New Race Face Subsequent SL handlebar drops to only 167g, flexes over bumps


The Race Face Subsequent SL carbon handlebar flexes, and that’s OK. All handlebars flex, particularly carbon fiber ones. It’s the style during which the Subsequent SL carbon bar flexes that makes it value having a look.

That, and it’s extremely light-weight.

Race Face says the brand new bar’s vertical flex helps scale back arm fatigue, a subject we’re exploring for a brand new tech sequence (keep tuned). So the Subsequent SL carbon bar flexes vertically to scale back affect forces. However its uneven carbon layup has bolstered fore-aft materials to make sure the bar doesn’t flex horizontally, which might sacrifice management and dealing with.

Subsequent SL carbon handlebar flex: do you want it?

On condition that your mountain bike seemingly has a suspension fork on it, in addition to a cushiony tire (and perhaps a tube?), and also you seemingly have an arm or two that bend someplace within the center, do you actually need a handlebar that flexes?


The Subsequent SL carbon handlebar would possibly ship extra noticeable advantages to XC racers who run shorter, firmer suspension setups. However anytime we will scale back vibration and micro impacts, we scale back arm fatigue. It’s simply that you could be discover it much less the longer your fork’s journey will get.

Race Face Next SL carbon handlebar shown on a mountain bike

The brand new Subsequent SL bar has a 35mm clamp diameter, 740mm width, and 10mm rise…a reasonably customary set of specs today, which Race Face says have been primarily based on rider suggestions.

What’s not so customary is getting a bar like this down to only 167g. Race Face says the bar is the lightest within the XC/Path class, making the flex a pure bonus for weight weenies.

Race Face Next SL carbon handlebar

The Subsequent SL carbon handlebar retails for $179.99. Race Face isn’t the primary to make a flex bar, however as of now, they’re the lightest.



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