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    Killjoy Setups On Haven (Defending)

    Haven is VALORANT’S solely map with three bomb websites.

    The 2 bombsite setup, which most tactical taking pictures video games have used for years, is already difficult to cope with each as a Defender or an Attacker. In Haven, VALORANT gamers have to plot a brand new manner of attacking or defending, because of the addition of the third bomb web site.

    Defending in Haven could be a very daunting process, although, as two of the three bomb websites will typically have only one defender holding the positioning. Defenders in Haven will want a robust Agent that may maintain down a bomb web site on their very own.

    Thimphu, Bhutan

    VALORANT’S solely three bombsite map is situated in Thimphu, Bhutan. The entire map is a mixture of a phenomenal Bhutan panorama with a number of culturally correct buildings and constructions. Nevertheless, hearth and newly shaped rock formations circle the outer rim of the map, suggesting a calamity has taken place in Haven.

    As beforehand talked about, Haven consists of three separate bomb websites. The bomb websites join by means of the center bombsite or B-site.

    Lore-wise, there’s not a lot lore round Haven; for now, the place is just a Kingdom Company storage facility for Radianite. We should wait and see what kind of story this map provides to the present assortment of lore-related nuggets for VALORANT.

    German Effectivity Little one Prodigy: Killjoy

    Killjoy belongs to the Sentinel class of Brokers. As such, her skills enable her to lock down bombsites on her personal. Allies can depend on the German Prodigy to stall and even cease an enemy crew’s push on her personal to purchase her teammates sufficient time to rotate over to her bombsite.

    Killjoy makes use of her superior information and ability to make use of robots and devices to combat on her behalf. Her ability set consists of nanobots, an alarm bot, and a sentry bot she will be able to set as much as give her one of the best likelihood at holding down a bombsite. Her final skill permits her to cowl a big sufficient space to cowl whole bombsites, giving Killjoy the power to detain anybody caught in her final.

    Within the VALORANT lore, Killjoy is thought to have a father-daughter relationship with Brimstone. Whereas neither character is expounded, Brimstone nonetheless sees match to behave as a information to Killjoy.

    Killjoy is in-charge of virtually all the non-Sentinel VALORANT Brokers’ tech. She oversees repairs and tech innovation for each Agent. Taking a number of the Brokers’ voice traces into context, Killjoy appears to be a natural-born tactician, utilizing information she gathers from engagements as inspiration for her subsequent innovations and techniques.

    Killjoy Nanoswarm

    Killjoy’s Nanoswarm is a molly-type skill that offers fast injury over time to a big radius. Killjoy’s Nanoswarm skill could be outfitted initially of every spherical for simply 200 credit every and a most of two fees.

    What units Killjoy’s molly skill other than different molly-type skills like Phoenix’s Scorching Arms, Viper’s Snake Chunk, and KAY/O’s FRAG/MENT is Killjoy’s skill to put the grenades earlier than the beginning of the spherical and activate them at any time throughout the similar spherical. After inserting the Nanoswarm Grenades, they’ll turn out to be fully invisible till enemy gamers stand subsequent to them.

    Among the many different molly-type skills current in VALORANT, Killjoy’s Nanoswarm Grenade is the one molly skill in VALORANT that doesn’t activate upon touchdown. Nevertheless, a slight caveat is that KJ’s Nanoswarm Grenades shells could be destroyed when broken with weapons or skills. Killjoy’s Nanoswarm Grenades additionally emit a refined buzzing noise when enemy gamers stand shut sufficient to the Nanoswarm Grenades.

    Haven Defending – A-site Solo Maintain Setups

    When taking part in in Haven, Haven’s A-site would be the finest web site to carry as Killjoy. A-site Haven is the place Killjoy can take advantage of out of her skills and utilities, because of A-site’s slim entryways and chokepoints.

    Gaining an entire maintain of A-site will enable Killjoy’s teammates to freely and confidently rotate over to both B and C websites to assist out her different teammates. It is usually finest that the Defending crew avoids taking part in into an A-site retake in Haven due to how inherently troublesome it may be when taking part in as a Defender.

    Killjoy’s Nanoswarm, Alarm Bot, and Turret might help her purchase sufficient time so her teammates can rotate over to the A-site to assist her cope with the incoming Attackers.

    Our first setup for this information will arguably be a very powerful setup when taking part in in Haven due to the aforementioned causes. The purpose is to purchase sufficient time in your teammates to allow them to safely come into A-site that will help you defend towards the Attackers.

    Keep in mind, the purpose is to purchase your teammates time to rotate. It’s best to keep away from taking part in “hero” and preemptively rating kills towards the attackers.

    First Nanoswarm Placement

    You’ll place your first Nanoswarm Grenade in the course of the brief lane that connects A-Lengthy to A-site. This could purchase your teammates sufficient time to rotate. The big space lined by Nanoswarm ought to deter any incoming Attackers from taking any more room in direction of A-site.

    1. Place the Nanoswarm Grenade in the course of this lane:

    It doesn’t must be pixel-perfect. The Nanoswarm Grenade covers a bigger radius than the lane itself. You may place the Nanoswarm Grenade just about wherever on the A-site entrance. It may nonetheless cowl the whole entryway.

    Alarm Bot

    Like the primary Nanoswarm Placement on the A-site entrance, our Alarm Bot shall be positioned on the similar spot. The Alarm Bot serves as a cue to activate the primary Nanoswarm.

    Place the Alarm Bot on the similar spot as the primary Nanoswarm Grenade.

    Second Nanoswarm Placement

    The second Nanoswarm Grenade shall be positioned at A-short and function a Plan B if enemies resolve to hurry you at A-short.

    1. Stand wherever at A-site Cubby.

    2. Purpose for this darkish patch on the backside proper nook of the A-short entryway:

    3. Left-click-throw the Nanoswarm Grenade:

    The Nanoswarm Grenade ought to land cowl the A-short Cubby:

    Turret Placement

    As for the Turret placement, place the Turret on high of those containers at A-short:

    Keep in mind to rotate the Turret, so it’s dealing with Sewers:

    Methods to play across the A-site setup:

    As we have now talked about above, this setup goals that will help you maintain down A-site till your teammates arrive that will help you out. Consider this setup as a defense-centric setup that you could work round to your benefit.

    You’ll largely play A-short for this setup due to the duvet and excessive floor that it offers towards gamers pushing up from Sewers. Additionally, your Turret and Nanoswarm Grenade might help you rating low-cost and straightforward kills from A-short. The Alarm Bot and Nanoswarm Grenade, which you positioned at A-Lengthy, can be utilized to stall enemies at A-Lengthy from pushing up on you.

    Keep in mind, the purpose is to purchase your teammates time to rotate to A-site and show you how to out.

    Haven Defending – B-site Setup

    B-site is the least best bomb web site for Killjoy to carry as a Defender. Sage’s wall is far more viable in stopping an outright Attacker push into B-site. Sage’s Barrier Orb requires attackers to shoot at it or knife it right down to destroy it. This offers your crew info relating to the bombsite that the Attackers have chosen to take management of.

    Nevertheless, if you end up defending B-site as Killjoy, here’s a customary setup for Haven B-site that may come helpful.

    First Nanoswarm Placement

    Place the primary Nanoswarm Grenade alongside this warning strip on the ground:

    Second Nanoswarm Grenade Placement

    As for the second Nanoswarm Grenade placement, you possibly can place them on both aspect of the Default Spike plant websites on B-site.

    Proper Aspect
    Left Aspect

    Alarm Bot Placement

    Place your Alarm Bot simply alongside both aspect of the B-site entrance:

    Turret Placement

    Your trusty Turret shall be positioned on high of the right-side crates inside B-site:

    Keep in mind to rotate the Turret in order that it’s dealing with B-site itself. You’ll need to leap to put this Turret because the crates shall be too tall to put the Turret whereas standing.

    Methods to play across the B-site setup:

    This B-site setup is a bit more easy in comparison with the earlier setup for A-site. Nonetheless, the purpose is to delay an enemy crew push and plant along with your Nanoswarm Grenades, Alarm Bot, and Turrets.

    Activate your first Nanoswarm Grenade when your Alarm Bot is alerted. Activate the second Nanoswarm Grenade when the spike plant sound is cued.

    For the reason that enemies should decide to getting into B-site to destroy your Turret absolutely, you possibly can swing off your Turret’s first contact to punish the enemy crew.

    Haven Defending – C-site Setup

    C-site isn’t a foul web site for Killjoy to play in as properly. Nevertheless, your gameplay won’t revolve round delaying an enemy crew push this time. Our purpose with this setup is to attain as many kills as potential so our teammates should deal will fewer enemies upon retake.

    This setup will assist pressure enemy crew gamers into your line of sight at Platform so you possibly can rating some fast and straightforward kills on enemies pushing Storage and C-Lengthy.

    First Nanoswarm Placement

    Easy Nanoswarm Placement at C-Lengthy entrance:

    Second Nanoswarm Placement

    The second Nanoswarm Placement shall be at Logs to offer your self safety towards a Storage to Logs push into the positioning.

    It doesn’t must be good. The Nanoswarm Grenade radius is massive sufficient to cowl the whole lane.

    Alarm Bot Placement

    Place your Alarm Bot on the nook of C-Lengthy’s entrance. The Alarm Bot will warn you of any enemies pushing into C-site. Activate your Nanoswarm Grenade accordingly.

    Turret Placement

    The Turret shall be positioned on this nook of the containers at C-Backsite. It can cowl the C-Hyperlink space in addition to Logs.

    Methods to play across the C-site setup:

    For this setup, you’ll strictly be taking part in on the Platform space. The Nanoswarm Grenades and Turret are arrange in such a manner that may show you how to concentrate on the Storage space.

    The primary Nanoswarm Grenade needs to be activated when your Alarm Bot is triggered. The second Nanoswarm Grenade needs to be activated upon your Turret’s detection as properly.

    Killing the Pleasure in Haven

    Killjoy is a superb Sentinel-class Agent specializing in locking down and anchoring bomb websites alone. Her ability set could be arrange in some ways to arrange traps and management lanes as no different Agent can.

    A-site in Haven remains to be Killjoy’s finest bomb web site to carry as a Defender. Nevertheless, with the assistance of those easy setups for Haven, you possibly can assist your crew maintain down the opposite bomb websites in Haven as properly.

    Haven could be difficult to play in, no because of its tight chokepoints and a number of lanes to defend. With the assistance of our German Prodigy, Killjoy and her bots could be a match made in Heaven.



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