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    Nioh 2 Character Creation Codes

    In Nioh 2, gamers get to decide on their character’s look and gender as they see match. Nevertheless, the builders have additionally enabled character creation codes. These codes are simple methods to copy hours of character customization immediately.

    In case you’re wanting into enjoying Nioh 2 and want to slot your favourite character into the sport, you’re in luck. As a consequence of practically limitless prospects, we will solely embody some common codes. Carry on studying to search out out what they’re.

    Character Codes in Nioh 2

    These characters could be from different online game franchises and even actual individuals. As Nioh 2’s character creation engine is immensely versatile, gamers may even modify many options corresponding to pores and skin colour or hair. Do not forget that the codes solely work on the platform they have been generated on, whether or not it’s PS4 or PC.

    On this case, if we don’t point out in any other case, the codes are made on PS4s. Thus, PC gamers should discover totally different codes, even when it’s the identical character.

    There are a lot of totally different characters from totally different online game collection; we’ll attempt to group these from the identical collection in a single place. If a collection doesn’t have many representatives on this listing or has an outlier character, you could find it underneath totally different headings.


    There appears to be a serious obsession within the Nioh 2 participant base for Naruto characters. Out of many sport franchises in our listing, Naruto characters have essentially the most representatives.

    The codes are principally for important characters, which isn’t shocking given how many individuals like them. In case you’re seeking to play as a Naruto character, be happy to strive these codes.

    World of Warcraft

    There are additionally just a few WoW characters on our listing. Followers of World of Warcraft might discover it entertaining to have these character codes used when creating their avatar.

    • Half-orc (Area 1): B9VGiKkocdQFz
    • Half-orc (Area 2): [email protected]?HT
    • Half-orc (Area 3): y9Pok44c6percentnik
    • Half-orc (Area 4): BQT52sUi6Muk4
    • Half-orc (Area 5): o6pFvtJoRLPf5
    • Half-orc (Area 6): [email protected]
    • Half-orc (Area 7): Gs7VRUwFyTgM7
    • Half-orc (Put up-Sport): oDn4=L9ii$r$8
    • Voidlust: kpGZkN7eR5YL2

    Authentic Designs

    A number of codes listed here are authentic designs that don’t belong to a online game, anime, or totally different type of media. A number of of those characters have been even winners for a Nioh 2 design contest.

    • Fextralife: j9Le8percentBKiowDA
    • Male Samurai: &[email protected]
    • Ruder: sEdfdDQ4TWxFS
    • CHANO: PmGsgN8hsvMU5
    • Juny Ymmt: 47UL&djEhpercentMFB
    • Siutyler: Y9wX28qdP9ugB
    • Oni: S-M3EouYAFkLka4 (PC solely)
    • Fujiko Fujimino: UHm36$Ok+QX29i
    • Bo Diaz: 8q5u$rWX9Udji
    • Koma-p Tenzen: Fzor9q5yr&uBA
    • Jesse Black: ep8Kie+uWCMeF
    • Character MINK: dQefPUwGMVkKA
    • Onmyo-hime: gE6FQ?%[email protected]
    • Samurai Common: VYv+TYDaosPzz
    • Nekomata: an9f3snD76cmV
    • Merai Sashou: [email protected]
    • Shuya Hima: %9rMTTBmYQs6T
    • Maki Shouga: 5+7TdUXh9NSak


    The favored net collection RWBY additionally has 4 character codes in Nioh 2.

    • Tifa Lockheart: S-k6K6P5QrHJ2b6
    • Yang: S-Jn&rbrmx33QYk
    • Nora: S-EfRKPhb7JDhPo
    • Blake: S-qkCkchZPeSuVT

    Anime Characters

    Anime has an enormous fanbase, and a majority of people that watch anime additionally play video video games. You’ll be able to anticipate loads of different anime characters on our listing. As a consequence of what number of collection are represented, we determined to collect them underneath this part for comfort.

    • Guts: t8Yuvh4Z?Dcna
    • Alita Battle Angel “Gunnm”: [email protected]%UxsBi
    • Kenshin Himura: [email protected]
    • Zero Two: $c?$QQcWhytam
    • Tanjiro Kamado: bhoAXo85sMKR9
    • Yato: i$$HWoD4a&Vw4
    • Miruko (Boku no Hero Academia): [email protected]
    • Yeon Ehwa: iXGTr3vxhU2C8
    • Koon Eduan: [email protected]?MSdm?7
    • Hwa Ryun: [email protected]$ZTCZ?
    • Baam/Viole: K4pR9G4?YV6Za
    • Genos (One Punch Man): Nkh8pE3z?MPWz
    • Shiro (Useless Man Wonderland): ha7NJy2ncHJRz
    • Kouchou Shinobu: r58reLH8uLbQB

    Different Video Sport Characters

    On this part, you’ll discover characters from numerous collection. They are often well-known or obscure video games. Both method, be happy to see which one piques your curiosity.

    • Ciri: @p4P8y=y=DdaB
    • Jin (ghost of tsushima)
    • 2B: &pQU4REQuYwuz
    • Joker: 2z&mhcNqYxeZS
    • Ahri: UEqihindXngGz
    • Completely different Ciri: BNW4SWm?Ahipercentz
    • Okita Souji (Destiny/Grand Order): S-Nnguj8WpercentNcdbA
    • Strong Snake: icVfiLis8f3&i
    • Sekiro: %gNw9duMNSYNz
    • Geralt of Rivia: ttchNzyz7?PBS
    • Nariko: [email protected]
    • Kratos: DhuHuvkzm?z?F
    • Majutsu: iN92FF478vUCz
    • Maka: B&$+eeGzb+ioU
    • Feminine Byleth: ySQwpercentsCMSk8H3
    • Yukimura Sanada: [email protected]
    • Io (Code Vein): quhU%+NVw5Dj6
    • Jetstream Sam: Ex2n627uoT48z
    • Sephiroth (FF7R): tLkrFQ3BNpK7S
    • Miraida: YnfhRHmEK8Xz
    • Solar Wukong: &hHryt+GNY9YW
    • Yuki: S-JtUgj7X4kkPn2 (PC solely)
    • Sindel (MK11): S-nxiH332V4JvvB (PC solely)
    • Undyne (Undertale): S-vcNxdPDJDK7KB (PC solely)
    • Goro Majima (Yakuza): JAUYcU+ibfz=I (PC solely)
    • Darlyth: =CiqQVfHe+=Nz
    • Conceal Shepard: FiiPbWmtxWqZz
    • Woman Maria: pL3suN7Rjf6x2
    • Uhtred of Bebbanburg: sNn8jRk4RfrKC
    • Solar Wukong for PC: S-k5caSG88DuK6D

    Motion pictures and TV Collection

    A number of names right here in our listing are from the large display screen or a well-liked collection. Star Wars and Avatar: The Final Airbender are solely two names.

    • Obi Wan Kenobi: 3EJ7nfdDzKqrS
    • Azula: og4yvrDwMjoaU
    • Zuko: G5jRgzYJELVsV

    Actual Individuals

    In case you’re curious whether or not players have replicated celebrities in Nioh 2, you is likely to be stunned. There aren’t many codes, however we have now Billie Eilish and Danny Trejo.

    • Danny Trejo: S-BJxxVs7YCcXui (PC solely)
    • Billie Eilish (sure, the favored singer): E7TYCSVot$uc3

    Straightforward Character Replication

    With these character creation codes, anybody can load them into Nioh 2 and play as their favourite protagonist or sidekick. There are a lot of extra codes on the market because the group spends time rendering their beloved characters within the sport. If not one of the characters you need are right here, you possibly can all the time discover different codes or create them from scratch.

    Do you employ any codes throughout character creation in Nioh 2? What do you concentrate on the codes being non-cross-platform? Tell us within the feedback part under.



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