Play World of Warcraft in DnD utilizing this practice system


Being an MMORPG sport, World of Warcraft generally is a severe funding. A brand new challenge is sidestepping all of that by shifting WoW into the Dungeons & Dragons universe, one set of race stats at a time.

That is all of the work of Wyatt Trull, a author who’s labored on dozens of DnD information books. Over the course of months and years, he’s been doing up stat sheets for all of Warcraft’s races, in information dubbed ‘Blood & Thunder’, most lately posting his tackle the Murlocs on Reddit. Final 12 months, he shared the Furbolg stats, and has since seen demand to complete the information.

“I’ve gotten plenty of requests to proceed this sequence over the past 12 months, however I needed to concentrate on writing issues that might pay the payments,” Trull feedback. “Now that my schedule is a bit freer, I began releasing the WoW races weekly on my Instagram and Patreon. Patrons get to vote on the following week’s race. I’m additionally planning to launch a totally written The Culling of Stratholme marketing campaign so different DMs may also dive into Warcraft in their very own proper.”

Trull has playtested two campaigns: one in the course of the aforementioned Culling of Stratholme, and one other different in the course of the Darkish Iron invasion of Grim Batol. You’ll be able to see all of the sheets up to now on his Instagram.

In a submit on his web site, Trully explains the right way to play DnD utilizing his WoW system, and provides some caveats absolute combining the 2. “It goes with out saying, nonetheless, that WoW is a videogame and DnD is a TTRPG,” the submit reads. “The previous is filled with wacky mechanics, objects, and system selections; the latter should observe a a lot greater diploma of realism. For instance, a goblin has a racial capacity the place they will summon a hobgoblin that permits them immediate entry to their character’s financial institution accounts. This doesn’t fly in a TTRPG system.”

Right here’s the Elf entry:

Right here’s the Dwarf entry:

Our sister web site, Wargamer, has a starter DnD journey, if you happen to’re completely new to the RPG sport, and a information to utilizing Roll20, so you possibly can play table-top video games on-line simpler. In common World of Warcraft information, you possibly can’t purchase 30 months of sport time any extra, and Shadowlands’ Chains of Domination hits the PTR in two weeks.


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