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    One other Eden tier checklist – high heroes underneath every assault sort

    One other Eden is a massively widespread RPG that takes you on a whirlwind journey by time. With an enormous number of characters and attainable group compositions, the turn-based battles actually open up, permitting you to play the sphere the way you need. However who’re the perfect characters that can assist you energy by? Properly that’s the place we are available!

    After placing in loads of time and analysis, now we have created this One other Eden tier checklist to point out you a few of the greatest heroes underneath every assault sort. Understand that, because of the flexibility of One other Eden, there isn’t any definitive reply to the query of what’s the strongest group composition, as not solely do totally different characters praise one another, they’re additionally affected by particular zones and buffs – so simply because a personality has not ranked extremely on our checklist, doesn’t imply they’re ineffective. Nonetheless, by scouring statistics and spending time with the characters ourselves, we’ve give you what we imagine to be essentially the most complete total checklist.

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    Now, ultimately, right here is our One other Eden tier checklist!

     One other Eden tier lists

    One other Eden slash tier checklist

    Tier: One other Eden character:
    SS Isuka Alter, Melissa, Suzette Alter, Necoco, Thillelille (One other Type), Isuka (Further Type)
    S Victor (One other Type), Kikyo (One other Type), Miyu (One other Type), Thillelille, Child, Serge, Shigure (One other Type), Aldo, Akane (One other Type), Ilulu, Isuka (One other Type), Shion, Curio, Ilulu (One other Type), Radius, Cyrus, Zeviro (One other Type)
    A Cress, Violet, Heena, Philo, Renri, Tsukiha (One other Type), Victor, Velvet, Anabel (One other Type), Renri (One other Type), Nikeh (One other Type)
    B Yuri, Elga, Deirdre, Milla, Anabel, Shannon (One other Type), Sophia, Cynthia, Shanie (One other Type), Nagi (One other Type), Shion (One other Type), Shannon, Shanie, Kikyo, Guildna
    C Tsukiha, Azami, Elga (One other Type), Ruina (One other Type), Shigure, Zeviro, Morgana, Nagi, Isuka, Joker, Miyu
    D Ruina, Breeno, Nikeh, Akane, Miranda, Otoha, Zilva, Denny, Cyuca, Yio, Yazuki, Benedict, Myron

    Another Eden character, Claude

    One other Eden pierce tier checklist

    Tier: One other Eden character:
    SS Pizzica, Mistrare (One other Type), Tsukiha (Further Type), Garambarrel, Suzette
    S Hismena (One other Type), Milsha, Hozuki (One other Type), Foran (One other Type), Sheila (One other Type), Ciel (One other Type), Hismena, Suzette (One other Type), Yukino, Mistrare, Mana, Laclair (One other Type)
    A Tiramisu, Tiramisu (One other Type), Claude (One other Type), Ewella, Betrand (One other Type), Hozuki
    B Premaya, Jade, Claude, Bertrand, Laclair
    C Cetie (One other Type), Altena, Cetie, Bria, Ciel
    D Galliard, Soira, Sheila, Lovinia, Parisa, Nomar, Komachi, Rovella, Foran, Darunis

    Another Eden character, Felmina

    One other Eden blunt tier checklist

    Tier: One other Eden character:
    SS Dewey Alter, Tsubame (One other Type), Daisy, Hardy (One other Type), Myunfa (One other Type)
    S Ewan (One other Type), Prai, Melina (Further Type), Felmina
    A Yipha, Hardy, Myunfa, Dewey
    B Could, Cranium, Cerrine, Ewan, Amy, Riica
    C Felmina (One other Type), Biaka, Pretty, Tsubame, Melina, Lokido, Lokido (One other Type)
    D Nopaew, Nero, Good Macky, Samora, Lingli, Rufus

    Another Eden character, Dunarith

    One other Eden Magic Tier Listing

    Tier: One other Eden character:
    SS Nagi (Further Type), Chiyo (One other Type), Flammelapis
    S Rosetta (One other Type), Clarte (One other Type), Dunarith (One other Type), Harle, Radica (One other Type), Myrus (One other Type), Melody, Veina (One other Type), Yuna (One other Type), Mighty
    A Toova (One other Type), Levia (One other Type), Radica, Yuna, Mariel, Gariyu (One other Type), Rosetta
    B Gariyu, Myrus, Dunarith, Bivette, Feinne, Toova, Mighty (One other Type)
    C Clarte, Mariel (One other Type), Saki (One other Type), Veina, Levia, Helena
    D Erina, Pom, Krervo, Saki, Chiyo, Nonold, Raven, Lele, Sevyn

    How one can Reroll in One other Eden

    Sadly, there isn’t a straightforward method to reroll in One other Eden, however it’s attainable. So long as you haven’t linked the sport to your Fb account, you possibly can delete the sport and begin from scratch, however, in fact, this may wipe all progress and you’ll have to begin recent, gathering all of the crystals you must purchase a brand new group. Plus, you’ll have to look ahead to the sport to re-install once more! However the free models you get from the sport are fairly strong, and you may at all times mess around with group compositions to see what fits your models the perfect.

    If you wish to be part of the enjoyable, head over to the App Store or Google Play to hitch at no cost!



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