put up-plant play is all of your workforce must do after getting the bomb down.

    1. Search for this nook in Attacker Spawn:

    2. Stand within the nook, flip round, and search for these double triangular metal frames:

    3. Place the tip of the ZERO/POINT Icon on the center of the 2 triangular metal framing:

    4. Left-click to throw ZERO/POINT:

    When executed appropriately, ZERO/POINT ought to land proper in the course of A-Web site:

    And canopy virtually all of A-Web site:

    Whenever you see it. Good.

    Fracture B-Web site Attacking – B-Web site/B-Tower ZERO/POINT

    This B-site ZERO/POINT lineup clears out the whole B-Default bombsite in addition to a few of B-Tower. Anybody disabled by KAY/O’s EMP Knife round this space will seemingly be pushed again to extra defensive positions.

    The remainder of the half of B-site, such because the Canteen and the Generator, might be smoked or walled off by your teammates.

    1. Search for this nook simply outdoors of A-Corridor:

    2. Stand within the nook. Flip round and search for this small triangle mild on the A-Corridor Entrance:

    3. Place the letter “E” of the ZERO/POINT Icon on the precise facet of this triangle mild:

    4. Left-click to throw ZERO/POINT:

    When executed appropriately, the ZERO/POINT Knife ought to land simply above Default in B-site:

    And canopy most of B-site in addition to a few of B-Tower:

    Fracture A-Web site Defending – A-Dish/A-Drop ZERO/POINT

    A-site on Fracture is comparatively simpler to carry due to how slender the entryway is to A-site itself. Attackers might want to move by way of A-Halls or Drop to get to the A-site.

    A slight caveat from Defending A-site is that Attackers can come from three totally different angles concurrently: A-Rope, A-Corridor, and Drop.

    This subsequent ZERO/POINT lineup may give you early data on the Dish-Drop space, so you possibly can approximate simply what number of gamers it’s a must to cope with in A-site.

    1. Tuck your self on this nook on A-site stairs:

    2. Search for in the direction of the overhanging roof:

    3. Place the tip of the curved HP Border on this nook on the roof:

    4. Left-click to throw ZERO/POINT:

    When executed appropriately, ZERO/POINT ought to land simply behind the Dish:

    And canopy virtually all the Dish space:

    Fracture B-Web site Defending – B-Tree ZERO/POINT

    Fracture’s map structure allows Attackers to return from two to 3 totally different angles on the similar time. On B-site, for instance, Attackers can come from both the B-Tree space or the B-Bench/Arcade space.

    Whichever angle the Attackers attempt to tackle a specific spherical, you possibly can disable just a few of them from one of many two angles with this subsequent ZERO/POINT lineup.

    1. Search for this nook at B-Arcade:

    2. Flip round and search for these U-shaped vertical beams:

    3. Place the letter “E” of the ZERO/POINT Icon within the left nook of this U-shaped beam:

    4. Left-click to throw ZERO/POINT:

    When executed appropriately, ZERO/POINT ought to land on the B-Tree space:

    And canopy many of the Tree space:

    Fracture B-Web site Defending – B-Bench/B-Arcade ZERO/POINT

    The final ZERO/POINT lineup on the listing is a B-Bench/B-Arcade lineup that covers many of the space round B-Bench.

    Since this space is without doubt one of the two angles the place Attackers would possibly come from after they attempt to take B-site, disabling or stalling just a few of them coming from the B-Bench space may give your teammates time to rotate.

    1. Search for these bins at B-Default:

    2. Tuck your self in between these bins, then look in the direction of the wall:

    3. Place the rightmost tip of the HP border the place the darker triangular spot on this wall ends:

    4. Left-click to throw ZERO/POINT:

    When executed appropriately, ZERO/POINT ought to land across the B-Bench space:

    And canopy many of the B-Bench space:

    Fractured Opponents

    With the assistance of KAY/O’s Signature EMP Knife, you possibly can roughly decide what number of gamers are enjoying on both of the 2 bomb websites in Fracture. The quicker KAY/O is notified of the placement of enemies on the map, the better it will likely be for his workforce to Assault or Defend.

    Due to Fracture’s structure – with its double Attacker angles – any recon means corresponding to Sova’s Recon Bolt, Skye’s Canine, and KAY/O’s EMP Knife will play a large half in serving to your workforce Defend and Assault efficiently in Fracture.

    That’s about it! We hope that you just discover these KAY/O Knife Lineups helpful at any time when you end up enjoying KAY/O on Fracture.



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