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    Methods to Defeat the Golden Wolflord in Genshin Impression

    An unintentional creation left with out a title and thus turned obsessive about invading worlds to make a reputation for itself. Its look is considerably just like that of the Rifthounds however with a serpent or dragon-like physique and hidden limbs and claws.

    The Golden Wolflord, or the Anonymous King of the Rift, because the folks name it, is likely one of the regular bosses and is a world boss in Genshin Impression. It may be discovered within the southern peninsula of the mysterious Tsurumi Island.

    This boss is unlocked as soon as you may entry Inazuma, and even you probably have but to take away the fog round Tsurumi Island, you may nonetheless journey to this boss’s location utilizing your Waverider.

    Particular Mechanics


    While you get hit by any of the assaults that the Wolflord does, your entire characters can be inflicted with the Corrosion standing. This causes your entire characters within the group to lose HP till this detrimental standing ends its period repeatedly. Additionally, observe that shields don’t block Corrosion.

    It’s endorsed to incorporate at the very least one healer in your occasion when dealing with this boss.

    Geo Injury and Resistance

    The Golden Wolflord’s assaults deal Geo harm. Over time, this Geo harm can be elevated whereas reducing the Wolflord’s resistance to Geo assaults will even be decreased.

    This mechanic makes Geo characters like Ningguang the only option in opposition to this monster.

    Golden Wolflord’s Assaults

    This Anonymous King of the Rift could make a number of assaults which might be fairly straightforward to dodge or keep away from when you understand how they work. Listed under are the assault strikes that the Golden Wolflord will do.

    The names of the assaults used on this information are unofficial and are utilized for naming conventions.

    Ramming Assault

    The Wolflord will plunge in direction of you and swerve across the battle space just a few occasions. After this, the boss will faint for just a few seconds, providing you with a second to assault it.

    This assault is simple to dodge so long as you keep watch over the place the Wolflord is transferring in direction of.

    Tail Sweep

    This transfer begins with an animation the place the Wolflord will curve its tail beneath it after which use it to strike the world under.

    The assault has a smaller AOE, thus conserving your distance will prevent from getting hit by this transfer.

    Geo Beam

    The Golden Wolflord may do a big laser beam that may deal Geo harm.

    As soon as the monster prices and its mouth shines in gold, transfer to its aspect to keep away from getting hit by the beam. After the assault, the Wolflord will faint for just a few seconds, which is your time to deal harm to it.

    Golden Rifthound Skulls

    Other than the three Gold Rifthound Skulls that assist the Golden Wolflord float round, just a few will also be despatched as projectiles that may explode to deal Geo harm.

    These projectiles transfer at medium pace, so dodging or working away from them is not going to be an issue.

    Geo Twister

    When the wind accumulates because the Wolflord turns, it would spin round quicker to create a Geo twister. It should then observe you round to deal stacking harm.

    You possibly can dash away to keep away from getting hit or step out of the battle area because it is not going to transfer out of the world.

    Black Rifthound Skulls

    If the Wolflord steadily floats midair and dirt will construct up beneath it, 4 Black Rifthound Skulls can be summoned across the battle space. Throughout this state, the Wolflord will even have a defend to stop it from taking harm.

    The Black Rifthound Skulls will throw projectiles to deal harm to you.

    Utilizing elemental abilities, you may break this stuff to ship them again to the Golden Wolflord to hit it and cut back its defend’s sturdiness. Geo assaults are far more practical in breaking the Black Rifthound Skulls, breaking the Wolford’s defend loads quicker.

    Earth Dive Explosion

    Whereas Black Rifthound Skulls exist and the Wolflord has a defend lively, it would carry out this excessive harm assault.

    Virtually all the battle space can be marked, and the Wolflord will dive and go underground, creating an explosion within the course of. After this, smaller areas of the sphere can be marked to point that these areas will explode because the Wolflord violently resurfaces.

    There’s a few seconds window between the looks of the markings and the explosion. Be careful for these and transfer away earlier than the explosion to save lots of your self.

    Dropped Supplies

    Defeating the Golden Wolflord gives you a number of rewards, together with the Riftborn Regalia, random varieties of Prithiva Topaz, artifacts, and Mora.

    Group Composition Suggestion

    • Convey a healer that will help you in opposition to the Corrosion debuff, except you are able to do good dodges.
    • Have at the very least 1 Geo character to rapidly destroy the Black Rifthound Skulls and reap the benefits of the Golden Wolflord’s decreased Geo resistance.
    • Since this boss floats round more often than not, use a bow or catalyst-wielding character as your damage-dealer so you may simply hit it.


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