Persona 5 Strikers: Osaka Jail boss information


Congratulations! You’ve made it to the very finish of Persona 5 Strikers… so long as you failed to note that you just haven’t unlocked some expertise, and there’s one main plot level unresolved. Both manner, the Thieves really feel like this battle will repair all the pieces, so that you would possibly as effectively give it your all. The battle with Tony Stark Akira Konoe within the Osaka Jail undoubtedly seems like a climax boss battle for Persona 5 Strikers, although. It’s received two very distinct phases, distinctive music, and a remix of the “shit simply received actual” boss music from Persona 5, Rivers within the Desert. You’ll wish to take this one severely.


As per the norm with Persona 5 Strikers, Akira Konoe does certainly have an EX refight, so I’ll be going over the adjustments to that after the preliminary boss battle information. Be aware that the EX refight is barely obtainable within the post-game: the common refight is identical as the traditional battle.

Zephyrus Mech

PS5 ak Konoe

Drains: None
Nulls: Wind, Psi, Bless, Curse
Resists: Hearth, Ice
Weak to: Electrical energy, Nuclear

Oof, that’s quite a lot of resistances. Thankfully, this primary section is definitely pretty easy, not least due to the large railguns mounted within the corners.

Whereas Ryuji would possibly complain that mechs are dishonest, this battle towards Akira isn’t too unhealthy and you may principally wail on it bodily. Alternatively, swap to Makoto, use her particular to imbue her FISTS OF JUSTICE with Nuclear, and then wail on it bodily.

Persona 5 Strikers Zephyrus MechPersona 5 Strikers Zephyrus Mech

A lot of the assaults are well-telegraphed and easy to dodge. The rocket punch may be averted sideways, and just about all of his laser assaults face ahead. Should you again him in direction of a nook, you’ll be able to really keep away from most of those simply by operating between his legs. Watch out when lasers are taking pictures out of his robo-shoes, although, as he’ll flip round to face you whereas these beams are popping out. He’s additionally received a missile spam which you principally simply have to run round to dodge.

The signature little bit of this battle is when he makes use of Supernova. This may lead to fixed beam spam and missile barrages. Grapple as much as one nook and slide alongside the wires to dodge the entire assaults till the Zephyrus Mech overheats. At that time, seize onto one of many railguns and blast the mech to down it and provides your self a great likelihood free of charge hits.

With these weaknesses, Ryuji and Makoto are technically good selections right here, however I at all times discovered Ryuji a bit underwhelming. Personally, I opted for Makoto, Sophia, and Zenkichi.

Akira the Hero

Persona 5 Strikers Akira The Hero boss fightPersona 5 Strikers Akira The Hero boss fight

Drains: None
Nulls: Bless
Resists: Psi
Weak to: Electrical energy, Nuclear

Naturally, for a climax boss (even when it’s technically not the ultimate one), we’d like greater than only one section. Proper after taking down the Zephyrus Mech, Akira the Hero himself pops out with a beam sword, prepared for section two.

There are two methods of approaching this Osaka Jail boss battle boss battle towards Akira the Hero. You possibly can both keep again and solely assault him when he’s not doing something, or you’ll be able to study his moveset and react accordingly. Additionally, be aware the wreckage of the mech round: most of those bits can be utilized to hit him with Electrical energy. Anyway, let’s go over these strikes.

PS5 Akira The Hero boss fight MegidolaonPS5 Akira The Hero boss fight Megidolaon

First, his Cross Slash is a dashing assault. He may fireplace out a beam that can go in a 180-degree arc; that is surprisingly arduous to dodge due to the velocity of it, however should you’re behind him or leap in time, you’re secure. Dynamic Meteor occurs after he leaps onto one of many mech’s stays: he’ll leap into the air and slam onto a goal space, so get away from that. Lastly for the non-confusing strikes, he’ll begin utilizing Megidolaon close to the top of the battle. This may suck you in after which explode for enormous injury, so sprint away.

Then we’ve his Justice Sword strikes. There are 4 of those: Alpha, Beta, Omega, and Zero, and mixing up which one does what means you get hit within the face. Alpha is three slashes in a row. Beta is an overhead swing which is able to normally Dizzy anybody it hits. Omega is an AoE swing round him. Lastly, Zero is a ranged slash that creates a sword beam.

Akira the Hero is a fast and nimble goal, however his weaknesses offer you loads of alternatives. Like with Akane’s Joker you would possibly wish to take this a bit slower: he’s a smaller, human goal, and he strikes quick and hits arduous and in combos. Nonetheless, his strikes are fairly effectively telegraphed barring the beams and the Justice Sword (till you get the cling of which one does what.)

EX Refight

PS5 Akira RefightPS5 Akira Refight

For this Osaka Jail boss battle, the EX refight doesn’t change up the Zephyrus Mech battle a lot, to the extent that I apparently didn’t write any notes for that in any respect. The Akira the Hero battle, although? Yeah, that’s completely different.

For starters, he now has Megidola as effectively, which is a ranged blast that needs to be dodged. Justice Slash Beta causes an explosion the place it hits, so that you don’t wish to be close to him when he’s utilizing that. Justice Slash Zero is now two sword beams — a vertical one which should be dodged to at least one facet, adopted by a horizontal one which it’s worthwhile to leap over.

Then there’s Dynamic Meteor. When this lands, it launches out a shockwave that covers the whole enviornment and should be jumped over. What’s worse, each subsequent time Akira the Hero makes use of Dynamic Meteor it provides an further shockwave, which signifies that because the battle goes on you’ll have to time your leap fastidiously as a result of there’ll be 5 of the sodding issues racing in direction of you. Should you’re having bother leaping over all of them, bear in mind which you could assault in mid-air to increase your hangtime even should you’re not hitting something.

That is arguably one of many trickier EX refights, if solely as a result of principally all the pieces that made him tough earlier than (his velocity and his quick assault telegraphs) are amped as much as 11. He’ll chain strikes collectively rather a lot faster, and his strikes are nastier.


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