Monster Hunter Rise Dragonite Ore | The place to seek out and farm Dragonite Ore


All through your entire time with Monster Hunter Rise you’ve been involved with large wyverns, however now you want a tiny dragon.

As you attain the mid-game, quite a lot of attention-grabbing recipes begin to want Dragonite Ore; a uncommon materials stated to be higher than any you’ve encountered to date.

Nevertheless, by that time within the sport, it’s not clear precisely the place to look. Right here’s the place to seek out Dragonite Ore in Monster Hunter Rise.

The place to seek out Dragonite Ore in Monster Hunter Rise

You may reliably discover Dragonite Ore within the ultimate space of Monster Hunter Rise: the Lava Caverns.

It’s a uncommon drop from Mining Outcrops within the space, which has similarities to different objects you’ve hunted down earlier than, like Machalite Ore, Icium, and Lightcrystal.

Nevertheless, the distinction within the Lava Caverns is that lots of the Mining Outcrops you come throughout are ‘distinctive’ Account Merchandise harvesting spots, slightly than your conventional useful resource dispensers.

You can too get Dragonite Ore from Non-compulsory Subquests dished out by Quest Maiden Hinoa, in addition to from mission rewards from Village Quests.

Additionally, you may ship out the Meowcenries to the Lava Caverns on a path that takes them previous some deposits of ore.

farm Dragonite Ore in Monster Hunter Rise

We’ve devised a fast farming route which takes you previous lots of the Mining Outcrops which have an opportunity of dropping Dragonite Ore.

Bear in mind to eat earlier than you begin – you’ll want the stamina, then observe the yellow line and directions under:

From the place you spawn in, go into Space 1 then take a proper to Space 4. Use your wirebug to climb onto the cliff above the tunnel right here and there’s the primary Mining Outcrop which can provide you Dragonite Ore.

Subsequent, drop again down and go into the tunnel in Space 4, inside, there’s one other Mining Outcrop on the best.

Make your means northwest via Space 9, then use the Wirebug to climb onto the raised path within the northwest nook, harvesting the Outcrop on the finish of the tunnel.

Head north and there’s one other likelihood at Dragonite Ore to reap on the opposite aspect of the steam, then proceed north in direction of Space 7.

On the northern aspect of Space 7, there’s one more raised platform with a Mining Outcrop to reap, earlier than you may drop down and seize the purpose that’s on the mouth of the trail to Space 8.

Take a proper, then harvest the Mining Outcrop on the mouth of the trail to Space 11, then use your wirebug to climb the cliff on the best to reap one other.

Undergo Space 11 and look to your left. There’s a gap within the wall right here the place you may crawl via and discover one other Mining Outcrop.

Now lookup and to the best and there’s a secret entrance to a volcanic path right here.

Wirebug up and inside, there are three extra Mining Outcrops, two of which can provide you Dragonite Ore.

Depart the key chamber and make your means via Areas 14, 13, and 5, then you can begin the loop over once more!

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