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    Killjoy Lockdown + Nanoswarm Combo Spots on Ascent

    Killjoy’s Lockdown is a strong Final Capacity that stuns or detains any opponent caught inside its radius after an extended windup.

    Nonetheless, essentially the most splendid spots to position our German Prodigy’s final capability cannot 100% cowl a complete space. There’ll all the time be a small spot across the exterior of Lockdown’s radius enemies can use to climate the storm safely.

    In the present day we take a fast take a look at the very best spots for Killjoy to position her Final Capacity and the accompanying Nanoswarm Grenade we will complement it with to cowl spots that might in any other case be left open. Let’s go!

    Killjoy Final: Lockdown

    Lockdown is Killjoy’s Final Capacity. Killjoy locations a Lockdown system that winds up for 13 seconds upon placement. The power covers a big spherical space, with the middle the place the Lockdown system is positioned.

    Any enemy gamers caught inside the space of impact can be “detained” for eight seconds. The enemy crew gamers will be unable to shoot when detained. They’ll, nonetheless, transfer very slowly.

    Killjoy’s Final requires seven Final Factors to equip. Killjoy’s Lockdown capability is a non-moveable goal that the enemy crew can destroy.

    Ascent A-site Defending – A-Backyard Lockdown Placement + Wines Nanoswarm

    The leftmost nook in A-Backyard offers Killjoy’s Final Capacity the slight elevation it must cowl a wider space in A-site.

    Nonetheless, regardless of the small space increase that the elevation offers to Lockdown’s total radius, A-Wines is a small space that Killjoy’s Lockdown will be unable to cowl.

    We will treatment this with a easy Nanoswarm lineup proper after putting the Lockdown system.

    1. Place Lockdown on this nook at A-Backyard:

    2. Instantly run in direction of this nook by the Tree:

    3. Search for in direction of the leaves on the Tree. Search for the small hole simply above the big department:

    4. Left-click-throw your Nanoswarm Grenade whereas aiming for this spot:

    5. The Nanoswarm Grenade ought to land at Wines:

    Activate the Nanoswarm Grenade instantly as soon as it settles at Wines.

    Ascent A-site Attacking – A-Most important Lockdown Placement + Rafters Nanoswarm

    This small cubby at A-Most important is the very best spot to position Lockdown for Attacking. This spot in A-Most important permits Lockdown to cowl essentially the most space on A-site.

    Nonetheless, Killjoy’s Final won’t cowl a small spot behind the bins at Rafters. A easy jump-throw Nanoswarm lineup will end the job properly.

    1. Place Lockdown on this nook in A-Most important:

    2. Run in direction of the double Radianite bins in A-Foyer:

    3. Place your again towards the double Radianite Containers and the wall:

    4. Intention for the left facet of this triangle. Leap + left-click-throw:

    5. When completed correctly, the Nanoswarm Grenade ought to land on Rafters and canopy this small space:

    Ascent B-site Attacking – B-Most important Lockdown Placement + Spawn Nanoswarm

    For Attacking on B-site, putting Lockdown within the nook beside the big crate in B-Most important will cowl most of B-site. Lockdown may also be comparatively protected from Defenders since they should push out into B-Most important to destroy it.

    A small spot at spawn remains to be open for Defenders to lurk round. We will simply treatment this by complementing Lockdown with a Nanoswarm Grenade.

    1. Place Lockdown within the nook by the wall and the big crate in B-Most important:

    2. For the Nanoswarm Grenade observe up, run backward till your again is towards the B-Most important entrance’s left nook:

    3. Intention just a bit bit to the fitting of this wire:

    4. Run-throw the Nanoswarm Grenade by way of the window:

    When completed accurately, the Nanoswarm Grenade ought to land at Defender Spawn and canopy the small space that Lockdown couldn’t cowl:

    Companions in Crime

    Killjoy’s Lockdown is a strong crowd-control capability that may cowl an entire bomb website by itself. Enemies will both attempt to filter the bomb website or fall again to safer positions exterior the bombsite to keep away from getting “detained.”

    Nonetheless, there are cases the place the Lockdown radius just isn’t giant sufficient to cowl areas that enemies can use to climate out Lockdown’s windup.

    In these conditions, Killjoy’s Nanoswarm Grenade can be utilized to filter these areas by way of easy lineups. Killjoy’s enemies cannot run nor conceal from her highly effective one-two combo.



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