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Portugal is the ultimate civ to affix Civilization VI‘s brimming roster, no less than in the meanwhile. Certainly, with its trade-focused capabilities, this maritime powerhouse can outshine even Mansa Musa and Mali. Right here’s our deity information that will help you with Portugal and its chief, João III, in your Civilization VI: New Frontier Go playthrough.

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Civilization VI: New Frontier Go – Portugal deity information

Portugal’s uniques

  • João III’s chief capacity: Porta do Cerco – +1 sight for all items; +1 commerce route capability everytime you meet a brand new civilization; open borders with all city-states.
  • Portugal’s distinctive capacity: Casa da India – Worldwide commerce routes (i.e., those who don’t go to your personal settlements) can solely attain cities on the coast or these with a harbor. Nevertheless, worldwide commerce routes additionally achieve +50% to all yields. Likewise, dealer items have +50% vary over water and might embark as quickly as they’re unlocked.
  • Distinctive constructing: Navigation Faculty – +25% manufacturing for naval items within the metropolis; +1 science for each two coast or lake tiles within the metropolis; +1 Nice Admiral factors. This constructing is a part of the Campus district chain and comes after the library.
  • Distinctive unit: Nau – Replaces the caravel. This naval unit begins with one free promotion, has decrease upkeep, and has two costs to construct Feitorias.
  • Distinctive enchancment: Feitoria – Solely the Nau can construct this. The development can solely be constructed on tiles owned by a civilization or city-state that you’ve got open borders with. Furthermore, it should be on a coast tile or lake tile adjoining to land, and likewise adjoining to a luxurious or bonus useful resource belonging to that metropolis. Feitorias present the proprietor +four gold and +1 manufacturing. In the meantime, any commerce routes you ship to this metropolis will achieve +four gold and +1 manufacturing as properly relying on the variety of Feitorias. Lastly, Feitorias can’t be destroyed and you can not construct these subsequent to one another.

Observe 1: Portugal is a money-making civ with big snowball potential because of its commerce routes, Nau, Feitorias, and different uniques. Nevertheless, do think about the restrictions. In the event you’re enjoying on a Continents or Pangaea map, you’re virtually gimped from the get-go. With solely a handful of overseas cities alongside the coast, you wouldn’t be capable to ship that many commerce routes. As such, you’ll be restricted to simply home ones, unable to take advantage of out of João III’s and Portugal’s uniques.

Observe 2: I’ll focus on the utilization of Feitorias intimately a bit later within the information.

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Beginning out with our Civilization VI: New Frontier Go deity run as Portugal and João III

You’ll be able to see my chosen settings above. I disabled all different sport modes, however I did have six AI-controlled civs within the match. Likewise, I might advise selecting Island Plates or Archipelagos to your map setting. Different map varieties can actually screw you over in relation to restricted buying and selling alternatives.

Plus, in case you’re enjoying on Island Plates or Archipelagos, there’s an excellent likelihood that you may bottleneck an aggressive AI’s advance (which is a given on Civilization VI: New Frontier Go‘ deity issue). With solely a few items, you’ll be able to stymie an invasion pressure.

Observe: In case your settler’s on a coastal tile firstly of your sport, that’s nice. If not, and transferring wastes a flip, you would possibly want to restart. You need your first metropolis to be on the coast to get the eureka for Crusing.

C6nfps Prtg 2C6nfps Prtg 2

Construct order

Scout -> Slinger -> Builder/Galley -> Dealer. This usually will depend on how quickly you will get Crusing. After getting that tech, pump out a few galleys to discover the seas. For each new civilization you meet, you’ll achieve further commerce route capability.


  • Celestial Navigation (Harbor district) and Shipbuilding (land unit embarkation and Colossus of Rhodes marvel) – Get these two after grabbing some early-game techs like Writing and people associated to strategic, bonus, or luxurious assets.
  • Foreign money (Business Hub district and market) – That is one other apparent selection because you’ll wish to have as many commerce routes as potential.
  • Cartography (Nau, Casa de Contratacion marvel, further gold from fishing boats, and crossing of ocean tiles) – Naturally, you’ll be grabbing this shortly.
  • Training (Navigation Faculty) – That is barely out of the way in which, however you do want it for the Navigation Faculty.

C6nfps Prtg 3aC6nfps Prtg 3a


  • Overseas Commerce (Caravansaries coverage, Dealer unit, and commerce route creation) – There’s an excellent likelihood that you just’ll uncover a brand new continent quickly sufficient, so that you’ll get the inspiration for this. As soon as unlocked, churn out a dealer at any time when potential.
  • Exploration (Service provider Republic authorities) – The largest draw back right here is that this civic is a lifeless finish. Nonetheless, Service provider Republic is a perfect authorities sort in the course of the mid-game.
  • Mercantilism (Torre de Belem marvel and Triangular Commerce coverage) – The Triangular Commerce coverage will rake in a lot gold and religion because you’re targeted on worldwide commerce routes.
  • Capitalism (Market Economic system coverage) – Once more, you’ve obtained bonuses to worldwide commerce routes right here.
  • Suffrage (Democracy authorities) – In the event you’re enjoying a peaceable deity sport as Portugal in Civilization VI: New Frontier Go, then, likelihood is, you’ll be everybody’s ally (or the suzerain of a number of city-states). Likewise, that 15% low cost on gold purchases is nothing to scoff at.

C6nfps Prtg 3bC6nfps Prtg 3b


I personally wouldn’t go along with a Non secular Victory as Portugal, and it’s going to be a doozy in case you try this on deity issue anyway. Nevertheless, in case you actually wish to mess around with it, then I counsel the next:

  • Pantheon – God of the Sea or Non secular Settlements
  • Follower – Non secular Group
  • Worship – Wat
  • Founder – Sacred Locations or Tithe
  • Enhancer – Non secular Colonization


  • Auckland – +1 manufacturing for shallow water tiles; further +1 manufacturing when you attain the Industrial Period.
  • Bandar Brunei – Buying and selling posts in overseas cities present +1 gold to your commerce routes passing by or going to the town.
  • Geneva – +15% science everytime you’re not at battle with a civilization.
  • Hunza – Commerce routes achieve +1 gold for each 5 tiles they journey.
  • Kumasi – Commerce routes to city-states present +2 tradition and +1 gold for each specialty district within the origin metropolis.
  • Mogadishu – Your dealer items can’t be plundered on water tiles.
  • Samarkand – Assemble the Buying and selling Dome enchancment. Provides +2 gold and +1 gold for each adjoining luxurious useful resource. Worldwide commerce routes from this metropolis achieve +1 gold for each Buying and selling Dome.
  • Venice – Commerce routes to overseas cities earn +1 gold for every luxurious useful resource within the vacation spot.

Civilization Vi Civilization 6 Portugal Deity Guide Joao Iii Civ 6 Portugal Feitoria 1aCivilization Vi Civilization 6 Portugal Deity Guide Joao Iii Civ 6 Portugal Feitoria 1a


  • Mausoleum at Halicarnassus – Given all of the water tiles surrounding your cities, you may want one thing that grants further science, religion, and tradition.
  • Casa de Contratacion – You’ll undoubtedly need this one and never only for the three free Governor promotions. Assuming you’ve obtained a metropolis on one other continent (i.e., a “buying and selling hub” shut to varied civs), you want the +15% manufacturing, religion, and gold that this marvel offers.
  • Torre de Belem – All worldwide commerce routes from this metropolis achieve +2 gold for each luxurious useful resource within the vacation spot. Assemble this in your “buying and selling hub” to maximise the yields.

Observe: The Torre de Belem marvel additionally routinely constructs the constructing with the bottom manufacturing worth in each metropolis that’s not in your capital’s continent. As an example, if such a metropolis already has a monument, then it’ll obtain a free granary.

Civilization Vi Civilization 6 Portugal Deity Guide Joao Iii Civ 6 Portugal Feitoria 1bCivilization Vi Civilization 6 Portugal Deity Guide Joao Iii Civ 6 Portugal Feitoria 1b

Normal ideas and establishing your Feitorias

I discussed the time period “buying and selling hub” a number of instances. Mainly, that is one in every of your cities that’s on one other continent. Ideally, it’s near most different civs with settlements which might be alongside the coast. This may permit that hub to churn out and ship extra dealer items, making certain a gentle inflow of money. Then, with the Casa de Contratacion and Torre de Belem, you’ll generate much more gold (together with different yields and advantages).

Nonetheless, to really have an opportunity as Portugal, you should be buddies with varied civ leaders. Ideally, when you meet them, it is best to ship a delegation and reward 100 gold (and possibly an additional luxurious useful resource) to get that inexperienced smiley face. Enact a declaration of friendship and, finally, different agreements too (i.e., open borders, analysis, and the like). Simply maintain refreshing these diplomatic agreements at any time when they’ve elapsed.

Civilization Vi Civilization 6 Portugal Deity Guide Joao Iii Civ 6 Portugal Feitoria 2aCivilization Vi Civilization 6 Portugal Deity Guide Joao Iii Civ 6 Portugal Feitoria 2a

As for the Nau distinctive unit, your Historic Period galleys might be upgraded into these and also you shouldn’t have issues as a result of all of your gold. Moreover, the galley will obtain a free promotion upon being transformed right into a Nau.

In the meantime, you also needs to examine the locations of worldwide commerce routes to see if there are a number of luxurious or bonus assets. The extra Feitorias you’ll be able to construct at these areas together with your Nau ships, the extra gold you’ll amass if a commerce route is heading there. Simply keep in mind the location restrictions. If a metropolis owns a luxurious/bonus useful resource and it’s surrounded by the ocean on a number of sides, your Feitorias will certainly make a killing right here. If the spot is enclosed, then the commerce route vacation spot received’t be as viable.

As you’ll see within the picture under, there’s an enormous distinction between zero Feitorias within the vacation spot metropolis and upon getting three or extra:

Civilization Vi Civilization 6 Portugal Deity Guide Joao Iii Civ 6 Portugal Feitoria 2bCivilization Vi Civilization 6 Portugal Deity Guide Joao Iii Civ 6 Portugal Feitoria 2b

I would like all of it, and I would like it Nau

True to what we’ve seen in human historical past, Portugal in Civilization VI: New Frontier Go is an absolute powerhouse in relation to buying and selling. Though a number of uniques develop into obtainable in the course of the Medieval Period, João III’s capacity (and that of the civ), can already make a distinction early on. Strive your greatest to play defensively and peacefully. This ensures good relations together with your neighbors, all when you amass tons of gold.

For victory varieties, I wouldn’t counsel Non secular or Cultural as a result of a scarcity of synergy. Certainly, Science, Domination, and even Diplomacy are extra very best. Play your playing cards proper, and use your money to bolster your forces or offset any deficiencies.

Civilization Vi Civilization 6 Portugal Deity Guide Joao Iii Civ 6 Portugal Feitoria 3Civilization Vi Civilization 6 Portugal Deity Guide Joao Iii Civ 6 Portugal Feitoria 3

Civilization VI: New Frontier Go is obtainable by way of Steam. The Portugal Pack, already included within the season cross, will also be bought individually. For extra info, take a look at our guides and options hub.


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