Nier Automata gamers review-bomb it on Steam to demand a greater port


Sq. Enix’s errors with the unique PC launch of Nier Automata are coming again to hang-out it.

Final week, Nier Automata – alongside an assortment of video games – got here to PC Sport Move. Shortly after the sport went stay, gamers found one thing very curious: this isn’t the identical PC port on sale on Steam.

Often, that simply means the Home windows Retailer model is proscribed in some methods, however this is without doubt one of the uncommon events the place the Sport Move model is definitely superior to at least one on Steam. It seems, it is a fully completely different port.

Reviews of improved efficiency, correct windowed full display screen help and extra started popping up shortly after Automata’s launch on Sport Move. The unique Steam launch, nonetheless, was notorious for intermittent stuttering, lack of correct windowed full display screen help and some different points that required the usage of Kaldaien’s FAR mod to resolve.

Sq. Enix didn’t launch a single patch for the unique Steam launch, regardless of followers’ many requests on the time, so everybody simply moved on. It seems, a greater PC model of Nier Automata does exist, and it’s discovered on the Home windows Retailer.

QLOC, the developer behind the Sport Move model (and lots of different PC ports), confirmed that that is certainly a brand new model, based mostly on the Turn out to be As Gods Version (2018), not the Sport of the Yorha Version (2017) of Nier Automata, apparently created on a particular request by creator Platinum Video games. Amongst a number of different enhancements, this model additionally consists of help for FidelityFX, HDR, and 4K upscaled UI and textures.

This has all result in a large Steam review-bombing marketing campaign, which managed to take the sport from Very Optimistic, to Blended, after almost 900 unfavourable opinions started flooding in, starting March 18.

That is pretty uncommon within the phrase of PC ports, as publishers are often joyful to proceed enhancing present code, significantly if a greater model does exist. Basically, Sq. Enix’s PC ports have been uneven, from respectable efforts like these of the Ultimate Fantasy 15 PC launch, to disasters corresponding to 2018’s Chrono Set off’s port.

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