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    Patch Notes: Model: NW.131.20211003a.28 | Neverwinter

    By Nitocris | Mon 20 Dec 2021 03:11:51 PM PST


    Mechanical Dragon Eggs

    • The turn-in for a full assortment is energetic once more. (Max 1 turn-in per account.)
    • You possibly can flip in a full assortment even if you happen to did previous to this patch.
    • Mythic Mechanical Dragon Eggs from previous to this patch are out of date.
    • AD gained/spent from auctions of these eggs have been reversed.

    Winter Wolf Companion

    • This will now be claimed as soon as free of charge within the Zen Market till Thursday, January 6th.



    Launch Notes


    Gadgets and Financial system

    Mechanical Dragon Eggs

    • We’ve addressed a problem the place gamers may incorrectly achieve extra Mythic rank Mechanical Dragon Eggs by way of turn-in than supposed.
      • As a result of that is addressed, gamers with a full assortment of Uncommon, Epic, and Legendary Mechanical Dragon Eggs can now correctly current them for a Mythic Mechanical Dragon Egg, restrict as soon as per account.
    • The Mythic Mechanical Dragon Eggs gained previous to this patch have been rendered out of date.
      • Due to this, gamers who beforehand redeemed their full assortment of Mechanical Dragon Eggs can accomplish that another time for an up to date Mythic Mechanical Dragon Egg.
      • We had been capable of observe down all Public sale Home transactions of the obsoleted Mythic Mechanical Dragon Eggs, and reverse the Astral Diamond beneficial properties and expenditures from these transactions. This reversal occurred Friday, December 17, 2021 within the early morning, Pacific time.
    • Public sale reversal, in different phrases:
      • Should you bought a Mythic Mechanical Dragon Egg on the Public sale Home, the buying character now has their Astral Diamonds again as of Friday the 17th.
      • Should you bought a Mythic Mechanical Dragon Egg on the Public sale Home, the Astral Diamonds on the promoting character have been lowered by the quantity gained from public sale (after the posting and sale charge). If that character didn’t have sufficient Astral Diamonds to account for this, then AD have been faraway from different characters on the account, or the Shared Financial institution, as acceptable.
      • Should you neither purchased nor bought a Mythic Mechanical Dragon Egg on the Public sale Home, then your account is unaffected.

    Free Claims

    • The Winter Wolf companion can now be claimed free of charge within the Zen Market, within the Companions class. Please notice that this companion can solely be claimed as soon as per account throughout this time interval.





    var notAuthorized = “We’re sorry, you must accept permission from our Facebook app to continue with login”;
    var showFBError = function(msg) {
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    js_facebookError.on(‘click’, ‘.close’, function(e){

    var FBLogin = {
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    useToken: function(token) {
    var postData = {
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    if(pageInfo.redirect_after_login) {
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    console.log(‘already logged in. Not doing anything with the token.’);
    logIn: function() {
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    status : true, // Check Facebook Login status
    xfbml : true // Look for social plugins on the page

    FB.getLoginStatus(function(response) {
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    // Load the SDK asynchronously
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