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    Learn how to Defeat the Damaged Vessel in Hole Knight

    One of many important bosses the Knight will face in Group Cherry’s Hole Knight is the Damaged Vessel. Except for its look, one other similarity the Damaged Vessel has with the Knight is it is without doubt one of the Vessels to go away the Abyss. Nonetheless, not like the Knight, the Damaged Vessel died whereas it was nonetheless in Hallownest. 

    Deep inside the Historic Basin, the Damaged Vessel is obstructing the way in which to the Monarch Wings the place the An infection unfold.


    As talked about above, the Damaged Vessel is positioned and may be encountered within the western a part of the Historic Basin which you’ll be able to go to by taking the Tram in Deepnest.


    Not solely does the Damaged Vessel have the same look with the Knight however it additionally has the same transfer set. Listed below are the Damaged Vessel’s assaults:

    The Damaged Vessel will shortly sprint backward to prepare for an additional assault.

    The Damaged Vessel will leap to both transfer across the enviornment or in the direction of the Knight’s present location.

    The Damaged Vessel will sprint ahead, which covers a lot of the enviornment whereas slashing its Nail in the course of the sprint.

    The Damaged Vessel will fly for a brief peak from the bottom and sprint ahead whereas slashing its Nail. Just like the Slash assault, the Damaged Vessel can even slash his Nail within the Center of the sprint and the assault can even cowl a lot of the enviornment.

    The Damaged Vessel will swing its Nail backward and forward in an arc above its head 4 occasions in fast succession.

    The Damaged Vessel will bounce excessive into the air, reposition on the peak of the bounce, and slam down on the Knight’s place. The slam will trigger 4 An infection blobs to spit out and away in an arc from the Damaged Vessel.

    The Damaged Vessel will bounce and place itself in the course of the sector. Then, it’s going to shake its head forwards and backwards and summon a bunch of An infection blobs overlaying a lot of the enviornment. The Damaged Vessel will emit blobs that can first go down beneath the bottom then stand up emitting three blobs at a time in fast succession for about 4 seconds. The Damaged Vessel will solely use this assault 3 times the entire struggle: when his HP is depleted to round 70%, round 45%, and round 25%,  

    The Damaged Vessel will summon Contaminated Balloons each 4-5 seconds that float and follows the Knight to deal contact injury. This assault will occur mechanically and can spawn randomly within the air. The summoning of the Contaminated Balloons will solely begin as soon as the Damaged Vessel’s HP is depleted to round 60%.


    The Damaged Vessel’s Backstep, Leap, Slash, Aerial Slash, and Flail assault may be merely dodged by transferring or dashing away out of the assault’s vary. However, try to be conscious of the assault animations for every assault to correctly anticipate which assault the Damaged Vessel will use. You’ll be able to inflict injury, about one to 2 hits, in between every of the Damaged Vessel’s assaults.

    As for the Cascade assault, focus much less on inflicting injury and prioritize dodging the blobs. Fortunately, this solely occurs 3 times all through the entire struggle so it won’t be a lot of a nuisance. Moreover, be sure to take care of the Contaminated Balloons as quickly as you’ll be able to to cease them from getting too many and being a nuisance.

    After dealing a specific amount of injury to it, the Damaged Vessel will stagger by being stationary, going through upwards, and calmly shaking. This may be the excellent time to heal. Or, if you’re an absolute god on the sport and your well being continues to be full, deal extra injury by casting a spell. Attacking it’s going to trigger it to get again on its ft and proceed the struggle.

    Spells just like the Desolate Dive or Descending Darkish Spell can assist throughout the Damaged Vessel’s Cascade assault as it may possibly deal a hefty quantity of injury whereas the Knight doesn’t take any injury. These spells will also be used whereas the Damaged Vessel is staggered as it may possibly deal injury to the Damaged Vessel whereas killing any Contaminated Balloons close by. The Vengeful Spirit or Shade Soul Spell also can assist deal injury to the Damaged Vessel.

    Charms are additionally very helpful in preventing the Damaged Vessel: The Mark of Delight and Longnail Allure can assist by growing the size of the Knight’s Nail, The Fast Focus Allure can assist by growing the velocity of focusing Soul which ends up in sooner therapeutic, the Shaman Stone Allure can assist by growing the dimensions and injury of Spells, The Defender’s Crest Allure can assist by summoning damaging clouds across the Knight to kill the Contaminated Balloons, and the Spore Shroom Allure can assist by, much like the Defender’s Crest Allure, releasing a cloud of damaging spores across the Knight.

    It is crucial that you simply don’t get grasping in attacking the Damaged Vessel as there actually are loads of alternatives to assault. Study when to assault, dodge, and heal and also you’ll defeat the Damaged Vessel very quickly.



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