League of Legends’ new champion Gwen means package revealed


The latest champion to hitch League of Legends is Gwen, a reanimated doll that appears to be given life because of Viego’s death-defying magic. Gwen was first revealed with a teaser video final week, and Riot launched her full package on Tuesday. She appears to be a brawler who’s powerful to lock down.

Gwen’s package needs to be fairly acquainted to longtime League gamers. She’s an Potential Energy bruiser who isn’t afraid to stand up shut and private together with her enemies. Her large scissor weapon permits her to do further harm based mostly on a share of her well being, and most of her talents heal her, not less than a little bit bit.

Her most original, and presumably highest influence, means is her W, known as Hallowed Mist. Hallowed Mist creates an space round Gwen that provides her some further armor and magic resistance, and extra importantly makes her proof against all assaults from champions exterior of the Mist. This implies if her opponents need to struggle Gwen, they’ll need to danger getting in shut vary together with her.

Gwen will possible hit League of Legends’ Public Beta Surroundings someday within the subsequent couple of days, then make her solution to the reside sport after two weeks of testing. Till then, right here’s a take a look at all of her talents.

Passive – Thousand Cuts

Gwen’s fundamental assaults deal bonus on-hit magic harm based mostly on a share of her well being. Fundamental assaults in opposition to champions will heal her for a number of the harm dealt.

Q – Snip Snip!

Gwen quickly snips her scissors between two and 6 instances, dealing magic harm in a cone. At a minimal, Gwen will snip twice, including one snip per fundamental assault Gwen has landed on an enemy (as much as 4 for a complete of six). Enemies within the middle of every snip take true harm, in addition to the bonus magic harm from Thousand Cuts.

W – Hallowed Mist

Gwen spins up the Hallowed Mist to encompass her for 5 seconds, gaining some armor and magic resist when in it. Enemies exterior the Mist can’t goal Gwen or hit her with any talents. The mist will transfer to comply with Gwen the primary time she tries to depart it, however will dissipate the following time.

E – Skip ’n Slash

Gwen dashes a brief distance and empowers her assaults with elevated vary, pace, and on-hit magic harm for 4 seconds. Attacking an enemy throughout this time refunds 50% of this means’s cooldown.

R – Needlework

Gwen can solid Needlework as much as 3 times, however must hit an enemy inside eight seconds to unlock every subsequent solid. Every solid fires needles in a line that deal magic harm, gradual enemies, and apply Gwen’s Thousand Cuts bonus magic harm. The primary solid will hearth one needle, the second will hearth three, and the ultimate solid will hearth 5, for a complete of 9 needles and 9 purposes of Thousand Cuts to enemies hit.


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