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    Methods to Use Distant Play on PS4

    In case you personal PlayStation 4 and have a PlayStation Vita, PlayStation TV, Home windows PC, Mac, or cellular machine mendacity round the home, you’ve entry to one of many coolest options presently out there on the PS4. The aptly titled instrument does precisely what it seems like and lets you play your PS4 video games remotely utilizing a Vita, PS TV, laptop, or choose cellular machine.

    The method is easy, however it does require some setup and configuration. Fortunately, we’ve put collectively this straightforward information for these trying to reap the benefits of Distant Play, together with some primary ideas to make sure the very best expertise.

    Suitable gadgets

    If you would like the Nintendo Switch game feel when streaming games using PS4 Remote Play, the PlayStation Vita is your best bet. However, not all games are compatible with the device, plus Sony discontinued the handheld in 2019, although there are plenty to purchase through Amazon. The PlayStation TV set-top box is also a good way to stream the best PS4 games in another part of the house.

    Here’s the official list provided by Sony:


    • PlayStation Vita

    • PlayStation TV


    Controller support:


    Controller support:


    Controller support:

    • Windows 10: DualShock 4 Bluethooth and wired

    • MacOS 10.12 or newer: DualShock 4 wired

    • MacOS 10.15 or newer: DualShock 4 Bluetooth and wired

    Remote Play really does remote

    For years, Sony’s PS4 Remote Play service was superior to Microsoft’s Xbox solution in that gamers could stream their PlayStation 4 console from anywhere across the nation, not just within the house. They could use the PlayStation Vita handheld, the PS TV set-top box, the mobile apps, or the desktop software for Windows and MacOS.

    Xbox One owners weren’t quite so lucky. Before the recent arrival of Xbox Remote Play, they could only stream to a Windows PC using the Xbox app. Moreover, streaming was locked to the local network. On the plus side, this in-house lockdown guaranteed great performance.

    However, having a remote service introduces latency. At first glance, PS4 owners appear to simply stream their console across the local network. But even if the console is connected via an Ethernet cable, there are performance issues, making Microsoft’s local service a bit more stable.

    Sony won’t reveal how its PS4 Remote Play service actually works, but the latency indicates that the stream first goes to Sony’s cloud servers before arriving to the locally connected Vita, PS TV, or PC. Why? So the “client” devices can access the stream on any network. This assumption is backed by the Vita and PS TV’s ability to directly connect with the PS4 and bypass the internet connection altogether.

    That said, here are a few general tips to get the best out of PS4 Remote Play:

    • Use Ethernet connections.
    • For wireless devices, use the 5GHz band.
    • Park all devices close to the router for the best wireless performance.

    How to set up PS4 Remote Play (console)

    Step 1: On the PS4, open Settings and select Remote Play Connection Settings. The box beside Enable Remote Play must be checked.

    Step 2: Back out and select Account Management on the list.

    Step 3: Select Activate as Your Primary PS4.

    Step 4: Select Activate on the following screen. This tells Sony’s servers that your PS4 will now serve as the host for streaming games to any device logged in using the same Sony Entertainment Network account.

    Step 5: Back out to the main Settings panel and select Power Save Settings.

    Step 6: Select Set Features Available in Rest Mode.

    Step 7: Check (enable) two settings: Stay Connected to the Internet and Enable Turning On PS4 for Network. These settings allow the remote client device to turn the PS4 on while it’s in Rest Mode.

    With the PS4 now registered to the PlayStation Network as your streaming server, you can move on to the “client” devices. Note that the PS4 must be connected to the internet and logged in to the PlayStation Network to pair client devices and stream games.

    How to use Remote Play (PS TV and Vita)

    A good rule of thumb is to have the PlayStation 4 wired to the network to reduce latency. You can do the same with the PS TV unit, but the Vita doesn’t have that option.

    However, the handheld has a “direct connect” mode for a better connection versus using the local network. The PS TV unit also provides this feature if you can’t physically connect it to the local network. To enable this connection, do the following on the PS4:

    Step 1: Open Settings and select Remote Play Connection Settings.

    Step 2: On the following screen, check (enable) Connect Directly with PS Vita/PS TV.

    If these two devices move out of range, or you take them to another house or hotel, they will default to the local wireless connection.

    How to set up the PS4 Link app

    Step 1: Turn on the Vita or PS TV unit and update it to the latest firmware, if necessary.

    Step 2: Be sure all devices are connected to the PlayStation Network with the same Sony Entertainment Network account.

    Step 3: On the Vita or PS TV, select the PS4 Link button followed by Start.

    Step 4: Select Remote Play on the following screen.

    The system will now search for any PS4 present on the network. If successful, the PS4 Home screen should appear on the Vita or PS TV. After the initial pairing, the PS4 will wake from sleep whenever the PS4 Link app requests a session.


    If the Vita or PS TV cannot locate the PS4, do the following:

    Step 1: On the PS4, open Settings and select Remote Play Connection Settings.

    Step 2: Select Add Device.

    The screen will provide a one-time code for 300 seconds. Use that code in the PS4 Link app to manually pair the PS4 with the Vita or PS TV unit.

    Once the process completes, the consoles will now be synced and you can play the PS4 remotely.

    A few notes

    The Vita’s front screen and rear touch panel usually take the place of the R2 and L2 triggers, and the R3 and L3 toggles on the analog sticks, but this can differ between games. Some games, such as Destiny 2 and Fallout 4, feature Remote Play-specific control schemes for the Vita. Be sure to double-check the controls, which are usually located in the options menu for most games.

    For the PS TV, use a DualShock 4 rather than the included DualShock 3. The latter isn’t compatible as a PlayStation 4 controller.

    How to use Remote Play (Windows/MacOS)

    As shown on the above chart, Windows 10 and MacOS 10.15 support DualShock 4 controllers over Bluetooth. If the Mac or PC doesn’t have Bluetooth, then gamers will need to fall back on a wired USB connection. MacOS 10.12 only supports wired DualShock 4 controllers.

    With both Windows and MacOS, gamers are restricted from using third-party controllers. PS4 Remote Play only supports Sony’s DualShock 4. Gamers also cannot stream to a Mac or Windows PC while using a controller connected to the console — the controller must be connected to the PC.

    Step 1: Download and install the Remote Play desktop program.

    Step 2: Join a DualShock 4 controller.

    Step 3: Launch PS4 Distant Play and look ahead to it to replace if wanted.

    Step 4: Click on the Begin button.

    Step 5: Sign up to the PlayStation Community utilizing the identical Sony Leisure Community account used on the PS4. After the preliminary pairing happens, the console will robotically wake when PS4 Distant Play requests a session.


    The PS4 Dwelling display will seem on the Home windows 10 PC or Mac. If not, strive the next steps to resolve the problem:

    Step 1: Make sure the Home windows 10 PC or Mac is linked to the identical native community because the PS4 console.

    Step 2: On the PS4, open Settings and choose Distant Play Connection Settings.

    Step 3: Choose Add Machine. The display will present a one-time code for 300 seconds.

    Step 4: On the Home windows 10 PC or Mac, click on the Manually Register button in PS4 Distant Play. If a Settings button seems as an alternative, click on that adopted by the Change button beneath Change PS4 to Join To.

    Step 5: Enter the one-time code when prompted to take action.

    Methods to use Distant Play (Android/iOS/iPadOS)

    As seen within the above instance, there’s added assist for DualShock 4 controllers on Bluetooth gadgets with each Android 10 and iOS 13 fashions. Explicit gadgets with out Bluetooth know-how or these designed with dated working methods are restricted to solely contact management entry.

    Step 1: Open the Google Play Store or the Apple App Store and obtain the PS4 Distant Play app.

    Step 2: If you already know your machine is suitable with Distant Play, go forward and join it to your DualShock 4 controller.

    Step 3: Open the app and click on Begin.

    Step 4: Sign up to the PlayStation Community with the identical Sony Leisure Community username and password you employ if you log into your PS4.

    Step 5: Choose OK if it asks you to permit the app to find and connect with gadgets discovered in your community. At this level, you need to see the PS4 Dwelling display pop up in your machine.


    In case you do not see the house display, observe these steps to get there:

    Step 1: Ensure you’ve linked your machine to the identical native community as your PS4.

    Step 2: Navigate to the PS4 and click on Settings. From right here, click on Distant Play Connection Settings.

    Step 3: Choose Add Machine. When you do that, you’ll obtain a one-time code that may final for less than 300 seconds. Don’t wait too lengthy earlier than coming into it.

    Step 4: In your machine, faucet the Gear icon. That is the place it is possible for you to to entry and alter all of your fancy, new PS4 Distant Play app settings.

    Step 5: Select Change PS4 to Join To when you’ve arrived on the subsequent display.

    Step 6: Click on Register Manually.

    Step 7: Lastly, enter your one-time code into the sector, and also you’re all set.

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