Persona 5 Strikers: Ultimate boss information


And right here we’re: the precise, real closing boss of Persona 5 Strikers. False God Demiurge is splendidly diversified struggle with lots of mechanics to it, making for a becoming finish. I imply, it wouldn’t be a Shin Megami Tensei recreation for those who didn’t punch some form of god within the face on the finish, even when it’s a false one.

First issues first: this struggle entails each single one of the Phantom Thieves, so be sure that they’re all kitted out as greatest you possibly can earlier than you head into this battle. Sure, even those you haven’t been utilizing.


Beating False God Demiurge opens up the post-game, and sure, there’s an EX refight for this boss (along with the common refight). I’ll be going over that after the common boss battle.

False God Demiurge: Section One

Persona 5 Strikers False God Demiurge

Drains: None
Nulls: None
Resists: Wind, Hearth, Electrical energy, Ice, Nuclear, Psi
Weak to: Curse, Bless

When the struggle begins out, you largely simply need to beat up the boss a bit whereas staying as secure as attainable. Till Oracle finishes her evaluation, its assaults will largely come out of nowhere. As soon as she’s prepared, you possibly can actually begin piling on the injury.

False God Demiurge will use roughly 5 assaults on this section, although none of them are indicated by textual content, so I’m largely going by what it says because it makes use of every assault.

Persona 5 Strikers False God Demiurge 2Persona 5 Strikers False God Demiurge 2

Shining Hammer (Oracle warns you of a frontal assault) has beams of sunshine come out of the entrance of the sector in two waves. Step again a bit, then transfer between them.
Rays of Judgment (Oracle warns of a flanking assault) could have beams of sunshine come from the left facet of the sector, however they’ll solely go by way of the entrance half of the world. Simply keep again and transfer in as soon as they go.
Stars of Steerage (Oracle says they’ll monitor you down) summons a load of stars that slowly residence in on you. Simply preserve operating to keep away from this.
Ray of Gentle (Oracle warns that the platform is about to get nuked) will rain down veritable hell on the platform, so use the wires to maneuver to a different platform and proceed the struggle there.
Lastly, if Oracle says you’re surrounded, smack the wings which might be blocking the wires. This’ll additionally down False God Demiurge for a bit, letting you get some free hits in.

Easy sufficient, proper? Proper.

False God Demiurge: Section Two

Persona 5 Strikers False God Demiurge 3Persona 5 Strikers False God Demiurge 3

However of course it’s not over. That is sort of a mini-phase whereas Oracle does one other evaluation, however there are nonetheless 4 new assaults to keep away from.

Maragidyne: A a number of forged of fireside orbs that can residence in on you. Simply preserve operating.
Mabufudyne: A triple forged of ice orbs that concentrate on the place you had been standing and emit a shockwave. Transfer away, then bounce to keep away from the shockwave.
Maziodyne: Tons and many random spots on the platform will gentle up and get fried. Keep away from these spots.
Magarudyne: A single whirlwind that follows you across the platform.

As soon as Oracle finishes her evaluation, you’re executed with this section — for now.


Persona 5 Strikers SpheresPersona 5 Strikers Spheres

Now you have to cut up into three groups, with two groups every taking over six spheres, whereas Joker and whoever else fights False God Demiurge. There’s an unlimited mixture of elemental affinities throughout the spheres, however contemplating False God Demiurge itself, I’d advocate your “essential” crew be Joker, Sophia, and Zenkichi. The primary set of spheres just about all have weaknesses, whereas the second set don’t: the one weaknesses within the second set are Bless, Psi, and Lightning, so you may want that crew to incorporate Haru and Ryuji. It’s as much as you, although. Simply be sure to have at the least one character you are feeling comfy taking part in in every crew — that’s the only most necessary factor.

You’ll now play out every battle sequentially, despite the fact that they’re technically happening concurrently. Within the first set of spheres, you need to be aware of Keter and Chesed specifically. Chesed likes to forged therapeutic spells, in order that’s a simple option to take out first. In the meantime, Keter summons Lock Keepers, and also you don’t want them messing with you whilst you’re attempting to take down six mini-bosses without delay.

With the second set of spheres, Malkut summons hordes of Shadows, whereas Hod likes to forged Megidolaon (which, as soon as once more, pulls you in in direction of it). These are most likely your precedence targets, however frankly, virtually each sphere does one thing nasty. One unleashes Bless and Curse assaults; one other hurls out elemental spells. Both approach, you’ll must take all of them down.

False God Demiurge: Section Three

Persona 5 Strikers False God Demiurge 4Persona 5 Strikers False God Demiurge 4

Technically, that is simply “Section Two, however correctly,” however screw it. It’s the final gasp for this boss.

Along with all of the assaults above, False God Demiurge now has a slew of latest ones. Two anonymous ones contain its spear: one is a sequence of three spear thrusts which you ideally must sidestep, and one other swipes the spear horizontally throughout the sector after which again once more. Leap over that one. Then there’s the remainder:

Makougaon: Sluggish transferring Bless spheres that monitor you.
Maeigaon: Type of like Shining Hammer, however with Curse orbs: they’ll begin on the entrance of the sector and transfer forwards. It’s best to be capable to safely bounce them.
Megidolaon: This targets the middle of the platform and pulls you in; simply run away.
Voltaic Purge:huge power beam that tracks you from platform to platform. Hop onto the wires and transfer platform, and preserve transferring to keep away from this.

None of these new assaults are notably nasty aside from Voltaic Purge, and for those who’ve made it this far, you’ve received what it takes to deliver down False God Demiurge for good.

EX Refight

Persona 5 Strikers False God Demiurge ExPersona 5 Strikers False God Demiurge Ex

After which there’s the EX refight, which, unsurprisingly, is kind of nasty. That is most likely one of many final Requests you’ll need to do within the post-game: get kitted out with higher Personas and a few final weapons earlier than taking this on.

Firstly, assaults come thick and quick in all phases, and discovering a niche to hit something is a little bit of a mission. There are additionally adjustments to the assaults themselves. Shining Hammer’s second wave of beams are a lot nearer collectively, making dodging them a lot more durable. Not solely that, however when the wings block off the perimeters of the sector, power beams will goal the place you’re standing. You may’t simply sit at one wing and hammer away at it otherwise you’ll get blasted.

What else? Effectively, within the Spheres stage, minions will buff the spears and also you’ll begin seeing lots of -Dyne degree spells flying out.

Deal with the EX refight towards False God Demiurge largely as an extended battle of survival. Take it slowly within the precise phases towards Demiurge itself, and be taught each its assaults and whenever you’re secure to interact. The AI typically does a fairly good job of dodging issues and inflicting injury, so at occasions your position will merely be to keep away from all the things focusing on you. With the Spheres, decide your targets fastidiously and focus them down. In the event you begin getting interrupted by Lock Keepers or one other Sphere that’s launching a number of annoying assaults, it could be value coping with them first.

It’s the longest refight within the recreation (even discounting the truth that it’s received so many phases!), so settle in for the long term. However for those who’ve cleared many of the remainder of the post-game content material, you have to be in fine condition for this.


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