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Pay attention up, ASTRO devoted. There’s one thing we wish to get off our chests. Hear us out. Online game characters’ ears? They aren’t made equal. There’s no approach the ho-hum sound absorbers on the likes of Marcus Fenix might ever examine to the silken fur of Animal Crossing’s Isabelle’s floppy toppers. 

There’s no approach you possibly can inform us you’d fairly whisper candy nothings into Sonic’s ears as a substitute of giving Pikachu some much-needed scritches. With that in thoughts, we’re sounding off. We’ve chosen among the greatest ears in gaming: the most effective t(ear) listing, if you’ll.

Include us and check out essentially the most beautiful aural content material supply mechanisms we’ve ever laid our peepers on within the online game world. And don’t be afraid to pontificate on social for those who assume we’ve gotten this all improper. We find it irresistible if you make our ears ring. 

Pikachu – Pokémon

That is too straightforward. You in all probability already personal a pair of Pikachu ears. If you happen to do, we shouldn’t have to clarify this to you. But when you really want to know, simply take a look at them. They’re completely pointy. Examine the yellow and black match. Who doesn’t wish to have Pikachu’s ears? Subsequent to the electrical mouse’s cheek sacs, these ears are in all probability essentially the most coveted a part of the whole little man’s being. Don’t faux such as you aren’t already excited about carrying your Pikachu-eared hoodie as quickly as the autumn units in once more.

Ori – Ori and the Blind Forest

Are you able to contact a guardian spirit? Must you contact a guardian spirit’s ears? Who is aware of? We wish to contact this tiny creature’s ears, not as a result of they make Ori appear like a Pokémon, however as a result of they’re at all times calling us to just do that. So floppy. So aerodynamic. So inviting. Have you ever ever seen one thing so ridiculously cute? Belief us. We hear you. Great things occurring throughout right here.

Isabelle – Animal Crossing

Have you ever ever seen one thing as treasured or as candy as Isabelle? Do you assume her ears are lovely? Inform her that her ears are lovely. We will not tolerate any Isabelle slander on this home. And don’t you would like you had floppy, furry ears like this harmless little pup? We should always all attempt to be extra like Isabelle.

Ratchet – Ratchet and Clank 

Ratchet is a furry little man generally known as a Lombax from the planet Fastoon. Positive, certain, however he additionally seems to be like an anthropomorphic cat with a poofy lion tail. However simply take a look at these ears. What number of occasions has Ratchet taken out an eye fixed with these furry protrusions? It doesn’t matter if he occurs to have two further furry weapons on both sides of his head with eye-seeking alt-fire. We love Ratchet and people majestic ears. 

Tanooki Mario 

Vanilla Mario was cursed with the identical boring, flesh-toned ears the remainder of us have. However as soon as he transforms into Tanooki Mario, this on a regular basis plumber beneficial properties among the cuddliest raccoon ears this facet of Guardians of the Galaxy’s Rocket. You would give these dangerous boys some behind-the-ear pets for hours, and Mario wouldn’t really feel them in any respect as a result of they’re a part of a swimsuit. However who cares after they’re this cute? Nobody. These are some high quality ears.

Moogles – Last Fantasy

This choice has nothing to do with the jolly purple ball atop moogles’ cute little heads. However it does have every little thing to do with their smooth, pointy ears. They’re ripe for petting between your thumb and pointer finger. Simply take a look at these dangerous boys. Have you ever ever seen such an impressive sight? What? You assume they give the impression of being vaguely catlike? Maybe. However by no means confuse a moogle with a cat. It gained’t finish effectively for you, and moogles have been identified to do some severe harm. 

Tails – Sonic the Hedgehog

Sonic has pointy hedgehog ears that common hedgehogs don’t have. Tails, although…he’s a fantastic specimen of a fox. Mr. Miles Prower’s golden fur makes for 2 ear-ily wonderful extensions of this little man’s head. They certain don’t make Tails pay attention when Sonic insists he ought to hold again, so we aren’t certain how helpful they’re in relation to listening to. However aesthetically they’re an enormous win. 

The Hero of Time is liked by tens of millions for extra than simply nice hair, a shiny sword, and a cool protect. Why else? These ears, in fact. Duh. This Hylian hero makes use of these ears for wanting slick, although. They can be used to ship telepathic messages and obtain messages from the gods. However we all know they’re additionally only a cool excuse to have pointy ears if you cosplay. 


Take a look at these lengthy, majestic, cascading tendrils of fluff. Yeah, Klonoa can use them to drift or no matter. However simply think about their different utilities. These issues are shelter from the weather. Makeshift clothes. Handles for carrying Klonoa if he will get drained. The most recent trend equipment for an on-trend, fashion-forward mascot. Keep in mind Spirit Hoods? They’re sort of like that, however cooler. 

Garrus Vakarian – Mass Impact 

The place are Garrus’s ears? You possibly can’t see them, and that’s what makes them so wonderful. The bird-like Turians have ear holes as a substitute of exterior constructions. Consider Garrus like a giant, hunky chook who can by no means put on earrings. Simply give it some thought. Increase. That’s why he’s on this listing. 

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